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British suicide bomber in Iraq had won compensation for Guantanamo stay
Reuters - 2017-02-22 13:25
LONDON/CAIRO (Reuters) - An Islamic State suicide bomber from Britain who blew himself up in an attack on Iraqi forces this week had been given compensation for his detention in the Guantanamo Bay military prison, Western security sources said on Wednesda ...

Iraqi forces consolidate their position in preparation for Mosul airport offensive
Rûdaw - 2017-02-21 18:19
ISIS used a combination of sniper fire and suicide bombers to try and stop the advance ...

Suicide bombers hit court in Pakistan, at least four killed: police
Reuters - 2017-02-21 09:08
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Suicide bombers attacked a court complex in Pakistan on Tuesday, killing at least four people, officials said, in the latest incident in a new surge of Islamist violence. ...

'Suicide bombers killed' after targeting Pakistan court
BBC - 2017-02-21 09:03
At least one lawyer is reportedly killed in the attack in Pakistan's north-west Charsadda district. ...

Iraqi forces will face ISIS suicide bombers, IEDs as they target Mosul airport
Rûdaw - 2017-02-20 11:38
some 25,000 children and 14,000 elderly in Mosul have starved to death ...

Iraqi forces face army of 1800 ISIS militants, 200 suicide bombers in West Mosul
Rûdaw - 2017-02-19 22:54
The real fight will begin when Iraqi forces reach the edges of western districts of Mosul ...

Suicide bomb in market in Somalia capital kills 18, wounds 25
Reuters - 2017-02-19 14:43
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A blast from a suicide car bomb ripped through a market in Somali capital Mogadishu on Sunday, killing 18 people and wounding at least 25, a local official said, days after the country elected a new president. ...

Suicide bombing kills one in east Mosul, security sources say
Reuters - 2017-02-19 10:53
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt on Sunday in the "My Fair Lady" neighborhood of Mosul that was retaken recently from Islamic State, killing one and wounding nine others, security sources said. ...

Kidnapped Yezidi boys used by Daesh (ISIS) as suicide bombers Dr Amy L. Beam
NRT - 2017-02-18 14:56

Kidnapped Yezidi Boys Forced by ISIS To Be Suicide Bombers
Kurdistantribune - 2017-02-18 03:53

Suicide bombing at Pakistan Shiite shrine kills 75
Orient News - 2017-02-18 02:01

Cousin says ISIS killed parents of two Yezidi suicide bombers
Rûdaw - 2017-02-17 22:20
Only a handful of their family members survived the genocide ...

Multiple suicide bombing targets Nigerian refugees, Boko Haram blamed
Reuters - 2017-02-17 11:48
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Seven suspected Boko Haram militants blew themselves on the outskirts of a northeast Nigerian city on Friday, a local aid agency said, in an attack witnesses said targeted refugees preparing to return to their home villages. ...

Wailing, anger at Sufi shrine in Pakistan after bomber kills 77
Reuters - 2017-02-17 09:39
SEHWAN SHARIF, Pakistan (Reuters) - Wailing Sufi devotees thronged a blood-stained shrine in southern Pakistan on Friday, shouting at police a day after a suicide bomber killed at least 77 people in an attack claimed by a regional branch of Islamic State. ...

At least 25 reported dead in suicide attack on Pakistani shrine
Reuters - 2017-02-16 16:51
KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - A suicide bomber attacked a crowded Sufi shrine in southern Pakistan on Thursday, police said, with local media reporting at least 25 people had been killed and dozens more wounded in the latest in a wave of bombings this wee ...

Suicide car bombing kills 9 in Baghdad’s Sadr City
Orient News - 2017-02-16 02:02

IS Suicide Attack Kills 5 Hashd al-Shaabi Militias
BAS News - 2017-02-15 21:14
LEEDS — Two Islamic State (IS) militants carried out a suicide attack on Wednesday at a checkpoint held by the Shi'ite militia Hashd al-Shaabi, south of Mosul. Captain Udai Bashar, member of the Hashd al-Shaabi, said the two suicide bombers blew themselv ...

