Only Israel will recognize independent Kurdistan now, top Shiite leader

Only Israel will recognize independent Kurdistan now, top Shiite leader - Rûdaw

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WAAR-DUHOK: Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to cruise to victory in elections Sunday but also to face the breakthrough into parliament of hard-right populists for the first time in Germany’s post-war history. Voting began at 0600 GMT in Europe’s big

Three major Kurdish parties confirm holding Kurdistan Independence Referendum in Kirkuk
Waar Media - 2017-09-24 19:28
WAAR-DUHOK: Three major Kurdish parties reaffirmed on Sunday that the independence referendum will be held in Kirkuk as initially decided on. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) and Kirk

Erbil International Airport: Domestic and international flights continue in normal operation on Referendum day
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WAAR-DUHOK: Domestic and international flights from and to Erbil International Airport (EIA) will continue as scheduled on the day of Kurdistan Region’s indolence referendum. Talar Fayiq, General Director of Erbil International Airport, told reporters th

Peshmerga and Iraqi army sign agreement on Hawija operation
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WAAR-DUHOK: Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army, in presence of a US-led coalition representative, reached a five point coordination agreement for the Hawija operation, which is in its fourth day. The Iraqi and Kurdish sides agreed that the Peshmerga

Turkish and Iranian army chiefs meet in Ankara, discussing Kurdistan Referendum and Iraq’s unity
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WAAR-DUHOK: Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar and his Iraqi counterpart held talks Saturday on the planned referendum in Kurdistan Regional Government set to be held on Monday. Meeting in the Turkish capital Ankara, Akar and Iraqi Army Chie

Live: President Masoud Barzani delivers speech to press on Kurdistan Independence Referendum
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WAAR-DUHOK: Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani is speaking to the press in Erbil as the nation is scheduled to head to the polls on Monday to vote in the Kurdistan independence referendum … The post Live: President Masoud

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Independence Referendum: Legitimate process to decolonize Kurdistan Yadgar Ismail
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Barzani: Don't Attempt to Break Our Willpower: We're Unbreakable
BAS News - 2017-09-24 19:04
ERBIL— The determination of the people of Kurdistan cannot be broken, said Kurdistan Region President on Sunday as he emphasized the negotiations with Baghdad after holding the independence vote will not be on returning to a "failed" partnership with Ira

Komal supports ‘Yes’ vote
Rûdaw - 2017-09-24 19:03
'Any Kurdish loyalist will say yes' to independence: Komal

Kurds undeterred by international opposition to independence vote - The Washington Post
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Ebril polling stations get ready for independence referendum
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Barzani: No Hopes for Peace within Iraqi Borders
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ERBIL— The plan by the Kurdistan Region for holding the independence referendum did not come as a "surprise" to the international community, stated Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani Sunday, stressing the vote is not for demarking the borders or i

Abadi rejects referendum, accuses Kurdish leaders of corruption
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Syria conflict: Russian air strikes kill 45 rebels in Idlib province, says human rights monitor
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Barzani says partnership with Baghdad failed
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PressTV-'Hashd al-Sha’abi needless of Kurdish permission’
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Iran Blocks Flights to and from Kurdistan Ahead of Referendum
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ERBIL — Iran blocked all flights to and from Kurdistan Region at the request of Iraqi government due to region’s decision to hold an independence referendum on secession from Iraq. "At the request of the central government of Iraq, all flights from Iran

High Referendum Council: Independence vote is held in all Kurdish areas
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