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Bombing a refugee camp with jets

Bombing a refugee camp with jets

ANF - 2018-12-15 09:40
Following the invasion threats against Northern and Eastern Syria, the Makhmur Refugee Camp and Shengal were attacked with fighter jets. ...
Bombing a refugee camp with jets - ANF

Human Shield action in Kobanê reached day 10

ANF - 2018-12-27 15:44
The people of Serêkaniye, Kobanê, Gire Spi have mobilised against the threats issued by the Turkish state against Northern and Eastern Syria. ...

“We don’t need anybody to save us”

ANF - 2018-12-27 12:41
The people of Gire Spi protested the Turkish state threats against Northern and Eastern Syrian territories and said Erdogan is looking to displace the peoples of the region. ...

ISIS sprung to action in Iraq's disputed territories

ANF - 2018-12-26 12:40
Following Erdogan’s threats against Northern Syria, ISIS has sprung to action in the disputed territories in Iraq, Kirkuk and Diyala. ...

Karayılan: Erdoğan considers the killing of the Kurds a success

ANF - 2018-12-22 13:16
PKK’s Karayılan: “The genocidal attacks against Maxmur and Shengal was not carried out by Turkey alone. If support is not given, it is difficult to attack the areas with 20 jets without having received the green light for it.” ...

Trump's Decision on Withdrawal from Syria Made During Phone Call with Erdogan

BAS News - 2018-12-21 21:52
ERBIL - US President Donald Trump's decision of withdrawing his country's forces from Syria was made during a phone call with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to The Associated Press. Trump did not consult his top national security ...

SDF says it will resume operations against ISIS in eastern Syria - The National

Thenational - 2018-12-20 03:38

ISIS launches counterattack against SDF in eastern Syria - The National

Thenational - 2018-12-20 02:21

Party Political Bureau holds a meeting today

Waar Media - 2018-12-16 19:49
KDP Political Bureau will hold a meeting today to discuss formation of the regional government ninth cabinet. The Political Bureau will hold a meeting today with supervision of President Massod Barzani. Meeting will include evaluating the meetings with P ...

KONGRA-GEL calls for further resistance to break the isolation

ANF - 2018-12-16 17:31
KONGRA-GEL Co-presidency Council issued a statement on the “fascist Turkish state regime's airstrikes on Maxmur refugee camp and Shengal”. ...

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian teen during Ramallah demonstration

Waar Media - 2018-12-15 19:14
Mahmoud Nakhleh, 18, was shot in the abdomen during a protest against the Israeli army in the al-Jalazun refugee camp. A Palestinian teenager has been killed by Israeli forces in Ramallah city. The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the deceased a ...

Kurdistan Ready to Resolve Issues with Iraq for a Brighter Future: Masrour Barzani

BAS News - 2018-12-15 12:14
ERBIL - Chancellor of Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC), Masrour Barzani, has showed Erbil's readiness to resolve its disputes with Baghdad for establishing a brighter future across Iraq. Barzani made the comments during a meeting with the Iraqi P ...

Turkish attacks on Makhmur and Shengal protested all over Europe

ANF - 2018-12-14 20:45
Kurds and their friends are taking to the streets in protest at Thursday’s Turkish airstrikes against a village in Shengal town and the Makhmur Refugee Camp under UN protection in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq. ...

Victims of Turkish attack laid to rest in Makhmur

ANF - 2018-12-14 15:17
Four women killed by Turkish air raid on Makhmur Refugee Camp last night, have been laid to rest. ...

KCDK-E calls to protest Turkish bombing of Makhmur and Shengal

ANF - 2018-12-14 09:14
Appeal to protest Turkish bombing of Makhmur and Shengal. ...

Fighter jets strike Makhmur Camp

ANF - 2018-12-13 20:10
The Makhmur Camp and surroundings were targeted by airstrikes. ...

Northern Syrian political parties: We won’t allow an invasion

ANF - 2018-12-13 15:19
Political parties protested Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s threats against Northern Syria, calling on the people for support and stating that they won’t abandon their lands. ...

Serdem Library opened in refugee camp in Shehba

ANF - 2018-12-12 11:43
The library has now three thousand books, mostly regarding politics, economics, philosophy, sociology, but also novels, stories and dictionaries. Books are in Arabic, Kurdish and English languages. ...

Socialist People’s Party of Denmark supports hunger strikes

ANF - 2018-12-11 12:52
Denmark’s Socialist People’s Party MP Trina Torp and Gladsaxe Deputy Mayor Serdar Benli visited the Kurds on a hunger strike with the demand to end the isolation. ...

KDP, PUK to Meet on Tuesday

BAS News - 2018-12-10 17:37
ERBIL - The ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is said to meet with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) on Tuesday to hold talks ahead of the establishment of a new government in Erbil. The Kurdistan Region's parliamentary elections were held on ...

Notorious Iraqi Drug Boss Killed

BAS News - 2018-12-08 10:08
ERBIL — Iraqi Federal Police has announced the killing of one of the most notorious Iraqi drug lords in the country’s southern province of Basra. According to an official statement, Hassan Sarrifa was killed in a fire exchange with the police after he at ...