Suicide truck bomber kills at least 15 in Baghdad suburb
NRT - 2017-02-15 20:44

18 Killed in Baghdad Blast
BAS News - 2017-02-15 20:10
At least 42 others injured in the terrorist attack BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber at the wheel of an explosives-laden vehicle killed at least 18 people in Iraq’s capital city on Wednesday, security sources confirmed. The attack targeted a busy street in the ...

Nadia Murad: World Leaders “Numb” to Our Tragedy
BAS News - 2017-02-15 20:10
She expresses concern over the footage showing two Yezidi children forced into suicide mission by IS ERBIL — Kurdish Yezidi survivor of Islamic State (IS) captivity, Nadia Murad, who is also the UN Goodwill Ambassador, has expressed concern over the inte ...

Baghdad blast 'kills 18' in Shia district of Sadr City
BBC - 2017-02-15 19:49
A suicide bomber kills at least 18 people in the Sadr City suburb of the Iraqi capital, sources say. ...

MOSUL: 14-years-old Suicide Bomber Captured in Time
BAS News - 2017-02-15 18:49
His attack in western Mosul was successfully foiled MOSUL — Iraqi security forces on Wednesday foiled a terrorist attack in a newly-liberated district of eastern Mosul after capturing an Islamic State (IS) suicide bomber. A local source confirmed to BasN ...

KRG asks for help freeing Yezidi children brainwashed by ISIS
Rûdaw - 2017-02-15 18:43
An ISIS propaganda video claims to depict two Yezidi suicide bombers ...

Deadly suicide truck bombing in Baghdad’s Sadr City
Rûdaw - 2017-02-15 18:43
At least 15 have been killed and 50 wounded ...

Suicide car bomb kills at least 15 in Sadr City suburb of Baghdad: security sources
Reuters - 2017-02-15 16:20
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A suicide car bomb blew up on Wednesday in Sadr City, a heavily populated poor Shi'ite suburb of Baghdad, killing at least 15 and wounding 50, security sources said. ...

IS Releases Video of Yezidi Children Carrying Out Suicide Attacks
BAS News - 2017-02-15 14:29
The video shows two Yezidi children preparing and carrying out suicide attacks ERBIL — A video featuring two Yezidi children preparing for and completing suicide missions for the Islamic State (IS) was released on Tuesday. Two Yezidi boys who have been i ...

Suicide bomber kills five outside government office in Pakistan
Reuters - 2017-02-15 11:55
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a government office in Pakistan on Wednesday, killing five people, the army said, the latest attack in a new surge in militant violence. ...

Two PKK Members Explode Themselves in Makhmour
BAS News - 2017-02-14 15:13
They blew themselves up in protest to the detention of the PKK jailed leader MAKHMOUR — Two Kurdish youth affiliated with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) committed suicide by blowing themselves up on the 18th anniversary of Turkey's capture of the PKK lea ...

[IN PICTURES]: IS Plan to Attack Peshmerga in Kirkuk Foiled
BAS News - 2017-02-14 09:26
The militants had planned to carry out a suicide offensive against Peshmerga KIRKUK — A number of the Islamic State (IS) militants who were sent from the IS-held town of Hawija, attempted on Monday to attack Peshmerga in south-western Kirkuk. Their plan ...

Lahore protest blast: 11 killed at Pakistan city rally
BBC - 2017-02-13 16:29
A suspected suicide bomber targets a pharmacists' rally in the Pakistani city, killing at least 11. ...

Western Mosul.. Heavy Clashes Erupt Between ISIS and Shi’ite Militias
Waar Media - 2017-02-13 13:02
WAAR-DUHOK: Fierce clashes erupted late on Sunday between the Shi’ite militias of Hashd al-Shaabi and Islamic State (ISIS) militants around Tel Afar town, west of Mosul, where the jihadist group used several suicide car bombs to take control of a strateg ...

