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The Kurds Are About to Blow up Iraq :: Middle East Forum

The Kurds Are About to Blow up Iraq :: Middle East Forum - Meforum

Why the free countries should help the Kurds and Kurdistan?

Roji Kurd - 2017-09-01 00:01
Talking and writing about human right is maybe simple, but when you are talking or writing about a human rights of a forgotten nation, it is different and maybe worse. The Kurds -The biggest nation without a state in the world, are 45 million people in to ...

Kurds no longer welcomed in Iraq: Barzani

KurdPress - 2017-08-31 09:31
The Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani stated that the Kurds are not welcomed in Iraq anymore and Kurdistan independence is to prevent new catastrophes. ...

Kurdistan in September, be or not to be

Waar Media - 2017-08-24 14:48
WAAR-DUHOK: By Yousif Zawi After 101 years since Sykes-Picot agreement, the Kurds are seems to achieve their dream of self-determination thorough a democratic votes in historical referendum. The date declared to be September 25th in a meeting organised b ...

“We are ready to defend our project”

ANHA - 2017-08-24 12:07
The commander in Şengal Resistance Units Saied Hassen Saied noted that they are a part of Êzîd Xan Democratic Autonomous Administration project and said "we as Şengal Resistance Units are ready to defend our project if any opposition of the neighboring co ...

The Kurds, fighting for Raqqa

Waar Media - 2017-08-16 18:45
WAAR-DUHOK: By Yousif Zawi Currently, the decision has been made for the liberation of Raqqa to be started. The strategic northern Syrian city located on Euphrates River, predominated by Arabs and selected to be the Islamic State capital. The Syrian Demo ...

Israel’s Netanyahu in Favour of Kurdistan’s Statehood: Report

BAS News - 2017-08-14 00:10
ERBIL — Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his “positive attitude” towards an independent state of Kurdistan as the Kurds are preparing for a referendum to secede from Iraq. Citing a source, The Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday tha ...

Massoud Barzani says Turkmens of Iraq’s Tal Afar loyal to Islamic State

E-Kurd - 2017-08-11 22:46
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Massoud Barzani has said that most of Sunni Turkmen citizens in Nineveh’s Tal Afar in northwest Iraqi are loyal to the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Barzani’s remarks on Wednesday to Saudi Arabic newspaper Al Haya ...

Syrian Kurds are not fighting for independence: Salih Muslim

KurdPress - 2017-08-09 10:22
The co-Leader of Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, stated that the goal of the Kurds in the north of the country is not to become independent, adding that Kurds are not alone in the region and there are other ethnics who are f ...

Iran ready to help reconstruct Iraq: Ambassador

KurdPress - 2017-08-02 12:59
Iranian governmental and private sectors in the country are ready to stand by Iraqi people in the same way they did to fight terrorism, and help the country reconstruct itself, Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi said. ...