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Zweite Explosion erschüttert Damaskus – Tote und Verletzte
Sputnik - 2017-03-16 03:13
Eine zweite Explosion hat am Mittwoch die syrische Hauptstadt Damaskus erschüttert, berichtet die staatliche Agentur SANA. Wie aus der Meldung hervorgeht, handelt es sich um einen Terroranschlag in einem Restaurant im Nordwesten der Stadt. Es gebe Tote un ...

Chicago finally gets its first Kurdish restaurant | Restaurant Review | Chicago Reader
Chicagoreader - 2017-02-23 22:28

Three sisters break into male-dominated restaurant business
Rûdaw - 2017-02-17 05:27

Mosul bombings temper residents' relief at Islamic State pushback
Reuters - 2017-02-15 20:12
MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - The first blast, down the street from his uncle's restaurant in eastern Mosul, sent Mohammed Badr racing towards the door to check the situation. The second one, moments later at the entrance of the restaurant itself, knocked him o ...

Suicide bombings kill 5, wound 19 in eastern Mosul
Reuters - 2017-02-10 16:15
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - At least five people were killed and 19 wounded on Friday, in two suicide bombings that hit an Iraqi army position and a restaurant in eastern Mosul, a medical source said. ...

Two explosions rip through east Mosul, killing 9
Rûdaw - 2017-02-10 15:34
A suicide bomber detonated explosives in a restaurant ...

Suicide bombing kills four, wounds 15 in eastern Mosul restaurant
Reuters - 2017-02-10 14:51
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A suicide bomber believed to belong to Islamic State blew himself up inside a restaurant in eastern Mosul at lunchtime on Friday, killing at least four people and wounding 15, a medical source in the northern Iraqi city said. ...

Successful leap for private sector: Erbil opens biggest international restaurant
Rûdaw - 2017-01-19 10:29

A Look Inside Kurdish Restaurant The Gundis
The Kurdish Project - 2017-01-19 08:29
Learn more about a new Kurdish restaurant in Lakeview, Chicago, called The Gundis. The post A Look Inside Kurdish Restaurant The Gundis appeared first on The Kurdish Project. ...

A look inside The Gundis, Chicago's first Kurdish restaurant - Chicago Tribune
Chicagotribune - 2017-01-18 19:06

'Trump Restaurant' in Syria's Kobani: Kurdish gratitude to US
Kurdistan24 - 2017-01-09 18:24
A Syrian Kurd names a small eatery for falafel sandwiches after the US President-elect Donald Trump in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, Rojava, Syria, Jan. 7, 2017. (Photo: Kurdistan24) ...

Three killed in Somalia tea shop blast, soldiers among casualties
Reuters - 2017-01-07 18:55
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - At least three people were killed and 11 others injured when an explosion ripped a small restaurant popular with soldiers in the Somali capital on Saturday evening, police and local officials said. ...

Pride Powers Chicago’s First Kurdish Restaurant, Now Open in Lakeview - Eater Chicago
Eater - 2017-01-06 22:41

Restaurant openings: Chicago's first Kurdish restaurant, local pizza icon picks Hyde Park - Chicago Tribune
Chicagotribune - 2017-01-06 20:32

Jonathan Gold tells you what to order at the only Kurdish restaurant in the western United States - LA Times
Latimes - 2017-01-06 19:34

Trump Fish: Iraqi restaurant spells out Kurdish faith in president-elect | Pakistan Today
Pakistantoday - 2017-01-06 17:15

Trump Fish: Iraqi restaurant spells out Kurdish faith in president-elect - The Express Tribune
Tribune - 2017-01-06 10:52

A Donald Trump-themed restaurant opened in the heart of Iraqi Kurdistan after owner heard President-elect’s promises to arm Kurdish forces to help defeat ISIS
Dailymail - 2017-01-05 20:13
Even before President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated, one of his biggest fans has named a fish restaurant after him in Iraqi Kurdistan. ...

