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Syrian refugees build new lives in Turkey
NRT - 2017-03-28 11:39

EU: Ensure Aid Reaches Refugees with Disabilities | Human Rights Watch
HRW - 2017-03-27 17:58

More than a thousand refugees from Shehba region arrive in Efrîn
ANF/English - 2017-03-27 12:23
1050 refugees that were forced to leave the Shehba region due to the barbaric practices of the Turkish army have arrived in Rojava's Efrîn Canton. ...

Call for aid for the refugees at Ayn Îsa Camp in Girê Spî
ANF/English - 2017-03-27 12:23
Ayn Îsa Camp Migration Committee President Jalal al Ayaf called upon international humanitarian aid organisations to provide support for the refugees sheltered at the camp in Girê Spî. ...

Kılıçdaroğlu says gov’t to give citizenship to 4 mln Syrians
Waar Media - 2017-03-26 18:57
WAAR-DUHOK: Chairman of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said on Saturday that the government would give Syrian refugees in Turkey citizenship after a critical referendum on April 16 that will introduce an executive ...

Syrian refugees get a warm welcome in Scotland
Orient News - 2017-03-26 03:00

In the Jordanian 'City of Mosaics' Iraqi refugees learn the art
NRT - 2017-03-23 13:16

Polish PM draws link between London attack and EU migrant policy
Reuters - 2017-03-23 10:01
WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's prime minister drew a link on Thursday between an attack in London targeting the British parliament and the European Union's migrant policy, saying the assault vindicated Warsaw's refusal to take in refugees. ...

Syrian Refugees Should Become Turkish Citizens
E-Kurd - 2017-03-23 05:55
Harun Yahya | The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. The issue of granting citizenship to the Syrians was among the most important topics on the agenda of Turkey in July 2016. The issue had been a subject of heat ...

6,000 migrants, refugees rescued in Mediterranean as traffic grows, IOM says
NRT - 2017-03-22 09:53

Yezidi officials say PKK in Shingal delays reconstruction, refugees' returns
Rûdaw - 2017-03-21 00:08
'PKK presence in Shingal blocks the reconstruction of the region and the return of refugees ...

Wrath of Euphrates: fighters rescued 2,000 civilians
ANHA - 2017-03-20 16:56
ROKAN BARRY AL-RAQQA- The fighters of Wrath of Euphrates operation room opened a safe passage for about 2,000 refugees that fled from the occupied areas by the mercenaries, and drove them to an area in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqa. The fighters ope ...

Why is Hungary's crackdown on refugees criticised?
Aljazeera - 2017-03-20 03:27
A new Hungarian law allows the detention of all asylum seekers, as it builds new fences along its border with Syria. ...

Humanitarian agencies, EU-Turkey deal violates refugees' rights | Al Bawaba
Albawaba - 2017-03-19 20:16

Refugees to face deeper uncertainty after Ankara’s pledge to scrap migration deal with EU
Rûdaw - 2017-03-19 14:06
Erdogan has said he might reconsider the so-called Facility for Refugees in Turkey Agreement ...

The Syrian-American mayor with his own executive order
BBC - 2017-03-19 03:14
Mohamed Khairullah. of Prospect Park, New Jersey, signed an executive order supporting refugees. ...

Women, children make up majority of Syrian refugees
Orient News - 2017-03-19 02:06

Refugees in Greece suffering after EU deal with Turkey, say NGOs | World news | The Guardian
The Guardian - 2017-03-17 16:43

E.U. Deal With Turkey Legitimizes Far Right in Europe: — Refugees Deeply
Newsdeeply - 2017-03-17 16:43

Attack on Yemen migrant boat 'kills 31'
BBC - 2017-03-17 12:20
UN confirms death of refugees after reports of 31 Somalis killed in helicopter gunship strike on Yemen migrant boat ...

31 Somalis killed in raid off Yemen coast: source
Reuters - 2017-03-17 09:56
CAIRO/DUBAI (Reuters) - Thirty-one Somali refugees were killed off the coast of Yemen late on Thursday when a helicopter attacked the boat they were traveling in, a local coast guard in the Houthi-controled Hodeidah area said. ...