Leaked sex tapes provoked woman's suicide
BBC - 2017-02-13 02:36
Tiziana Cantone killed herself after private sex videos of her were leaked online. ...

Suicide bomber kills seven, wounds 20 in Afghan provincial capital: official
Reuters - 2017-02-11 13:22
LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed seven people and wounded 20 others outside a bank in the capital city of Afghanistan's Helmand province on Saturday, the governor's office said on Saturday. ...

Two IS Suicide Attacks Target Iraqi Troops in East Mosul
BAS News - 2017-02-10 17:46
The offensives were carried out through a car bomb and a suicide bomber MOSUL — Two terrorist attacks targeting Iraqi security forces in eastern part of Mosul resulted in the death of nine people. Kurdish counter-terrorism stated two separate suicide att ...

Suicide bombings kill 5, wound 19 in eastern Mosul
Reuters - 2017-02-10 16:15
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - At least five people were killed and 19 wounded on Friday, in two suicide bombings that hit an Iraqi army position and a restaurant in eastern Mosul, a medical source said. ...

Two explosions rip through east Mosul, killing 9
Rûdaw - 2017-02-10 15:34
A suicide bomber detonated explosives in a restaurant ...

Suicide bombing kills four, wounds 15 in eastern Mosul restaurant
Reuters - 2017-02-10 14:51
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A suicide bomber believed to belong to Islamic State blew himself up inside a restaurant in eastern Mosul at lunchtime on Friday, killing at least four people and wounding 15, a medical source in the northern Iraqi city said. ...

ISIS wife preparing for suicide attack in Manbij
ANHA - 2017-02-09 15:58
MANBIJ – The wife of an ISIS member is said to be preparing to carry out a suicide attack in the Manbij city centre. Facing heavy blows, ISIS uses children for their suicide attacks and as child soldiers in the frontline. In the midst of great losses agai ...

3,600 Yezidi Women Still Held by IS: MP
Rojikurd - 2017-02-09 00:07
Viyan Dakhil says several Yezidi women and girls have committed suicide under pressure So far 2,760 Yezidi women and girls have been able to escape the Islamic State (IS) dominant areas and a number of them resorted to suicide under the pressure of IS abu ...

Islamic State claims responsibility for Afghan Supreme Court attack
Reuters - 2017-02-08 15:13
KABUL (Reuters) - Islamic State claimed responsibility on Wednesday for a suicide attack that killed at least 22 people outside Afghanistan's Supreme Court. ...

3,600 Yezidi Women Still Held by IS: MP
BAS News - 2017-02-07 19:03
Viyan Dakhil says several Yezidi women and girls have committed suicide under pressure ERBIL — So far 2,760 Yezidi women and girls have been able to escape the Islamic State (IS) dominant areas and a number of them resorted to suicide under the pressure ...

Suicide bomber kills many at Kabul court
BBC - 2017-02-07 14:05
The bomber targeted the court's car park as employees were leaving work, police say. ...

Iraqi forces wage psychological war with jihadist corpses
Reuters - 2017-02-06 16:28
MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - The flyblown corpses of Islamic State militants have been rotting along a main street in north Mosul for two weeks, a health risk for passersby. Suicide bombers' belts beside the fighters can still explode, killing anyone nearby. ...

Islamic State turns to drones to direct suicide car bombers in Iraq
E-Kurd - 2017-02-03 14:08
MOSUL,— Faced with a diminishing number of fighters, the Islamic State group is relying on retrofitted commercial drones to guide suicide car bombers to their targets and to launch small-scale airstrikes on Iraqi forces. The extremist group is spending f ...