A Donald Trump-themed restaurant opened in the heart of Iraqi Kurdistan after owner heard President-elect’s promises to arm Kurdish forces to help defeat ISIS | Daily Mail Online
Dailymail - 2017-01-05 20:12

Trump Fish is Iraqi Kurdistan's first Donald Trump-themed restaurant.
Slate - 2017-01-04 22:19

Turkey: Shooter Attacks Restaurant in Istanbul | News | teleSUR English
Telesurtv - 2017-01-04 20:38

Montreal restaurant Marche Ferdous warms hearts with free meals policy
BBC - 2017-01-04 20:03
A Canadian restaurant wins thousands of fans after quietly giving away meals to the poor and hungry. ...

Au Kurdistan, Donald Trump inspire une chaîne de restaurant de poisson - LCI
LCI - 2017-01-04 14:36

Trump Restaurant for Falafel: a Syrian Kurd names restaurant in Kobane after US President-elect
Aranews - 2017-01-04 04:41
ARA News Kobane – A Syrian Kurd opened a falafel restaurant in the city of Kobane, and decided to name it after the US President-elect Donald Trump. Walid Shekhi, 40, opened his “Trump Restaurant” last week in central Kobane, a city under reconstruction s ...

Trump Restaurant for Falafel: a Syrian Kurd names his restaurant in Kobane after the US President-elect
Aranews - 2017-01-04 00:20
ARA News Kobane – A Syrian Kurd opened a falafel restaurant in the city of Kobane, and decided to name it after the US President-elect Donald Trump. Walid Shekhi, 40, opened his “Trump Restaurant” last week in central Kobane, a city under reconstruction s ...

Fan opens Trump-themed restaurant in Iraqi Kurdistan | TheHill
Thehill - 2017-01-03 15:02

Donald Trump-themed restaurant opens in Iraqi Kurdistan -
CNN - 2017-01-02 14:25

PAK êrîşa teroristi ya Stanbulê şermezar dike
Rojeva Kurd - 2017-01-02 00:08
Em êrîşa terorî ya li Stenbolê û qatîlan bi tûndî rûreş dikin Li Stenbolê, li taxa Ortakoyê, di Restaurant û Clûba şahîyê ya bi navê Reînayê de êrîşeke çekdarî pêk hat û di encamê de 39 kesan jiyana xwe ji dest dan, nêzî 70 kes jî ...

A successful leap for the private sector: Erbil opens biggest international restaurant
Rûdaw - 2016-12-29 20:43

VIDEO: Risky local restaurant in Mosul attracts more visitors
Kurdistan24 - 2016-12-26 00:24
A local restaurant under a collapsed building supported by one pillar attracts people in Mosul with its delicious barbecued food, Dec. 24, 2016. (Photo: Kurdistan24) ...

‘Trump Fish’ restaurant opens in Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurdish Globe - 2016-12-24 06:31

’We empower one another’: Winnipeg restaurant hires Syrian refugees
Orient News - 2016-12-20 02:03

Trump Fish: Iraqi restaurant spells out Kurdish faith in president-elect
Dailymail - 2016-12-14 13:19
By Stephen Kalin DUHOK, Iraq, Dec 14 (Reuters) - The newest enterprise bearing Donald Trump's name is not a five-star hotel or an exclusive golf club. It is ... ...

Newcomer Kitchen: how Syrian refugees took over a Toronto restaurant – video
The Guardian - 2016-12-13 02:13
When Canada pledged to take 25,000 refugees fleeing war in the Middle East, one restaurateur in Toronto opened his doors, giving a group of Syrian women the opportunity to cook for the community, spread the wealth of their home country’s cuisines – and fi ...

‘Trump Fish’ restaurant opened in Kurdistan for 'three reasons'
Kurdistan24 - 2016-12-10 07:17
The name and logo of a Kurdish restaurant located in Duhok Province, Kurdistan Region, Dec 8, 2016. (Photo: Kurdistan24) ...

