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New waves of arrests target pro-Kurdish factions in Turkey
Rûdaw - 2017-03-24 23:40
24 members of two pro-Kurdish parties were detained Friday ...

Ten Egyptian troops killed by bombs during Sinai fighting: spokesman
Reuters - 2017-03-23 11:00
CAIRO (Reuters) - Ten members of Egypt's security forces were killed by bombs which struck their vehicles in central Sinai, a military spokesman said on Thursday, during an operation targeting what the army described as terrorist bases. ...

HRW criticizes Turkey’s crackdown on Kurdish opposition
E-Kurd - 2017-03-23 05:55
ISTANBUL,— The Turkish government has jailed 13 members of the pro-Kurdish democratic opposition in parliament on terrorism charges and taken direct control of 82 municipalities in the Kurdish southeast region, suspending and incarcerating elected mayors ...

Iraqi Sunni militia recruits Kurds in disputed city: PUK official
E-Kurd - 2017-03-23 05:55
TUZ KHURMATU, Iraq,— The Sunni backed militia group known as the Hashd al-Watani has recruited around 250 Kurdish members in the volatile Tuz Khurmatu city where tensions between Kurds and Arab Shiites and Sunni communities led to deadly confrontations l ...

Anti-ISIS Global Coalition members to meet in Washington
NRT - 2017-03-22 09:32

Newroz makes Kurdish parliament speaker and KDP talk again
Rûdaw - 2017-03-21 15:59
Khoshnaw wished individual KDP members a happy Newroz by phone ...

Asayish members prevent Kurdish tourists from celebrating Newroz in Qandil
NRT - 2017-03-21 11:17

Tokyo 2020: Olympic golf venue votes to admit women as full members
BBC - 2017-03-20 15:47
The Tokyo 2020 Olympic golf venue votes to admit women as full members, after risking being stripped of the event under previous policy. ...

Self-immolations on the rise among Kurdish women in Iraqi Kurdistan
E-Kurd - 2017-03-20 00:15
SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— According to nongovernmental organization Wadi, 57% of Iraqi Kurds between 14 and 19 years old underwent an excision of the clitoris. Honor killings by male family members are still common in Iraqi Kurdistan, and many ...

PKK Steps up Pressure on Yezidi Peshmerga Families
BAS News - 2017-03-19 21:29
SINJAR — Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has stepped up pressure on the Yezidi families whose members are working for Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), said a local official. Head of Sinjar Mayoral Council, Wais Naif, told BasNews on Sunday the Yezidi ...

Six Foreign IS Members Killed in Airstrike West of Mosul
BAS News - 2017-03-19 20:43
LEEDS — Six foreign members of the Islamic State (IS) were killed in airstrikes in western Mosul as the Iraqi forces continue to liberate more areas in the city, the Iraqi military intelligence service said on Sunday. According to the statement made by t ...

Iraqi Forces Capture 15 IS Militants in Qayyarah
BAS News - 2017-03-19 20:43
LEEDS — Iraqi forces captured 15 members of the so-called Islamic State (IS) during an extensive search operation conducted in the area of Qayyarah, south of Mosul, an officer in the Nineveh Operations Command said on Sunday. Major Aziz Tayeh said in a s ...

Turkey detains 740 suspected PKK members
Rûdaw - 2017-03-18 19:20
Turkish law enforcement carried out 36 operations in 3 days ...

PYD Tortures ENKS Arrested Members: Official
BAS News - 2017-03-18 14:09
The ruling party pressures the ENKS members to leave Rojava ERBIL — The ruling Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) is reportedly torturing the arrested politicians and activists from rival parties in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) to force them to lea ...

Al-Raqqa’s Khas Ageyl village is a strategic one
ANHA - 2017-03-18 10:22
Khas Ageyl is situated 45 km southeast of al-Raqqa city, 50 km west of Deir ez-Zor city and is 7 km from Hamad Assaf silos lying on the bank of the Euphrates River, Khas Ageyl is also inhabited by around 500 of Mumarah and al-Hawas tribes’ members. ...

Opposition party offices closed, members arrested in Rojava
Rûdaw - 2017-03-17 21:47
Political parties were asked to register, as required under the law ...

PKK, Iran, Syrian Regime Meet in Rojava on Military Coordination
Waar Media - 2017-03-17 11:42
WAAR-DUHOK: Several Senior military commanders form the Syrian Regime and the Islamic Republic of Iran have jointly met with leading members of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Romelan town (Rojava-Syrian Kurdistan), a source told press. The topic of di ...

