Kurdish News

ISIS tunnels: anonymous and suspicious secrets

ANHA - 1 week ago

People of al-Tabqa city are still discovering more tunnels dug underground by IS mercenaries during the occupation of the city. Most of the tunnels were dug into the buildings of public facilities taken by the mercenaries. ...

For 1st time Arnaout elect by their ID

ANHA - 1 week ago

The Arnaout are participating for the first time in the elections by their own ID, and striving for representing themselves as people suffered from killing and busing by IS mercenaries and Turkish occupation while one of al-Arnaout candidates in Afrin reg ...

Ukraine’s New Diplomatic Battlefronts: U.S. Weapons, UN Peacekeepers

International Crisis Group - 1 week ago

The front lines between the Ukrainian army and Moscow-backed forces in eastern Ukraine may be static but see frequent and violent firefights. Diplomatic manoeuvering over new U.S. lethal weapons for Kyiv risks aggravating the conflict and Russia’s UN pea ...

IS Investigation Officer in Hawija Killed by Iraqi Air Force

BAS News - 1 week ago

KIRKUK — Iraqi war jets pounded Islamic State (IS) positions inside Hawija district in southern Kirkuk, leaving a senior commander of the group and four of his aides dead. Intelligence sources inside Hawija reported on Wednesday, the air strikes against ...

Turkey Claims It Killed over 1,800 PKK Fighters Since January

BAS News - 1 week ago

ERBIL — The Turkish General Staff released an official statement on Tuesday to claim that its forces have killed more than 1,800 members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) since the beginning of this year. A total of 562 military operations, including ...

Bas Media Network Organises Exhibition for a Kurdish Cartoonist

BAS News - 1 week ago

ERBIL — Bas Media Network has organised an exhibition for prolific Kurdish artist Dijwar Ibrahim in Erbil, with the theme remaining focused on Kurds approaching independence. Named ‘Kurdistan Independence Referendum’, the event exhibits several dozens of ...
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