‘Trump Fish’ restaurant opens in Iraqi Kurdistan | New York Post
Nypost - 2016-12-07 03:04

Au Kurdistan irakien, Trump est tellement populaire qu’il a un restaurant à son nom
France24 - 2016-12-05 19:11

Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – November 20, 2016
E-Kurd - 2016-11-20 21:16
Sulaimani city aims to ban hookah and live music in residential areas Sulaimani: A decision by Sulaimani city’s Tourism Dept. has angered the city’s restaurant and cafés.The Dept. has introduced a bill to ban hookah and live music in certain restaurants a ...

Charente-Maritime: un Kurde abattu devant son restaurant
Beninmondenews - 2016-11-06 14:46

Charente-Maritime : le gérant d'un kebab tué par balle devant son restaurant sur Orange Actualités
Orange - 2016-11-03 19:27

Charente-Maritime: un restaurateur turc, d'origine kurde, tué d'un coup de fusil
Institut Kurde - Paris - 2016-11-03 17:24
Le gérant turc, d'origine kurde, d'un restaurant kebab a été tué d'un coup de fusil dans son magasin de Tonnay-Charente (Charente-Maritime), près de Rochefort, dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi, a-t-on appris jeudi de source judiciaire. ...

Charente-Maritime: Le gérant d'un kebab abattu au fusil de chasse dans son restaurant
20minutes - 2016-11-03 15:37

Le gérant d’un kebab abattu dans son restaurant de Charente-Maritime
Zinfos974 - 2016-11-03 14:33

Charente-Maritime: un homme kurde assassiné devant son restaurant
Bfmtv - 2016-11-03 12:00

Charente-Maritime: un Kurde abattu devant son restaurant - L'Express
Lexpress - 2016-11-03 11:41

Tonnay-Charente : Un homme tué par balle devant son restaurant
Francebleu - 2016-11-03 10:21

Restaurant openings: Kurdish food coming to Lakeview, River North gets 24-hour diner - Chicago Tribune
Chicagotribune - 2016-09-09 20:40

Chauny: la «guerre» entre communauté kurde et gitans à l’origine des violences au restaurant Espace Djerba -
Lunion - 2016-09-03 16:41

Edel-Restaurant wollte Muslimas nicht bedienen - doch der eigentliche Skandal ist die Reaktion der Gäste
Huffington Post Deutschland - 2016-08-29 14:00
Das "Le Cenacle" in der französischen Stadt Tremblay-en-France gilt als Spitzen-Restaurant. Sogar im diesjährigen Michelin-Guide fand es Erwähnung - die Kundenbewertungen sind fast durch die Bank weg hervorragend. Doch jetzt provozierte das Etablissement ...

Restaurant in Sulaimani cuts price for the poor or they can eat for free
Rûdaw - 2016-08-14 18:16

Syrian refugee opens restaurant in Sao Paulo
Orient News - 2016-07-17 16:02

Video: Employee Repays Pranksters in Kind
Waarmedia - 2016-07-12 19:31
Waar, Duhok: An angry MCDONALD’S employee has shocked two pranksters who tried to terrify her with a loud horn at a drive-thru restaurant. The cheeky guys thought they could record some hilarious footage by scaring the young employee jump. But she had the ...

80 people were killed in two blasts in Baghdad
Hawar News - 2016-07-03 16:41
NWES DESK– 80 people were killed and more than 200 people were wounded in two blasts have ripped through busy market areas in Baghdad. Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman has said that the explosion was caused by a car bomb near a restaurant in Alkarada nei ...

Baghdad: 79 people died in bombing
Waarmedia - 2016-07-03 14:09
Waar, Duhok: At least 79 people have been killed and 131 injured in an explosion in Iraq’s capital Baghdad late Saturday, Iraqi police said. The explosion took place when a car bomb went off near a restaurant and a shopping area in the central district of ...