Czech Aids IDPs, Refugees in Kurdistan with $500,000
BAS News - 2017-03-17 01:03
DUHOK — The government of Czech Republic has allocated $500,000 in humanitarian aids for refugees and IDPs settled in Duhok province of Kurdistan Region. The aid was announced during a meeting between Czech Ambassador to Baghdad, Jan Vyčítal, and Duhok G ...

US federal judge in Hawaii halts Trump’s second travel ban
Waar Media - 2017-03-16 13:12
WAAR-DUHOK: A federal court in Hawaii on Wednesday halted Donald Trump’s revised executive order temporarily closing US borders to refugees and nationals from six Muslim-majority countries, dealing the president a humiliating fresh defeat. US District Ju ...

Kurdish leader speaks about Abilene organization's aid for refugees - KTXS
KTXS - 2017-03-16 04:37

German court sentences 'racist terrorists' for planned refugee attacks
Reuters - 2017-03-15 15:49
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German court sentenced four far-right militants to between three and five years behind bars on Wednesday for forming a "terrorist association" with racist and anti-Semitic aims and planning to attack refugees. ...

France signs agreements on welcoming refugees living in Lebanon camps
NRT - 2017-03-14 17:59

School-aged refugees: Are they a burden or a social responsibility? | Politheor
Politheor - 2017-03-13 20:22

Refugees surge into China as Myanmar ethnic border conflict escalates
Reuters - 2017-03-13 09:12
NANSAN, China (Reuters) - Within earshot of mortar fire echoing from beyond a ring of hills, a sprawling relief camp in Southwestern China is swelling steadily after fighting erupted last week between a rebel ethnic army in Myanmar and government troops j ...

The Unfairness of Forcing Refugees in Greece Back to Turkey | Human Rights Watch
HRW - 2017-03-10 14:21

Refugees who sheltered Edward Snowden seek Canada asylum
BBC - 2017-03-09 22:29
The Hong Kong refugees, some of whom say they have been targeted by police, want to go to Canada. ...

Prime Minister Barzani meets Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Ms. Isabella Lovin commends the Kurdistan Region for sheltering and providing services for nearly two million refugees and internally displaced people.
Kurdistan Regional Government - 2017-03-09 17:32

As Easter nears, Christian refugees pray for peace and return to their homes in Nineveh
Rûdaw - 2017-03-09 07:14
“I wish I could return home, but I have no home left really” ...

UN Sets up New Camp for IDPs form Western Mosul
BAS News - 2017-03-08 00:57
ISTANBUL — A new camp to accommodate those fleeing western Mosul has been established by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the vicinity of the major city in northern Iraq. Camp Chamakor was established this week, ...

Saudi Arabia opens center for the relief of refugees and displaced persons in the Kurdistan region
Kurdiu - 2017-03-07 23:13

Refugees scuffle over food donations at Greek-Macedonia border
Xendan - 2017-03-07 20:38

Amnesty says returning refugees to Turkey 'not safe'
Xendan - 2017-03-07 20:38

Syrian doctors treat Syrian refugees in Turkey
Orient News - 2017-03-07 02:05

Sheltering IDPs, Refugees Costs KRG over $1.4 Billion Yearly: PM
BAS News - 2017-03-06 18:22
Saudi Arabia plans to increase funds and humanitarian support to Kurdistan Region ERBIL — Sheltering nearly two million Syrian refugees and Iraqi internally displaces people (IDP) costs Kurdistan Region over $1.4 billion every year, said Kurdistan Region ...

Turkey's own refugees: Now Kurds turn to Europe for help
Kurdish Question - 2017-03-04 23:09
Turkey's own refugees: Now Kurds turn to Europe for help ...

Charities slam Calais ban that could halt food aid to migrants
Reuters - 2017-03-03 12:50
PARIS (Reuters) - Charities expressed outrage on Friday as the mayor of French port Calais, which has symbolized Europe's refugee crisis, signed a ban on gatherings that could stop aid groups distributing meals to migrants and refugees. ...