Parti combattre Daesh, un combattant britannique se suicide pour ne pas être capturé
20minutes - 2017-02-02 22:26

Parti combattre Daech, un jeune Britannique se suicide plutôt que d'être capturé sur Orange Actualités
Orange - 2017-02-02 16:23

Mosul hotel catered to elites: from Saddam allies to suicide bombers
NRT - 2017-02-02 13:49

Mosul hotel catered to elites: from Saddam allies to suicide bombers
Reuters - 2017-02-02 13:04
MOSUL (Reuters) - When Islamic State seized the five-star Ninewah Oberoi Hotel in east Mosul it replaced wealthy Iraqi patrons with another kind of elite -- foreign fighters and suicide bombers seen as the group's most prized members. ...

British YPG fighter committed suicide to avoid ISIS capture, report says
NRT - 2017-02-01 14:40

Yemen conflict: Rebels in deadly attack on Saudi warship
BBC - 2017-01-31 20:00
Saudi Arabia says a "suicide boat" exploded beside a frigate but rebels say it was a missile strike. ...

Saudi warship attacked by three “suicide boats” off Yemen coast
NRT - 2017-01-31 10:39

Two killed in suicide bombing on Fallujah checkpoint
NRT - 2017-01-28 10:56

Suicide attack foiled in Beirut cafe: security source
Waar Media - 2017-01-22 13:29
Lebanese security forces foiled an attempted suicide bombing at a cafe in Beirut’s busy al-Hamra district late on Saturday, a security source said. The suspected bomber was stopped while wearing an explosive vest as he attempted to enter the cafe and befo ...

Suicide bombers blow themselves up in Saudi Arabia
Kurdiu - 2017-01-22 12:30

Suicide attack foiled in Beirut cafe, say security sources
NRT - 2017-01-22 11:59

Suicide attack foiled in Beirut cafe: security source
Reuters - 2017-01-22 00:37
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanese security forces foiled an attempted suicide bombing at a cafe in Beirut's busy al-Hamra district late on Saturday, a security source said. ...

Former Nusra Front says it carried out Damascus bombing
Reuters - 2017-01-18 21:43
BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Syrian jihadist group Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly the Nusra Front, claimed responsibility on Wednesday for a suicide bombing in Damascus last week that killed seven people. ...

Boko Haram claims Nigeria university attack
Reuters - 2017-01-17 10:54
BAUCHI/MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Islamist militant group Boko Haram has said it was behind Monday's twin suicide bombing at a university in north eastern Nigeria which killed two people. ...

Twin suicide bombing kills professor, child at Nigerian university
NRT - 2017-01-16 13:29

Turkey Arrests Five Soldiers For 'Helping Terror Group’ in Suicide Bomb Attack
Newsweek - 2017-01-13 20:37

Four suicide bombers kill 15 in northeast Nigeria, police say
Reuters - 2017-01-13 16:03
YOLA, Nigeria (Reuters) - Four suicide bombers killed 15 people in a crowded market in the town of Madagali in Nigeria's northeastern Adamawa state on Friday morning, a police spokesman said. ...

Suicide attack hit Syria’s Damascus, casualties reported
Aranews - 2017-01-13 02:56
ARA News Damascus – A bomb attack hit the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, killing at least eight people. The blast, caused by a suicide bomber, targeted the neighborhood of Kafr Sousa in Damascus, where key regime security headquarters are located. “ ...

At least four killed in suspected suicide attack in Syrian capital
Jerusalem Post - 2017-01-13 02:40

At least four killed in suspected suicide attack in Syrian capital: state tv
Reuters - 2017-01-12 20:51
AMMAN (Reuters) - A powerful blast caused by a suspected suicide bomber hit a heavily policed district of the Syrian capital on Thursday with reports of at least four killed, state television said. ...

Turkey awards the family of Taksim suicide bomber in Jarablus
ANF/English - 2017-01-12 12:38
The family of the ISIS member and Taksim bomber are members of the ‘Jarablus assembly’ established by Turkey. Turkey has awarded several pro-ISIS members of the family of Nebil Fadli, who had massacred 11 people in Taksim, Istanbul. ...

Belgium charges pair over fake papers for jihadist in Paris, Brussels attacks
Reuters - 2017-01-12 10:21
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgian authorities have charged two people with supplying fake documents to an Islamic State militant involved in the November 2015 attacks in Paris and who later carried out a suicide bombing on the Brussels metro, prosecutors said ...