Islamic State gunmen take hostages at Bangladesh restaurant, 2 dead
E-Kurd - 2016-07-02 04:46

Al-Qamischli: Drei Tote bei Anschlag des IS auf Restaurant
Kurdwatch - 2016-05-31 01:26

Al-Qamishli: Three dead after an IS attack on a restaurant
Kurdwatch - 2016-05-31 01:25

Kürt derneği gibi restaurant
Y.Ö.Politika - 2016-05-27 00:14

Ad-Darbasiya: Zehn Verletzte bei Anschlag auf Restaurant
Kurdwatch - 2016-04-10 00:16

Ad-Darbasiyah: Ten wounded in a bomb attack on a restaurant
Kurdwatch - 2016-04-09 01:11

Kadınlar Turgut Vidinli Restaurant’ı protesto etti
DIHA - 2016-03-07 20:30

Irak : elles défient les traditions en ouvrant un restaurant - Journal des Femmes
Journaldesfemmes - 2016-03-03 12:42

Irak : trois femmes défient les traditions en ouvrant leur restaurant | Le Figaro Madame
Lefigaro - 2016-03-03 09:17

Kurdish female filmmaker opens ‘Kurdish kofte’ restaurant
Waarmedia - 2016-02-29 18:23
Waar, Duhok: Two Kurdish women have opened a restaurant for cooking Kurdish traditional dishes in Kurdistan Region’s Duhok city. The Kutlka Kurdi restaurant, meaning the Kurdish kofte, is managed by Viyan Mayi and Viyan Hirrori, two Kurdish women who used ...

Women in Hesekê open a restaurant
Hawar News - 2016-02-02 00:53
Women in the Salihiye neighborhood of Hesekê opened a restaurant for women. ...

18 civilians lost their lives in ISIS’s double attacks in Qamişlo
Hawar News - 2016-01-02 00:17
QAMIŞLO – In the double suicide attacks in Qamişlo, 18 civilians lost their lives and 30 others were injured. Last night around 22:05 double attacks were carried out by ISIS gang members in Qamişlo, one near Miami Restaurant in the neighborhood of Al-Wist ...

New York police arrest ISIS-inspired jihadi for planning terror attack on New Year’s Eve
Aranews - 2016-01-01 02:21
ARA News GENEVA – New York police arrested on Thursday a man suspected of planning a terror attack on the New Year’s Eve. According to the U.S. Justice Department, the suspect was planning to attack a restaurant in Rochester, New York. Emanuel Lutchman, 2 ...

Funeral Held for 13 Assyrians Killed in Restaurant Bombings in Syria
AINA - 2016-01-01 01:06

US authorities foil IS-inspired plan to attack on upstate New York restaurant
Gulan Media - 2016-01-01 00:10

Egypt: A firebomb attack at Cairo restaurant leaves 16 dead
E-Kurd - 2015-12-04 17:52

Ev du roj in Bruksel di alarmê de ye
ANF - 2015-11-22 17:22
Li paytexta Belçîka Brukselê, bi fikara êrîşên weke li Parîsê rû bidin gelek kes ji malên xwe dernakevin. Li bajêr ku alarm derketiye asta herî jor, duh bi şev restaurant û bar zû hatin girtin. ...

Watch: Woman escapes point-blank run in with Paris gunman
Rûdaw - 2015-11-19 09:23
Footage shows attack on French restaurant ...

Sandık mücadele alanıdır
Ozgur Gundem - 2015-10-25 10:16
HDP’nin Çanakkale milletvekili adayları Özlem Ergun Açanal, Ömer Faruk Kınıç, Adile Yalçın, Sinan Ekinci, kentteki siyasi parti ve sivil toplum örgütü temsilcilerinin katılımı ile Balıkçı Yaşar Restaurant’ta forum gerçekleştirdi ...

Turkish civilian dies after shooting at restaurant in Kurdish area - Business Insider
Businessinsider - 2015-09-13 18:57

Turkish dies after shooting at restaurant in Kurdish area
Nation - 2015-09-13 11:00

Turkish civilian dies after shooting at restaurant in Kurdish area
Dailytimes - 2015-09-13 09:20

89 People Killed in Explosions at Central India Restaurant
Gulan Media - 2015-09-13 05:58

Turkish civilian dies after shooting at restaurant in Kurdish area | Reuters - Firstpost
Firstpost - 2015-09-13 03:04

Turkish civilian dies after shooting at restaurant in Kurdish area By Reuters
Investing - 2015-09-12 20:00