U.N. agencies establish medical facilities to treat stranded Syrian refugees
NRT - 2017-03-02 09:55

Kurdish Activist Wins 2017 Olof Palme Prize
BAS News - 2017-03-01 23:38
ERBIL — A Kurdish activist who currently lives in Germany on Tuesday won this year’s Olof Palme Prize for his outstanding support to refugees. Ahmed Suleiman Jaf told BasNews after wining the prestigious prize that nine people were shortlisted among more ...

The EU’s ’doublethink’ on refugees
Orient News - 2017-03-01 02:02

Turkey's own refugees: Now Kurds turn to Europe for help | Middle East Eye
Middleeasteye - 2017-03-01 00:15

There were 3,533 attacks on refugees in Germany last year, but German carnivals prefer to whine about Trump
Seth Frantzman - 2017-02-28 19:00
By Seth J. Frantzman According to figures printed at BBC based on the Interior Ministry there were 10 attacks a day on refugees and asylum seekers in 2016. 3,533 […] ...

Sports as a form of therapy for Syrian refugees
Orient News - 2017-02-27 02:00

Forced back to Syria? Jordan’s unregistered refugees fear deportation
Orient News - 2017-02-26 02:00

Kurdish Activist Nominated for 2017 Olof Palme Prize
BAS News - 2017-02-23 18:46
ERBIL — A Kurdish activist who currently lives in Germany, has been nominated for this year’s Olof Palme Prize for his outstanding support to refugees. Ahmed Sulayman Jaf moved to Germany to continue his postgraduate studies during which he was engaged i ...

Syrian refugees in Canada’s north: ’It’s not warm in weather, but warm in emotions ’
Orient News - 2017-02-23 02:00

Canada to welcome 1,200 displaced Yezidi survivors of ISIS
Rûdaw - 2017-02-22 22:01
Nearly 400 government-assisted refugees will have arrived by Wednesday ...

Canada to receive 1,200 Yazidi refugees in 2017
Waar Media - 2017-02-22 12:50
WAAR-DUHOK: Canada plans to welcome approximately 1200 survivors of ISIS this year, including vulnerable Yazidi women and children and their families, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Minister Ahmed Hussen announced yesterday. It is expected ...

'Refugees Welcome' banner hung on Statue of Liberty in New York
BBC - 2017-02-22 09:11
Investigation begins after 3ft by 20ft banner is illegally attached to the monument in New York. ...

Turkey hosts Syrian refugees more than any other country
Orient News - 2017-02-22 02:03

Forced back to Syria? Jordan's unregistered refugees fear deportation
Reuters - 2017-02-22 01:10
AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It was in the dead of night when Nagham and her three young sons crept out of the Jordanian refugee camp and set off on a long walk that brought them to the capital Amman just as the sun came up. ...

Ronaldo, Jolie to shoot a trailer for a series about Syrian refugees
Orient News - 2017-02-21 02:01

Iraq builds new camp for refugees fleeing west Mosul
NRT - 2017-02-20 14:06

At Least 34 Kurdish Refugees Drowned As Their Boat Capsized In Aegean Sea
Washington Kurdish Institute - 2017-02-19 13:44

2 thousand refugees entered Afrin
ANHA - 2017-02-19 11:24
AFRIN– Two thousand refugees fled al-Bab to Afrin canton in the result of the battles between the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the one hand, and the mercenaries of ISIS on the other hand. An Asayîş Forces official in the eastern crossing in A ...

Ikea to sell rugs made by Syrian refugees in 2019
Orient News - 2017-02-19 02:00

Multiple suicide bombing targets Nigerian refugees, Boko Haram blamed
Reuters - 2017-02-17 11:48
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Seven suspected Boko Haram militants blew themselves on the outskirts of a northeast Nigerian city on Friday, a local aid agency said, in an attack witnesses said targeted refugees preparing to return to their home villages. ...

