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Liberation of Mosul, Return of Iraq - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English

Liberation of Mosul, Return of Iraq - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English - Aawsat

Iraq Against Establishment of US Military Bases in the Country: Maliki

BAS News - 2017-07-22 14:58
IZMIR — the Iraqi society is against the establishment of US military bases in the country, the Vice-President of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, said on Friday. According to the Iraqi Vice-President, who spoke to RIA Novosti, the Iraqi government and people are ...

Global Coalition statement on the Liberation of Mosul

The Global Coalition - 2017-07-11 20:26
The Coalition welcomes Prime Minister al-Abadi’s announcement of Iraq’s victory in Mosul and we congratulate the Iraqi Security Forces on their remarkable progress in defeating Daesh. ...

Liberation of Mosul “Not Thrilling to Yezidis”: Yezidi Figure

BAS News - 2017-07-11 11:14
ERBIL — The announcement of liberation of Mosul from the Islamic State (IS) was not thrilling news to Yezidis, said a Yezidi tribal leader, stating that the fate of a large number of Yezidi abductees who were held in Mosul remains unknown. Shahab Khidir, ...