PKK, Iran, Syrian Regime Meet on Military Coordination
BAS News - 2017-03-17 00:30
ERBIL — Several Senior military commanders form the Syrian Regime and the Islamic Republic of Iran have jointly met with leading members of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Syria, a source told BasNews. The topic of discussion was the military coordinat ...

PYD’s repression of the KNC reaches new climax
KNC Geneva - 2017-03-16 20:42
Since Tuesday, March 14, 2017, security forces of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) have abducted and arbitrarily detained numerous members of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) in the cities of Qamishlo, ‘Afrin, Kobanî, Amûdê, Dirbêsî, Hisiça (Ha ...

Three IS Members Captured in Kirkuk
BAS News - 2017-03-16 20:07
KIRKUK — Kurdish security forces in Kirkuk, northern Iraq, have captured three members of Islamic State (IS). "The arrests were made overnight Wednesday during a search operation and based on prior intelligence," said Sarah's Qader, Chief of Kirkuk Polic ...

Kurdish Newruz celebrations kick off in London
Rûdaw - 2017-03-16 17:20
packed with parliamentarians and members of the Kurdish Diaspora in Britain ...

Suspected Boko Haram militants attack northeast Nigeria town: witnesses
Reuters - 2017-03-15 21:52
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Suspected members of Islamist militant group Boko Haram attacked a town in northeast Nigeria's Borno state on Wednesday, shooting indiscriminately and forcing locals to flee their homes, witnesses said. ...

Dutch election: Voters go to the polls in key test for populists
Waar Media - 2017-03-15 12:42
WAAR-DUHOK: The Netherlands goes to the polls on Wednesday to elect 150 members for the lower house of parliament and a new government. Although some polling stations opened at midnight, most opened their doors at 7.30am and will close again at 9pm. In t ...

KRG’s Representative to Attend Anti-ISIS Coalition Meeting in Washington
Waar Media - 2017-03-14 14:52
WAAR-DUHOK: Kurdistan Region will take part in the meeting of the anti-Islamic State (ISIS) Global Coalition members which is set to happen this month. Minister Falah Mustafa, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Department of Foreign Relation ...

Kurdistan Region to Be Represented in Anti-IS Coalition Meeting
BAS News - 2017-03-13 17:05
The meeting of the 68 member nations of the coalition will be held in Washington ERBIL — Kurdistan Region will take part in the meeting of the anti-Islamic State (IS) Global Coalition members which is set to happen this month. Minister Falah Mustafa, hea ...

PYD Arrests a Local For His Brother's Membership with Roj Peshmerga
BAS News - 2017-03-12 11:44
Over 62 ENKS members are in PYD's prisons in Rojava ERBIL — Armed men affiliated to the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) arrested a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDP-S) on Sunday, on charges of his relatives ' membership w ...

KNC leader says nine offices burned, 40 members, independent activists held by PYD
Rûdaw - 2017-03-12 04:19
'People are being arrested and released on a daily basis ...

Three Foreign IS Explosives Experts Killed in Mosul
BAS News - 2017-03-11 11:18
MOSUL – The US-led Global Coalition against the Islamic State (IS) killed three high-ranking IS experts in west Mosul on Saturday, according to local media. According to the reports, all three IS senior members were of foreign nationalities. Abu Aisha al ...

U.N. Report: 2,000 Killed in Turkey Since End of PKK Cease-Fire
WSJ - 2017-03-11 05:48
Around 1,200 residents and 800 members of Turkish security forces were killed in 18 months of security operations in Turkey’s largely Kurdish southeast, according to a United Nations report. ...

62 ENKS Members in PYD Prisons
BAS News - 2017-03-09 23:20
ERBIL — At least 62 members of the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) are currently being held behind the bar by the ruling Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syrian Kurdistan, better known as Rojava. “10 ENKS members from Afrin, seven from Kobani and 4 ...

Philippine 'death squad' member not afraid of Duterte, says more will speak out
Reuters - 2017-03-09 14:38
MANILA (Reuters) - A former policeman who confessed to being part of a "death squad" under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said he did not fear him, and believed four other members of his alleged hit team would come forward to testify. ...