Kurds’ move to keep Yazidi, Christian refugees from their homes is hurting anti-ISIS alliance | Fox News
Foxnews - 2017-02-16 21:14

Britain rejecting child refugees is no surprise
Orient News - 2017-02-16 02:02

Syrian refugees seek new route to Europe via Sudan
Rûdaw - 2017-02-14 21:54
Sweden will begin processing refugee claims at its Khartoum embassy ...

Refugees in Iraq learn to code in hope of improving their future
NRT - 2017-02-14 14:02

A Dutch movie reflects on plight of Syrian refugees
NRT - 2017-02-14 11:24

Amid continual Turkish bombardment, refugees flee to Afrin
ANHA - 2017-02-14 10:27
600 refugees from al-Shahba have reached Afrin canton escaping the Turkish occupation bombardment and their mercenaries’ acts. ...

Rights group says Pakistan has 'forced' mass Afghan refugee returns
Reuters - 2017-02-13 11:46
KABUL (Reuters) - The number of Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan, already at the highest level in years, may increase this year if Pakistan maintains its forceful policies, Human Rights Watch said on Monday. ...

Iraqi Ambassador to Serbia Threatens Kurdish MP
BAS News - 2017-02-12 12:20
The MP had investigated into a case of Kurdish refugees in Serbia ERBIL — Due to her investigation into the case of a number of detained Iraqi Kurdish refugees in Serbia, the Iraqi ambassador to Serbia threatens Ashwaq Jaf, a Kurdish member to the Iraqi ...

A thousand of refugees flee to Afrin
ANHA - 2017-02-12 12:15
AFRIN- More than a thousand of refugees fleeing from conflict areas in al-Bab and various Syrian regions have reached Afrin. The Turkish occupation army and the mercenaries of Euphrates Shield attacks are continuing on al-Bab city. In addition to that, th ...

UK Government backtracks on promise to welcome 3000 child refugees
Orient News - 2017-02-12 02:02

Syrian refugees in Turkish camp turn to textiles as new career path
Rûdaw - 2017-02-11 09:39
"I hope more such workshops to be opened. “ ...

235 Yezidi Families Receive Winter Clothing from BCF
BAS News - 2017-02-08 21:50
The charity foundation also distributes baby milk powder among Syrian refugees ERBIL — Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) on Wednesday provided 235 IDP families with winter clothing and 97 Syrian refugee babies with powder milk cans, according to a stateme ...

Exclusive: More than 1,000 feared killed in Myanmar army crackdown on Rohingya - U.N. officials
Reuters - 2017-02-08 16:56
COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh (Reuters) - More than 1,000 Rohingya Muslims may have been killed in a Myanmar army crackdown, according to two senior United Nations officials dealing with refugees fleeing the violence, suggesting the death toll has been a far gr ...

BCF Endeavors to Assist Mosul Residents in Freed Areas
BAS News - 2017-02-07 18:12
The charity foundation has conducted 4,000 activities this year most of which were for IDPs and refugees ERBIL — Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) is coordinating with the related bodies to be able to offer support to residents in the liberated areas of c ...

A Number of Kurdish Refugees Detained in Serbia Ask for Help
BAS News - 2017-02-07 15:44
ERBIL — A number of Iraqi Kurdish refugees which have been detained in Serbia, are asking the Iraqi and Kurdish authorities to help them get out of the prison. The Kurdish refugees detained in Padinska Skela closed camp in Belgrade are undergoing a sever ...

1,000 food baskets distributed on Iraqi refugees
ANHA - 2017-02-06 13:09
HASAKAH- Rojava Organization for Relief have distributed in coordination with the Iraqi Mobadroun Organization 1,000 food baskets on Iraqi refugees residing in the Holl camp. Amid vicious weather and difficult conditions that Iraqi refugees are experienci ...

U.S. to Resume Admitting Refugees, Including Syrians, on Monday
Newsweek - 2017-02-06 03:55
Trump's immigration order remains unenforced after the DOJ was denied an immediate stay of a ruling that blocked the directive. ...

