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HDP politician in Turkey continues to defend Kurdistan Region’s

HDP politician in Turkey continues to defend Kurdistan Region’s - Rûdaw

Erbil Expects Turkey, Iran to Respect the Will of Kurdistan People

BAS News - 2017-09-12 21:28
ERBIL — The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has no intentions to contribute to the creation of a Kurdish state in neighboring Iran or Turkey, but expects both countries to respect the rights of the local Kurds, a spokesperson of the Kurdistan Regional Governmen ...

Barzani in Response to Hashd al-Shaabi: Kurds Ready to Defend Kirkuk

BAS News - 2017-09-09 11:19
ERBIL — Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani has reiterated that Kirkuk is a Kurdish territory and they are ready to defend it whenever a threat is directed at the city. President's remarks are seemingly made in response to the threats by the Shi’it ...

Nearly 5.5 Million Eligible to Vote in Kurdistan Referendum

BAS News - 2017-09-04 17:49
ERBIL— Kurdistan Region's Independence High Elections and Referendum Commission (IHERC) expects that approximately 5.5 million people are eligible to vote in the Kurdistan independence referendum. Sherwan Zrar, IHERC spokesperson stated that the number i ...

Iraqi National Alliance to visit Kurdistan Region over referendum

KurdPress - 2017-09-04 15:05
A member of the Kurdistan Region’s High Referendum Council, Majid Bazrgan said on Sunday, September 4, that a delegation from the Iraqi Shia National Alliance is set to visit the region this week for talks on the independence referendum, NRT reported. ...

UK Minister of State in Erbil to Discuss Kurdistan’s Independence Vote

BAS News - 2017-09-04 01:21
ERBIL — A British senior delegation, headed by Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth office, arrived in Kurdistan Region’s capital Erbil overnight Sunday, planning to discuss the imminent independence vote with top Kurdish officials. Alistai ...

Components of Nineveh Plains Seeking to Join Kurdistan Region

BAS News - 2017-08-28 14:40
ERBIL — The residents of Nineveh Plains are seeking to join Kurdistan Region after their region becomes a province. Yarwant Niasn Marcos, head of Armans Bloc in the Kurdistan Region Parliament, told BasNews that all the components of Nineveh Plains are w ...

Kurdistan Region’s senior delegation discusses referendum with Iraqi PM

Waar Media - 2017-08-15 12:37
WAAR-DUHOK: Kurdistan Region’s senior delegation on independence referendum concluded late on Monday a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad. Erbil’s delegation expressed Kurdistan Region’s firmness on its decision to hold the refe ...

[VIDEO]: Iranian Army Penetrates into Kurdistan Region’s Territories

BAS News - 2017-08-12 15:39
SULAYMANIYAH — The Islamic Republic of Iran’s army has set up military bases in the depth of the Kurdistan Region territories in Pishdar region in north of Sulaymaniyah province. According to a video recording obtained by BasNews, Iran has taken over a f ...