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Four female members of Kurdish family drown in perilous journey to Europe

Four female members of Kurdish family drown in perilous journey to Europe - Kurdistan24

Refugee accused of killing cop in Iraq was part of ISIS: US officials

New York Post - 2018-08-16 10:03
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A refugee from Iraq was arrested Wednesday in Northern California on a warrant alleging that he killed an Iraqi policeman while fighting for the Islamic State organization. Omar Abdulsattar Ameen, 45, and other members of ISIS killed ...

Yezidi Family of Five Freed from IS

BAS News - 2018-08-13 21:43
ERBIL - A Yezidi family of five was liberated on Monday from the grip of Islamic State (IS), Kurdistan Region’s office for Yezidi Abductees’ Affairs said. Hussein Qaidi, head of the office, said in a statement that identified as Ghazal Ali Ghulo with fou ...

Five Members of an Iraqi Family Killed by Gunmen

BAS News - 2018-08-11 15:14
ERBIL — A group of unidentified armed men broke into a house in a village near the Iraqi town of Baiji (Salahaddin Province) early morning on Saturday, killing five members of a family, a security source said. The gunmen killed two brothers instantly in ...

Another Kurdish Citizen Hanged in Iran

BAS News - 2018-08-09 12:17
ERBIL — Iranian authorities carried out the execution sentence of another Kurdish inmate on Wednesday, monitoring groups said. According to Iranian human rights watchdogs, the Kurdish citizen, 46, was executed at a prison in the southern province of Band ...

Dozens of Kurdish Migrants Released from Turkish Prison

BAS News - 2018-08-09 10:14
ERBIL — Turkish authorities have released a total of 25 Kurdish migrants after they were arrested en route to Europe, an official confirmed. Head of Kurdistan Region’s Migrant’s Federation, Ari Jalal, told BasNews that the 25 migrants will arrive at the ...

Afrin: Ankara-backed Militants Change Names of Kurdish Streets

BAS News - 2018-08-08 01:08
ERBIL - Turkish-backed rebels changed on Tuesday the names of two squares in the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in southern Syria, a report said. Kurdish activists in the region told Kurdistan 24 that the names of (Nowruz Sq. and Kawa Sq.) were changed to “l"S ...

The Academy of Women in Tabqa graduated its fifth course

SDF Press - 2018-08-04 18:25
Tabqa – Today graduated in Tabqa city 17 female trainee of the Academy of Women, and this is the fifth course that is graduated from the Academy of Women, and called “shahid Sara course. In the presence of a number of civil events, the graduation ceremony ...

Kurdish, Iraqi Delegates to Discuss Reopening Erbil-Kirkuk Highway

BAS News - 2018-07-24 14:59
ERBIL - Officials from the Kurdish and Iraqi Ministries of Interior are currently in Kirkuk province to discuss the issue of the reopening and repairing the Erbil-Kirkuk highway, an official said. Hama Regr, a Peshmerga commander in Kirkuk, told BasNews ...