PYD arrests more ENKS members
KurdPress - 2017-03-09 08:55
A member of the Syrian Kurds National Council (ENKS) stated that more members of the council have been arrested by Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD). ...

Kurdistan govt approves budget for parliament, presidency elections
E-Kurd - 2017-03-08 16:09
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has passed a preliminary budget for holding general elections in the Kurdistan Region later this year despite uncertainty surrounding the polling date. Senior members of t ...

MMC fighters destroy an armored vehicle
ANHA - 2017-03-07 21:06
MANBIJ – An armored vehicle belonging to the occupying Turkish army was destroyed by Manbij Military Council fighters, and 16 gang members were killed in west Manbij. According to the information given by ANHA reporters in the region, clashes broke out be ...

Germans on trial over refugee attacks
BBC - 2017-03-07 18:05
Eight suspected members of a far-right group are charged with terrorism and attempted murder. ...

In Iraq, members of hipster Mr. Erbil club not only look good, they also do good | The Times of Israel
Timesofisrael - 2017-03-07 14:28

Goodbye smartphone - Danish MPs leave gadgets at home during Russia trip
Reuters - 2017-03-07 12:10
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Members of the Danish parliament's foreign policy committee have been asked to leave smartphones, tablets and computers at home during a visit to Russia at a time of increased security concerns. ...

Car Bomb Blast Kills 4 IS Militants In Sharqat District
BAS News - 2017-03-06 17:52
SHARQAT — Four members of the Islamic State (IS), including an explosives expert, were killed in a car bomb blast north of the province of Salahaddin on Monday, a local source said. The local source who spoke to Al Sumaria News on condition of anonymity ...

Second HAT course members graduate
ANHA - 2017-03-06 13:09
Asayîş Forces in Afrin canton have held on Sunday the graduation of the 2nd special teams (HAT) course of training members which lasted for 4 months and half. ...

Şengal martyrs procession heads for Şengal mountains
ANHA - 2017-03-05 13:29
Şengal people have held the funeral of 6 YBŞ, YJŞ, HPG, and Asayîş members who martyred during the PDK attacks on Khanesor town in Şengal mountains. ...

To all who pretend fraternity, watch this
ANHA - 2017-03-05 11:59
During the KDP mercenaries attacks on Khanesor town in Şengal, free press members have taken a video while People Defense Forces (HPG) fighters attempted to interfere and stop the fighting, these scenes are considered a lesson in humanity for those who pr ...

US-led coalition sends troops to Manbij to deter ‘aggression’
Rûdaw - 2017-03-05 01:15
It is 'to reassure coalition [members and] partner forces, [and] deter aggression," ...

Iranian Kurdish rebels blast call by Shiite lawmakers to leave Iraq
E-Kurd - 2017-03-04 10:55
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Iranian Kurdish groups based in the Kurdistan Region have rejected a recent proposal from Iraqi Shiite members of parliament calling on armed factions opposed to the Islamic Republic to leave the Iraqi territory. A ...

Tavgari Azadi members detained in Iraqi Kurdistan, says movement
E-Kurd - 2017-03-04 10:55
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The Kurdistan Free Society Movement (Tavgari Azadi) said Kurdish security KDP forces have detained three members of the movement for ten days. A member of Tavgari Azadi’s administrative board, Nariman Ahmed, told N ...

250 Arab youths join SDF ranks in Hasaka
ANHA - 2017-03-03 23:20
HASAKA – 250 Arab youth completed their training and took their place in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Hasaka. The Martyr Xanim Diyab Academy ended its Martyr Kemal Ecac Training Cycle with the graduation of 250 members. The education ...

Greek police bust smuggling ring, arrest migrants hiding in caves
Reuters - 2017-03-03 18:35
ATHENS (Reuters) - At least 13 suspected members of an international criminal organization smuggling undocumented migrants to other European countries have been arrested, Greek authorities said on Friday. ...

European Parliament strips Le Pen of immunity over ‘Islamic State’ tweets
Waar Media - 2017-03-02 14:15
WAAR-DUHOK: Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has been stripped of parliamentary immunity. The move allows a Paris court to prosecute her for posting images of Islamic State (ISIS) brutality on Twitter in 2015. Members of European Par ...

gang members killed, one BMB-type vehicle destroyed
ANHA - 2017-03-02 13:58
MANBIJ – The Turkish army and affiliated gang groups acting under their command launched simultaneous attacks on villages to the west and south of Manbij Wednesday morning. Heavy clashes that erupted upon the retaliation of Manbij Military Council fighter ...