Refugees are a great investment
Orient News - 2017-02-06 02:03

45 refugees, migrants rescued off Turkish coast as boat sinks
Orient News - 2017-02-06 02:03

2,000 migrants, refugees rescued from Mediterranean in two days
NRT - 2017-02-05 13:32

Protest on Greece's Lesbos island after three refugees die
NRT - 2017-02-04 13:23

UN opposes creating ‘safe zones’ in Syria
KurdPress - 2017-02-04 08:21
The United Nations’ refugee chief rejected the proposal of establishing ‘safe zones’ for refugees in Syria, saying the war-torn country was not a proper place for such an initiative. ...

German minister says EU committed to help refugees, IDPs in Kurdistan
Rûdaw - 2017-02-04 08:14
Iraq expects to receive €50mn from EU in 2017, €28mn goes to KRG ...

Lebanese president calls for safe zones in Syria for refugees
Reuters - 2017-02-03 15:41
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Friday world powers must work with Damascus to create safe zones in Syria so refugees can return to their country. ...

Merkel: Germany to admit 500 refugees from Turkey each month
NRT - 2017-02-03 14:12

Refugees continue flowing, amid appeals to free regions
Washington Kurdish Institute - 2017-02-03 05:54

Portugal offer to take Kurdish Yazidi refugees from Greece
E-Kurd - 2017-02-01 19:33
AGIOS ATHANASIOS, Greece,— As a member of a persecuted minority in Iraq, 24-year-old Shaker Mahie has seen his people massacred, raped and scattered across a new continent. Now, the Yazidi — whose faith is older than Christianity — are at the centre of a ...

Refugees are not a threat, focus on peace process, says UNHCR chief
NRT - 2017-02-01 16:22

Robar, Shahba residents are happy see women law implemented
ANHA - 2017-02-01 13:03
The refugees of Robar and al-Shahba camps showed their happiness for applying women law in the two camps. ...

Bomb blast kills 4 refugees in northern Iraq
Waar Media - 2017-02-01 03:42
At least four refugees were killed in a bomb blast Saturday while trying to flee a Daesh-held area in Hawija town, according to a local police officer. The bomb exploded as a group of refugees were moving to Saladin province after fleeing the Daesh-held ...

Under fire, British PM May criticizes Trump curb on refugees
Waar Media - 2017-02-01 03:42
Prime Minister Theresa May said Britain did not agree with U.S. President Donald Trump’s curbs on immigration after coming under criticism from lawmakers in her own party for not condemning his executive order when initially questioned. On a visit to Tur ...

Obama’s administration made the “Muslim ban” possible and the media won’t tell you
Seth Frantzman - 2017-02-01 03:22
By SETH J. FRANTZMAN I was outraged by the ban on refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East. I’ve covered refugees fleeing war in Iraq and Syria over the […] ...

U.N. chief warns border control policies must not discriminate
Reuters - 2017-01-31 22:48
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday emphasized the need for nondiscriminatory border controls, comments widely seen as a criticism of U.S. President Donald Trump’s temporary freeze on U.S. entry for all refugees and ...

US travel ban: Officials admit poor communication but defend policy
BBC - 2017-01-31 21:34
The officials blame poor communication but say that hundreds of refugees have waivers. ...

Trump administration to allow 872 refugees into U.S. this week
NRT - 2017-01-31 15:49

US will use Roj Peshmerga to protect safe zones in Syria: official
KurdPress - 2017-01-31 12:32
The US President Donald Trump said last week that he would "absolutely do safe zones in Syria" to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into other countries. According to sources, Trump will use the Syrian Kurdish Peshmerga called Roj Peshmerga to protect the ...

Over 60 ISIS suspects detained in two months in Kirkuk refugee camps
Rûdaw - 2017-01-31 10:02
We need to ensure that ISIS recruits do not infiltrate Kirkuk disguised as refugees ...

UN agencies urge US to continue tradition of helping refugees
Rûdaw - 2017-01-30 10:34
“The needs of refugees and migrants worldwide have never been greater," ...

Starbucks to employ 10,000 refugees in response to Trump ban
NRT - 2017-01-30 10:00

Syrian refugees devastated as Trump bans them
Orient News - 2017-01-29 02:01

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