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The new nation of Kurdistan may be joining a new Middle East

The new nation of Kurdistan may be joining a new Middle East - Rûdaw

Peshmerga Will Protect Sovereign Future State of Kurdistan: Official

BAS News - 2017-10-02 13:49
ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Peshmerga forces will be protecting the independent state of Kurdistan in the future and the Global Coalition is helping Peshmerga become an effective and capable force. Sarbast Lazgin, deputy minister of Peshmerga, told BasNews ...

Kurdistan to Send a Document on Referendum to EP, UN, Congress

BAS News - 2017-09-30 15:48
ERBIL — Kurdish officials are planning to write a document on the outcome of the independence referendum of Kurdistan to be sent to the European Parliament, the United Nations, and US Congress. The Kurdistan Region’s parties are expected to meet for disc ...

Rights of Minorities Secured in Future State of Kurdistan

BAS News - 2017-09-26 11:38
ERBIL — The political document drafted and approved by the Kurdistan Region’s High Council of Referendum will secure the rights of all the components in the future state of Kurdistan. The document which consists of 16 articles ensures that the rights of ...

Kurdistan Referendum Will Not Be Postponed: Senior Council

BAS News - 2017-09-17 17:04
ERBIL— Kurdistan Region's Senior Referendum Council on Saturday announced that the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan will be held on time, as scheduled for 25th September. Today in Erbil's Pirman parish the senior council held a meeting, chaire ...

Yezidis in Sinjar Seeking to Be Part of Kurdistan State: Official

BAS News - 2017-09-10 13:14
ERBIL — The Kurdish Yezidi community in Sinjar region is seeking to join the future state of Kurdistan, said a Yezidi official. Mahma Khalil, Mayor of Sinjar, said in a press conference on Sunday that the best way for Yezidis to be protected from future ...

Barzani Says His Mission Ends with Independence of Kurdistan

BAS News - 2017-09-05 19:43
ERBIL— Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani has stated that his aim is making the people of Kurdistan independent and when this is met, his mission is fulfilled. His statement came during an interview with the al-Arabiya TV, which is due to be aired ...