Turkish-backed gangs flee, abandoning losses
ANHA - 2017-03-02 13:58
NEWS DESK – Manbij Military Council fighters seized the bodies of 12 Turkish-backed gang members during the clashes that broke out after gang groups attacked the villages in western Manbij. Clashes had broken out when Manbij Military Council fighters resp ...

Drone strike on al Qaeda in Yemen kills four: residents and officials
Reuters - 2017-03-02 13:50
ADEN (Reuters) - Four suspected al Qaeda members were killed in a drone strike on a building in southern Yemen on Thursday, residents and local officials said. ...

Civilians, IS fighters killed in west Mosul mosque strike, residents say
Reuters - 2017-03-02 07:29
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A number of civilians and Islamic State members were killed in an attack that hit a mosque run by the militants and damaged neighboring houses in the west of the Iraqi city of Mosul on Wednesday, three residents said on Thursday. ...

Afghan-based Islamic State a wild card as Trump ponders U.S. commitment
Reuters - 2017-03-02 00:37
KABUL/DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - An Islamic State offshoot based near the Afghan-Pakistan border is expanding to new areas, recruiting fighters and widening the reach of attacks in the region, members of the movement and Afghan officials said. ...

Four in French police custody for planning an attack: source
Reuters - 2017-03-02 00:37
PARIS (Reuters) - French authorities put four members of a family in police custody on Wednesday as part of a preliminary investigation in connection with a plot to carry out an attack, a judicial source said. ...

PAK Announces Its Causalities in Battle against IS
BAS News - 2017-03-01 12:29
The Iranian Kurdish dissident party has already lost 14 members ERBIL — Some 14 Peshmergas from the Iranian Kurdish Party for Freedom of Kurdistan (PAK) have so far been killed in the battle against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and 40 more have sustain ...

Russia, China block Security Council action on use of chemical weapons in Syria
United Nations - 2017-03-01 04:58
With ‘no’ votes from permanent members Russia and China, the United Nations Security Council today failed to adopt a resolution that would, according to press reports, have imposed sanctions against parties using chemical weapons in war-torn Syria. ...

IS Leader Al-Baghdadi Asks Militants to Resort to Mountains: Source
BAS News - 2017-02-28 20:20
The source says the IS leader asked militants to hide in the mountains MOSUL — Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi has asked the members and supporters of his organization to escape and hide in the mountains, Iraqi al-Sumaria news reported on ...

Egypt's Sisi orders cabinet to help resettle Sinai Christians fleeing Islamic State
Reuters - 2017-02-25 18:32
CAIRO (Reuters) - President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday ordered the government to take all necessary measures to help resettle Christians who have fled Egypt's Northern Sinai after Islamic State killed several members of the community. ...

Syrian Planes Transfer PYD Wounded Members to Damascus: Official
BAS News - 2017-02-25 17:17
He accuses PYD of having "secret agreement" with the Syrian regime ERBIL — It has been for a while that the wounded guerrillas of Kurdish forces in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) are being transferred by warplanes of the Syrian regime to hospitals in Damascus ...

8 Turkish soldiers, 60 mercenaries killed in Sousian car bombing
ANHA - 2017-02-25 11:44
SHAHBA- 8 members of the Turkish occupation army and 60 mercenaries have been killed in the Sousian car bombing, adding to that, some 100 were wounded in the suicide attack that took place in Sousian village 9 km northwest of al-Bab. The suicide attack la ...

Three members of Tavgari Azadi detained in Erbil, says movement
NRT - 2017-02-24 17:01

SDF: 4th arm advanced 6 km, 20 gang members killed in Raqqa operation
Washington Kurdish Institute - 2017-02-24 16:06

UN Security Council Condemns Last Week Terrorist Attack in Baghdad
BAS News - 2017-02-24 02:08
It calls for serious efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice ERBIL — The members of the UN Security Council have strongly condemned the “cowardly and heinous terrorist attack” in Baghdad earlier on February 16th, as the result of which 50 people los ...

Mali soldiers, armed groups hold first joint patrol in northern town
Reuters - 2017-02-23 15:03
GAO, Mali (Reuters) - Malian soldiers staged their first joint patrol on Thursday with members of rival armed groups in the town of Gao where Islamist militants killed more than 77 people last month in the deadliest such attack in the country's history. ...