Islamic State car bomb in eastern Baghdad kills 13, wounds dozens
E-Kurd - 2017-01-11 17:22
BAGHDAD,— Islamic State claimed a suicide bomb attack that police and medics said killed 13 people at a vegetable market in eastern Baghdad on Sunday. The Islamic Jihadi group said in an online statement that a suicide car bomber had detonated his explosi ...

Al-Baghdadi sleeps in a suicide vest as coalition forces pound Mosul
Rûdaw - 2017-01-11 05:58
“Al-Baghdadi is in hiding because he knows he’ll be killed when he’s found,” ...

Turkish police kill would-be suicide bomber in southeast: security official
Reuters - 2017-01-10 15:37
ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkish police killed a would-be attacker who tried to enter the main police station in the southeastern city of Gaziantep on Tuesday and were searching for a second assailant, in what one security official told Reuters was an attempted ...

Would-be suicide bomber killed outside Turkish police station, say security sources
NRT - 2017-01-10 14:48

Twin blasts near parliament buildings in Afghan capital
Reuters - 2017-01-10 13:43
KABUL (Reuters) - A suicide bomber blew himself up near parliament offices in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, an attack that was followed immediately by a car bomber in an apparently coordinated operation, officials said. ...

Egypt police station suicide attack kills eight in Sinai
BBC - 2017-01-09 16:08
At least eight people are dead after a police station is bombed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula. ...

At least seven killed in Baghdad bombing attack
KurdPress - 2017-01-09 07:06
At least seven people were killed and several others were wounded after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a busy market in eastern Baghdad on Sunday. ...

ISIS' last stand in Mosul as group fight with booby traps and suicide car bombs
Dailymail - 2017-01-09 03:09
Iraqi forces that are battling ISIS in northern Iraq have managed to take control of parts of Mosul today after a 12 week operation. However, reclaiming other areas has been difficult as jihadists have fought back. ...

Baghdad: 20 killed in twin blasts
Waar Media - 2017-01-08 22:41
Waar, Duhok: At least 20 people were killed in twin attacks in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, the police said in a spate of militant attacks that have been targeting the capital. In the first attack, a suicide attacker drove an explosives-rigged vehicle into a ...

Suicide bombs rock Baghdad, killing at least 12
Rûdaw - 2017-01-08 15:58
A soldier at the gate of Jamilah Market opened fire on a suicide car bomb, ...

Suicide bomb attack kills seven in Baghdad market: police, medical sources
Reuters - 2017-01-08 14:41
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded marketplace in eastern Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least seven people and wounding over a dozen others, police and medical sources said. ...

Another Suicide Car Bomb Hits Baghdad, Kills 11
BAS News - 2017-01-05 22:00
The bombing occurred in a busy marketplace of the capital city BAGHDAD — A suicide car bombing overnight on Thursday rocked central Baghdad and left scores killed or injured. The attack comes as the Iraqi capital witnessed several other bombings earlier i ...

Suicide car bomb in Mosul kills seven Iraqi soldiers
NRT - 2017-01-04 15:25

Iraqi refugee who tried to flee Britain to become ISIS suicide bomber in Syria jailed
Dailymail - 2017-01-03 21:36
Former Kurdish rebellion fighter Shivan Azeez Zangana (pictured), 21, fled his Sheffield home and bought a plane ticket to Sulaymaniyah in Iraq after being turned to ISIS by a fellow asylum-seeker. ...

IS uses protected sites in Mosul to shell Iraqi forces: Coalition
Kurdistan24 - 2017-01-03 17:57
Iraqi special forces soldiers run across a street after an Islamic State (IS) suicide car bomb attack during a gunfight in the Tahrir neighborhood of Mosul, Iraq, Nov. 17, 2016. (Photo: Reuters/Goran Tomasevic) ...

