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Iraqi Gov.’s Red Tape Hinders US Trainers Mission: DoD

BAS News - 2017-04-21 23:42
SOFIA — Pentagon watchdog agency said on Friday that there are warehouses full of weapons and equipment to train Iraqi counter-terror troops fighting the Islamic State group, but Iraqi red tape is keeping it locked up. According to a report released on F ...

Qayyarah Oil Fields Still on Fire

BAS News - 2017-04-21 23:42
ISTANBUL — Continuous blazing fires and the resulting emissions of thick smoke near the Qayyarah district displacement camp is causing health problems for those living in the area. "I've been coughing endlessly for almost a month," said Abdullah, a 30-ye ...

In Pictures: Dormitory Fire Kills a Firefighter in Sulaymaniyah

BAS News - 2017-04-21 23:13
Several others, including students, were injured SULAYMANIYAH — One Kurdish firefighter was killed and several other people were injured after a large fire broke out in a dormitory belonging to the Sulaymaniyah University on Friday. The fire could not be ...

Five IS Militants Killed, Injured in South Kirkuk

BAS News - 2017-04-21 22:37
US forces carried out a missile attack on IS positions near Daquq KIRKUK — US forces carried out a missile attack on Islamic State (IS) positions near the Daquq district of the Kirkuk province on Friday. The attack resulted in the death of two jihadists ...

IS Militant Involved in Istanbul’s New Year Attack Killed

BAS News - 2017-04-21 22:37
ISTANBUL — An Islamic State (IS) member who helped organize the New Year's attack that took place in an Istanbul nightclub Reina was killed by US forces during a ground operation in Syria on April 6, said a US military official. The attack, which was IS' ...

Hunting party held hostage in Iraq since 2015 freed

Reuters - 2017-04-21 22:32
DOHA/BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Twenty-six Qataris, including members of the Gulf state's ruling royal family and two Saudis, were freed on Friday after being kidnapped and held in Iraq for nearly a year and a half, Qatari officials said. ...

rnational organizations are silent on the situation of migrants

ANHA - 2017-04-21 22:20
MAED EL-SELÛM GIRE SPI – In Ayn Issa camp, the number of migrants is increasing. Facilities are limited and human rights organizations are silent in this situation. Raqqan migrants who have forcibly migrated due to the practices of ISIS gangs in the regio ...
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