KRG respects Iraqi Supreme Court’s interpretation of Constitution about banning secession

KRG respects Iraqi Supreme Court’s interpretation of Constitution about banning secession - Waar Media

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WAAR-DUHOK; The Iraqi Federal Court ruled on Monday that the Kurdish independence referendum which was held on September 25 is “unconstitutional” and therefore its results null and void, Iraqi state TV reported. The Kurdistan Region is yet to state its p

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WAAR-DUHOK: The newly appointed UK Ambassador to Iraq arrived in Erbil and discussed bilateral relations and tensions between Erbil and Baghdad with Kurdistan Region officials. On Sunday, Jon Wilks, newly appointed UK Ambassador in Baghdad visited Erbil

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The women of Ain Issa district and its countryside expressed their thankfulness to whoever introduced them to the essence of the International Day of Anti-Violence against Women, and they noted that this day has become a day of standing women together aga

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the Hashd al-Shaabi forces have stayed in all the areas where they are

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