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In case Kurdistan Divorced Iraq after 25th of September: –

Lawk Ghafuri - 6 days ago
First of all, Removing Kurdish Language on Iraqi Passport and all the Kurdish Posters in the Iraqi Provinces and counting Kurdish Language as a foreign language, also refusing passport of all the Kurdish citizens inside #Kurdistan Region and all over #Ir ...

Why it is Time For Kurdistan to Divorce Iraq

Lawk Ghafuri - 6 days ago
For many decades Kurds have been fighting for their Freedom desperately, and that is a clear sign that Kurds in Kurdistan Region can’t share their life with Iraq anymore. Moreover, the leaders of Iraq always tried to destroy Kurds and avoided the accepta ...

Meeting a Great Peshmerga of Kurdistan And a Good Friend of Peshmerga

Lawk Ghafuri - 6 days ago
At World Economic Forum as a Young Kurd and Shaper, I had the chance to represent Kurdistan Region and Global shapers Erbil Hub which held in Amman Capital city of Jordan. During the 3 days of the conference, I had meetings with some international and reg ...