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Iraq declares victory over ISIS in Tal Afar city, Middle East News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

Iraq declares victory over ISIS in Tal Afar city, Middle East News & Top Stories - The Straits Times - Straitstimes

Iraqi PM Declares Complete Victory over IS in Tel Afar

BAS News - 2017-08-31 15:32
ERBIL — Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, released an official statement on Thursday to announce the conclusion of the battle against Islamic State (IS) in Tel Afar district, northwest of Mosul. "I declare to you that resilient Tel Afar joined libera ...

Ibrahim Jaafari says army liberated 70% of Tal Afar from ISIS

Waar Media - 2017-08-27 09:28
WAAR-DUHOK: The Iraqi army has liberated 70 percent of Tal Afar in northern Iraq from the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari said Saturday. “Seventy percent of Tal Afar city have been liberated and, if God helps, the rem ...

Official Blames Baghdad for Ignoring Yezidi Captives in Tal Afar

BAS News - 2017-08-26 16:41
ERBIL— Hundreds of Yezidi captives are still missing in Tal Afar because Baghdad had no plans to liberate them, said a related official on Saturday. Hussein Qaedi, whose office in Duhok has so far freed thousands of Yezidi abductees in Iraq and Syria wit ...

Iraqi Forces Further Closing in on IS in Tal Afar

BAS News - 2017-08-25 10:37
TAL AFAR — Iraqi forces are making further gains in their drive to expel the Islamic State (IS) militants from Tal Afar, their last stronghold in Nineveh. The Iraqi army has made new gains in their push against the IS in Tal Afar as it has recaptured a f ...

Chechen President: Kurdistan Helped Free 12 CIS Individuals in Tal Afar

BAS News - 2017-08-25 10:37
ERBIL— President of Chechen Republic stated on Thursday that with the assistance of the Kurdistan Region 12 people from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CID) were rescued in Tal Afar. Ramazan Kadyrov wrote on his Telegram account that six of the p ...

US-backed Iraqi forces expel ISIS from five villages near Tal Afar

Aranews - 2017-08-25 08:59
Iraqi forces made further gains in their offensive to dislodge ISIS from Tal Afar, seizing five more villages on the eastern and southern outskirts of the city, the military said on Thursday. In the fifth day of their onslaught, Iraqi forces continued to ...

UN Delegation to Monitor Human Rights in Tal Afar Battle

BAS News - 2017-08-24 21:00
ERBIL— A delegation from the UN Human Rights Council will arrive in Tal Afar soon to monitor the human rights situation in the battle to retake the town from the Islamic State (IS). Ali Ardawani, a human rights observer from the Kurdistan Region, told Ba ...