New all-party committee to discuss referendum, independence with Baghdad

New all-party committee to discuss referendum, independence with Baghdad - Rûdaw

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ERBIL— All the sacred shrines and temples of the Yezidi followers in Sinjar area which were destroyed by the Islamic State (IS) and also during the battle to eliminate the extremists, will be reconstructed, according to a report by Kurdistan Democratic P

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World Economic Forum says the looming pensions crisis is the financial equivalent of climate change.

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What could Kurdistan learn from the mobile museum?

US again denies PYD leader Salih Muslim a visa for Kurdish conference
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"The visa, it was actually refused

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Baaj-Shingal road was also controlled

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People hurriedly buy their needed preparations

Nadia Murad warns against rivalries after her home of Kocho is captured
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"So I ask the liberating forces to keep all evidence

ENKS Cadre Abducted by PKK Missing for Nearly Two Months
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ERBIL— Kurdistan National Council of Syria (ENKS) issued a statement on Friday urging the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) to disclose the whereabouts of one of its members kidnapped by the PKK. Adnan Mahmud, a senior ENKS cadre, has been abducted by a mas

Barzani Returns to Kurdistan from Bulgaria
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ERBIL— Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani concluded a tour to Jordan and Bulgaria and arrived in Erbil International Airport on Friday afternoon. Barzani attended the World Economic Conference on the Middle East and North Africa May 19-21 in Amman

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Three top Islamic State militants killed in Iraq, Syria: Pentagon
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three senior Islamic State military leaders and planners were killed in coalition attacks in Iraq and Syria over the past two months, the coalition fighting the militants said in a statement released by the Pentagon on Friday.

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The girl dragged into water by a sea lion in Canada is treated with antibiotics to avert infection.