France’s Macron urges continued EU ties with Turkey –

France’s Macron urges continued EU ties with Turkey – - Euractiv

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Ayatollah Khamenei made a surprise visit to Kermanshah

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Barzani: Iraqi Federal Court has no legitimacy to issue rulings on the vote

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ISIS is still present in some areas and makes movements, Peshmerga minister

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Council member must feel safe and secure in Kirkuk as some are 'under threat'

With ISIS beaten, Hezbollah says ready to withdraw from Iraq
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'We consider that the mission has been accomplished,' said Hezbollah leader

Turkish and Kurdish forces exchange fire in Syria
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No casualties have been reported yet

Women’s Economy Centre opens in Manbij
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MANBIJ – The Manbij Women’s Committee has opened a Women’s Economy Centre in Manbij. Speaking in the opening ceremony, member of the Manbij Women’s Committee, Duai Al Eqili said, “We were ignored in the society, nobody recognized the existence of the woma

Asayiş Dissolves General Assembly of KNC
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On November 7, 2017, the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) was planning to hold his fourth general assembly in Al-Qamişlo. A new president as well as new members for the various committees of the KNC should be elected. When the congress was about to

Barzani: Federal Court Lacks Constitutional Ground
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ERBIL — Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani criticised a decision by Iraqi Federal Court which invalidates the September independence referendum of the Kurdistan Region, saying the court itself lacks constitutional ground. “In any federal state, it is normal t

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KRG’s PM: All articles of Iraqi constitution have to be implemented
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WAAR-DUHOK: The Kurdistan Region’s top official on Monday criticized Baghdad for cherry-picking its implementation of the Iraqi Constitution. “Our efforts to launch dialogue and resolve issues peacefully with Baghdad continue,” the Prime Minister of the

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