Barzani to Iraqi Parliament: You Cannot Destroy the Willpower of People of Kurdistan

Barzani to Iraqi Parliament: You Cannot Destroy the Willpower of People of Kurdistan - BAS News

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Longest Kurdistan Flag to Be Displayed Friday
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ERBIL— A Kurdish lawyer from the Kurdistan Region has made the longest ever Kurdistan flag which is probably the longest ever flag in the world, too. Some 1,000 people will help to display the flag in Erbil, in front of the famous Machko Teahouse on Frid

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Khamenei's Photo Appears on Poster for Killed Shi'ite PMF Commander
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ERBIL— The Shi'ite paramilitaries of Hashd al-Shaabi (Public Mobilization Forces) on Thursday published posters for a killed commander on which the photo of the Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Akbar Khameniei also appears. Badr forces' commander, Nahz Karim D

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ERBIL— Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on Thursday extended his thanks to the people of Sulaimaniyah province for their public campaign in support of the independence referendum of the Kurdistan Region. "Your enthusiasm was a clear message for

Kurdish Film Director to Return Home for Independence Referendum
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Huner Saleem, a famous Iraqi–Kurdish film director who lives in France, will return home for taking part in the upcoming referendum on independence. Due to the atrocities of the then Iraq regime under Saddam Hussein, Saleem left Kurdistan at the age of 1

Yezidi Official Calls for Liberation of Yezidis in Hawija
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ERBIL — KRG’s office for Yezidi Abductees' Affairs, called on the Iraqi forces participating in Hawija assault to consider the rescue of Yezidi abductees held by Islamic State (IS) in the city. Hussein Qaidi, the head of the office, told BasNews that a l

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