France election: Leading candidates clash over burkini in TV debate

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MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia respects the desire of Iraqi Kurdistan to seek to assert its identity but this must be done in dialogue with the Iraqi government, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday at talks with his Iraqi government counterpa

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AFRIN- The Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries had shelled villages of Afrin canton by heavy weapons on Sunday night, the People’s Protection Units(YPG) and Woman’s Protection Units(YPJ) responded to the sources of fire. According to military sources in

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The people of Afrin city are ready to confront any occupier of their land and they will bring the end of all who are trying to harm their lands, said the commander of the People's Protection Units Mahmoud Berxwedan. He hoped that the Hamimim meeting would

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the Kurdish community in Geneva, the capital of Switzerland, have organized a demonstration for disclosing the health status of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan.

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