Situation in Samarra Under Control After IS attack
BAS News - 2017-01-03 02:19
Several suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a police station earlier the day ERBIL — Iraqi security forces have reportedly brought the situation in Samarra district of Salahaddin province under control after the Islamic State (IS) militants attacked a pol ...

Curfew announced in Samarra after suicide attacks on police stations
NRT - 2017-01-02 21:34

Suicide bombers attack two police stations in Iraq's Samarra: sources
Reuters - 2017-01-02 20:51
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Gunmen wearing suicide vests attacked two police stations in the central Iraqi city of Samarra on Monday, killing at least seven policemen, security sources said. ...

Suicide car bomber targets African peacekeepers' Somali HQ
Reuters - 2017-01-02 11:13
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A suicide car bomb exploded at a checkpoint outside the main African peacekeepers (AMISOM) base in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Monday, police said. ...

Suicide attack kills 17, injures 35 near Baghdad
ANF/English - 2017-01-02 11:10
At least 17 were killed and 35 were wounded as a result of a suicide attack in the mainly Shiite district of Sadr to the northeast of Iraqi capital Baghdad. ...

Iraq attack: Baghdad suicide car bomb blast kills 35
BBC - 2017-01-02 10:39
At least 35 people are killed in a suicide car bomb attack in Iraq's capital Baghdad, sources say. ...

Seven killed in ISIS attack on Najaf police checkpoint
Rûdaw - 2017-01-01 15:46
“Three suicide bombers in a car bomb stormed the gate," ...

Suicide car bomb targets security checkpoint in Iraq's Najaf city
Kurdistan24 - 2017-01-01 09:14

Two suicide attackers kill at least 2 in Syria's Tartous - state TV, monitors
Dailymail - 2017-01-01 04:47
BEIRUT, Jan 1 (Reuters) - Two suicide bombers detonated their explosives, killing at least two security officers in the Syrian coastal city of Tartous, Syria... ...

Islamic State bombs kill at least 28 in central Baghdad
E-Kurd - 2017-01-01 04:37
BAGHDAD,— Two suicide bombers ripped through a busy market area in central Baghdad Saturday, shattering a relative lull in attacks in the capital and marring preparations for New Year celebrations. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the at ...

Two suicide attackers kill at least two in Syria's Tartous: state TV, monitors
Reuters - 2017-01-01 01:15
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Two suicide bombers detonated their explosives, killing at least two security officers in the Syrian coastal city of Tartous, Syrian state television reported after midnight on Sunday. ...

Iraqi army makes gains in Mosul as ISIS suicide blasts kill 28 in Baghdad
Rûdaw - 2016-12-31 16:13
“We have closed doors upon ISIS ...

Crying ‘would-be Isis suicide bomber’ captured alive by Kurdish forces in Syria | The Independent
Independent - 2016-12-26 08:30

VIDEOS: Kurdish father rejects rumors of burning his daughter
Kurdistan24 - 2016-12-25 21:08
Sarwin was 22-years-old and studying her second year of a Bachelor’s in International Relations at Ishik University in Erbil. On Dec. 15, she reportedly committed suicide by burning herself. (Photo: Kurdistan24) ...

90 casualties in bombings, mortar fire in Mosul
Kurdistan24 - 2016-12-23 03:34
The scenes of an Islamic State (IS) suicide attack in Gogjali neighborhood, eastern Mosul, Dec. 22, 2016. (Photo: Archive) ...

Daesh suicide attack foiled in Baghdad: Military source
Kurdiu - 2016-12-22 14:49

ISIS suicide bomber captured alive near Raqqa
ANF/English - 2016-12-21 11:50
An ISIS suicide bomber has been captured alive by the Wrath of Euphrates Action Room fighters. ...

[Video] Children struggle with mother’s suicide after father killed battling ISIS
NRT - 2016-12-21 04:00

Turquie : au moins 14 soldats tués dans un attentat-suicide | The Times of Israël
Timesofisrael - 2016-12-20 02:07

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