Kurdish News

Kurdish Sweden MP: World Stands with People's Vote for Independence

BAS News - 6 days ago

ERBIL— As the timing for holding the independence referendum of Kurdistan is approaching, more politicians, lawmakers and leaders from across the globe voice support for the vote. Shadiya Heidari, an Iranian Kurdish born Swedish lawmaker from the Social ...

Over 2,500 People Arrested in Kurdistan for Suspected Links with IS

BAS News - 6 days ago

ERBIL— Some 2,625 people have been arrested by Kurdistan security forces for suspected links with the Islamic State (IS) organization since 2014, stated the Chairman of Kurdistan Region's Committee for Evaluating and Responding to International Reports. ...

Journalists Detained, Prevented from Covering Abadi's Visit to Dhi Qar

BAS News - 6 days ago

ERBIL— As Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived on Wednesday in the southern Dhi Qar province, all the journalists were temporarily detained while confrontations occurred between his guards and a group of protesters. Iraqi Observatory for Journali ...
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