Turkish civilian dies after shooting at restaurant in Kurdish area | GlobalPost
Globalpost - 2015-09-12 15:03

Kurdish militants fire on restaurant killing waiter and wounding police | World news | The Guardian
The Guardian - 2015-09-11 15:16

Man, 25, arrested after stabbing outside Kurdish restaurant in Queen Street, Gravesend
Kentonline - 2015-08-18 12:23

Kobani Kurdish restaurant: Defiant and delicious | Berkeleyside
Berkeleyside - 2015-07-20 22:42

Insider – 20 mutmaßliche Islamisten in Mali festgenommen
BasNews - 2015-07-17 10:32
BasNews (Redaktion) – In Mali sind Insidern zufolge seit Sonntag rund 20 mutmaßliche Islamisten festgenommen worden. Darunter befänden sich mindestens zwei französische Staatsbürger sowie der Drahtzieher des Anschlags auf ein Restaurant in Bamako, bei dem ...

Kürdistanlılar Nûbihar’ın iftarında buluştu
Haber Dîyarbakir - 2015-07-01 19:52
Kürdistanlılar Nûbihar’ın iftarında buluştu Nûbihar Dergisinin her yıl düzenlediği geleneksel iftar yemeği, bu yıl da istanbul’da, Üsküdar Fethi Paşa Korusu’ndaki Dilruba Restaurant’ta verildi.Devamı İçin Tıklayınız... ...

Suspected mastermind of 1982 Paris Jewish restaurant attack held in Jordan
Gulan Media - 2015-06-18 01:48

Selahattin Demirtas a réussi la mue du parti prokurde HDP
Rojbas - 2015-06-09 02:39
« Nous avons remporté une grande victoire », s’est réjoui, dimanche 7 juin au soir, Selahattin Demirtas, le chef du Parti démocratique des peuples (HDP, gauche et prokurde), au cours d’une conférence de presse improvisée au restaurant Cezair, au centre d’ ...

Car bomb near restaurant kills 6 people in Iraqi capital
Rûdaw - 2015-06-02 17:55
Explosion occured inside parking lot of Qadouri restaurant in east Baghdad ...

Sabir speaks on restaurant at Rotary | Jamestown Sun
Jamestownsun - 2015-05-26 14:30

UNHCR - A huge burden lifted as refugee restaurant owner gains Estonian citizenship
Unhcr - 2015-05-11 12:51

Ein weiteres Döner-Restaurant soll zwischen Kaiser- ...
Westfalen Blatt - 2015-03-21 10:50

Multiple deaths after restaurant shooting in Sweden
PUK Media - 2015-03-19 09:07

Swedish Police: Several People Shot, Some Dead, Inside Restaurant - NBC News
Nbcnews - 2015-03-19 03:36

McDonald's ABD'de antibiyotikli tavuk kullanmayacak
BBC - 2015-03-05 11:56
Dünyanın en büyük zincir restaurantı McDonald's, bundan sonra ABD'de antibiyotik enjekte edilen tavuk kullanmayacağını duyurdu. ...

Neun Tote bei Amoklauf in Tschechien
BasNews - 2015-02-26 00:15
BasNews (Redaktion) – In der tschechischen Stadt „Uhersky Brod“ hat ein Mann in einem Restaurant ein Blutbad angerichtet und acht Menschen erschossen. Der offenbar geistig verwirrte Täter ist ebenfalls tot, sagte Innenminister Milan Chovanec. Der 62-Jähri ...

Eight killed in restaurant shooting in Czech Republic
Gulan Media - 2015-02-24 22:48

Baghdad suicide bombings hit restaurant and market
Kurdiu - 2015-02-08 19:36

Blast hits restaurant near mosque in France's east – reports
PUK Media - 2015-01-12 10:24

Kurdish Peshmerga leave Turkish restaurant 'without paying bill': report
E-Kurd - 2014-10-31 12:39

At Portland restaurant, a marriage of food and dance - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
Pressherald - 2014-10-15 10:39

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