Critics of KDP faced harassment and threats in Kurdistan region: Amnesty
KurdPress - 2017-02-23 08:36
Members of the media, activists and politicians have faced “harassment and threats” and some have been expelled from the Erbil Governorate due to criticism of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Amnesty International said on Wednesday (February 22). ...

Series of blasts kill four members of security forces northeast of Baghdad
NRT - 2017-02-23 07:57

Kurdish security arrests suspected ISIS members near popular Erbil mall
Rûdaw - 2017-02-22 20:37
'Investigations of these suspects are underway ...

84 IS Members Arrested among Hawija IDPs
BAS News - 2017-02-22 19:30
They are mainly Arabs, aged 14 and above KIRKUK — Some 84 members of the Islamic State (IS) organization have been arrested in the camps bordering the volatile Hawija district of Diyala province, police said.Speaking to BasNews on Wednesday, Major Kawa G ...

HDP Files Application in ECHR Over Its Co-Leaders Detention
BAS News - 2017-02-22 00:12
ISTANBUL — Pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) of Turkey has filed an application in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) over its co-leaders, Demirtas and Yuksekdag, who were arrested along with 11 other HDP members of Parliament (MP) in No ...

3 Manbij Military Council-SDF members killed in Ar...
KurdisCat - 2017-02-21 20:55

Another Turkish massacre in al-Bab
ANHA - 2017-02-21 09:47
Turkish occupying army has committed another massacre in al-Bab city leaving 12 civilians most are members of the same family. ...

Kurdish security releases confessions of five IS members
Kurdish Globe - 2017-02-20 23:31

Two PKK Members Explode Themselves in Makhmour
Kurdish Globe - 2017-02-20 23:31

Turkey Claims Killing 34 PKK Members in Northern Iraq
BAS News - 2017-02-20 19:19
Turkish jets bombarded a number of Kurdistan Region border areas ERBIL — About 34 Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters were killed in two separate airstrikes conducted by Turkey on the territory of Kurdistan Region, northern Iraq on Monday, the Turkis ...

Senior ISIL Members Killed in Joint Operation by Kurdish Counter-Terrorism and Coalition Forces in Mosul
Washington Kurdish Institute - 2017-02-20 18:40

Senior ISIS members killed in ‘special ops’ by Kurdish, Coalition forces
NRT - 2017-02-19 22:08

PKK Executes Two Members Over Romantic Relationship
BAS News - 2017-02-19 09:49
They were exploded by PKK guerrillas ERBIL— Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) executed two of its members -a boy and a girl- in Makhmour, north-east Mosul, reportedly over a romantic relationship. It was reported previously that the two PKK youth exploded t ...

Myanmar soldiers injured in clash with militants in troubled Rakhine
Reuters - 2017-02-19 07:43
YANGON (Reuters) - Two members of Myanmar's security forces were injured in a clash with militants on the troubled Rakhine State border with Bangladesh, Myanmar state counselor's office said, casting doubt on the government's claim that the region had sta ...

Red Army Choir performs after tragedy
BBC - 2017-02-18 02:38
The Red Army choir has played its first concert since the plane crash on Christmas Day which killed more than sixty of its members. ...

Cousin says ISIS killed parents of two Yezidi suicide bombers
Rûdaw - 2017-02-17 22:20
Only a handful of their family members survived the genocide ...

US Commander Says 60,000 IS Members Killed in Two Years
BAS News - 2017-02-16 18:43
ISTANBUL — An estimated 60,000 Islamic State (IS) militants have been killed by US coalition military efforts in the last two years, Army General Raymond Thomas, commander of United States Special Operations Command said, according to a report by militar ...

Pakistan raids hideout of militants behind surge of attacks; six dead
Reuters - 2017-02-16 09:31
LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistani counter-terrorism police raided a militant hideout and killed six suspected members of a Taliban faction that has launched a new campaign of violence against the government, police said on Thursday. ...

Irish government survives confidence vote, pressure on PM rises
Reuters - 2017-02-16 00:50
DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland's minority government on Wednesday survived a parliamentary vote of no-confidence over its handling of a policing scandal, but Prime Minister Enda Kenny faced growing calls from members of his own party to step aside. ...

6 ISIS gang members killed in Şingal
Washington Kurdish Institute - 2017-02-15 23:42

PKK Supporters Rally in Sulaymaniyah for Ocalan's Freedom
BAS News - 2017-02-15 18:11
They demand the Turkish government to stop pressures against PKK members ERBIL — Tens of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) supporters in Sulaymaniyah city assembled for a protest rally against the imprisonment of the PKK leader, Abdulla Ocalan, by Turkish a ...

Two PKK Members Explode Themselves in Makhmour
Gulan Media - 2017-02-14 22:06

KDP-S Official Accuses PYD of Jailing Members without Verdict
BAS News - 2017-02-14 18:26
He demands PYD to "stop chasing" their cadres ERBIL— Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDP-S) will put further pressure on the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to free the its supporters and members who were jailed without any trial, said a KDP-S official ...

Two PKK Members Explode Themselves in Makhmour
BAS News - 2017-02-14 15:13
They blew themselves up in protest to the detention of the PKK jailed leader MAKHMOUR — Two Kurdish youth affiliated with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) committed suicide by blowing themselves up on the 18th anniversary of Turkey's capture of the PKK lea ...

UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile launch
Waar Media - 2017-02-14 13:59
WAAR-DUHOK: United Nations Security Council on Monday “strongly condemned” North Korea’s recent ballistic missile launches, calling them a “grave violation” of the isolated island nation’s international obligations. “The members of the Security Council d ...

Tombs belonging to PKK members demolished in Êlih ...
KurdisCat - 2017-02-13 21:34

Turkish forces detain 198 Kurdish political party members
NRT - 2017-02-13 15:16

Germany picks Frank-Walter Steinmeier to be president
Waar Media - 2017-02-13 10:21
WAAR-DUHOK: A special assembly elected former German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier by an overwhelming majority Sunday, February 12 to be the country’s new president. Steinmeier was elected in Berlin by the assembly made up of the 630 members o ...

Myanmar to probe police over allegations of crimes against Rohingya
Reuters - 2017-02-13 07:34
YANGON (Reuters) - Myanmar is to investigate whether police have committed abuses against Rohingya Muslims, the government has said, after officials promised that allegations of atrocities against members of the Muslim minority would be looked into. ...

Walk of shame: Sweden’s “first feminist government” don hijabs in Iran
Rojikurd - 2017-02-13 00:03
Trade minister Ann Linde and other members of Sweden’s “first feminist government in the world” walked past Iranian President Rouhani yesterday as they covered their hair in compliance with Iran’s compulsory hijab law, despite Stockholm’s promise to promo ...

[WATCH] Asayish Publishes Confessions of Arrested IS Members
BAS News - 2017-02-12 17:58
They were arrested by Kurdistan Security Council ERBIL — The video confessions of five arrested members of the Islamic State (IS) were published on Sunday by Kurdistan Region's Security Council, Asayish. Asayish announced on Saturday that it has arrested ...

Turkey: Curfews declared in 9 northern Kurdistan villages
Waar Media - 2017-02-12 14:35
WAAR-DUHOK: Curfews were imposed in nine villages in the southeastern Mardin province (northern Kurdistan) early Sunday, according to the regional governor’s office. Security forces will locate and destroy explosive devices planted by the PKK members gro ...

Explosion in Syrian Kurdish Qamishlo kills two security members
Kurdistan24 - 2017-02-12 14:15

Rojava Asayish targeted in Qamishlo
Waar Media - 2017-02-12 12:26
WAAR-DUHOK: Today morning at 08:35 AM, deadly explosion by an improvised explosive device hit Qamishlo city (Rojava) caused death of two Kurdish security members (Asayish) and wounded two others. Ali Hasan, Rojava Asayish spokesperson, announced, On Sund ...

ISIS militants kill seven members of Hashid al-Shaabi in Khanaqin
NRT - 2017-02-12 10:04

East Libyan forces lose helicopter with two crew: officials
Reuters - 2017-02-11 15:51
BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) - East Libyan forces said on Saturday that they had lost an Mi-35 combat helicopter near the central town of Zalla and that two crew members had been killed. ...

Five IS Members Arrested in Erbil
BAS News - 2017-02-11 14:24
They were planning to join IS in Hawija ERBIL— Erbil Security (Asayish) Directorate announced on Saturday that it has arrested five people for membership with the Islamic State (IS) organization.In a statement issued by Asayish, the directorate said the ...

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