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Alex Salmond case: How likely is an inquiry into Nicola Sturgeon’s actions? - The Scotsman

Alex Salmond case: How likely is an inquiry into Nicola Sturgeon’s actions? - The Scotsman

Scotsman - 2019-01-11 19:28

Alex Salmond case: How likely is an inquiry into Nicola Sturgeon’s actions? - The Scotsman - Scotsman

Jennifer Lawrence, World’s Highest-Paid Actress, is Making Real Estate Moves

Waar Media - 2019-01-12 17:10
Jennifer Lawrence, recently crowned the world’s highest-paid actress for the second year in a row, is still working on her real estate game. The “Hunger Games” star—who, according to Forbes, made $46 million before fees and taxes in the year through June ...

The torture of children in Iraq’s Kurdish region must stop

The Kurdish Project - 2019-01-12 13:08
A Human Rights Watch report on the treatment of children in custody of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq should lead to an inquiry and accountability by the Iraqi government. The post The torture of children in Iraq’s Kurdish region must st ...

Iraqi MP Says Threatened over Revealing "Corruption" within SOMO

BAS News - 2019-01-10 23:24
ERBIL - An Iraqi MP has claimed that he is threatened and put under pressure after revealing cases of corruption at the State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO). Udai Awad, an Iraqi lawmaker and a member of the committee of oil and gas in the parliament, ...

CubeSats with Laser will provide Steady Reference Light for Next-generation Telescopes

Waar Media - 2019-01-10 14:58
The idea of finding a habitat for humanity, other than the Earth, has grown rapidly in recent years. Astronomers have found thousands (about 4,000) of confirmed exoplanets in different parts of the universe. In addition to that, there is an abundance of ...

IS Kills Another Village Chief in North of Iraq

BAS News - 2019-01-10 13:29
ERBIL — The Islamic State (IS) militants have killed another village chief in the northern province of Nineveh. According to police forces, the victim was the chief of Haramat village in western countryside of Mosul. The killing comes as IS has recently ...

Erdogan Snubs Bolton Over Comments That Turkey Must Protect Kurds

New York Times - 2019-01-08 19:08
The storm around the U.S. national security adviser’s visit to Turkey showed how far apart the countries are on how to handle an American withdrawal from Syria. ...

Christian MPs Call for Investigation into “Illegal” Sale of Baghdad Churches

BAS News - 2019-01-07 10:07
ERBIL — A group of Iraqi Christian lawmakers are calling on parliament to launch an investigation into the case of “illegal” sale of some churches in Baghdad and other provinces. MP Joseph Slewa recently revealed that a church in Baghdad was sold after i ...

End of the rainbow: How Turkey is lagging behind on LGBTQ+ rights | The Independent

Independent - 2019-01-07 07:43

US-Iraqi Joint Operation Kills 3 IS Leaders near Hawija

BAS News - 2019-01-06 11:01
ERBIL — At least three senior members of the Islamic State (IS) were killed in a special operation near the Iraqi town of Hawija. A source from counter-terror told the Iraqi media that the operation was conducted by both the Iraqi and US special forces. ...


Waar Media - 2019-01-06 08:45
Short men will live longer than taller people because they are more likely to carry a gene that protects them from the effects of ageing, scientists have revealed. The so-called “longevity gene” FOXO3 has been proven to enhance lifespan in animal tests b ...

For Turkey, U.S.'s Syria Exit Is an Opportunity---and a Risk

The Wall Street Journal - 2018-12-26 08:18
U.S. departure from Syria could leave Turkey as the pivotal power over an oil-rich country, but President Erdogan faces complex calculations in dealing with the Kurds and Islamic State and its allies. ...

The regiment of the martyr (Redur Al-Jureena) is continuing training the fighters.

SDF Press - 2018-12-21 19:38
The Regiment of martyr (Redur Al-Jureena) is continuing its military and political training for the fighters. Al-Tabqa-_the regiment of the martyr (Redur Al-Jurnya) is continuing its political and military training for its fighter. Faisal Jasm Muhammad, t ...

Bloomberg: Trump Courts Catastrophe in Syria Islamic State is not defeated, and a U.S. withdrawal would be an abandonment of Kurdish allies.

Justice for Kurds - 2018-12-21 06:23
President Donald Trump is on the verge of making a spectacularly bad decision. The White House is soon expected to announce its plans to remove the 2,000 U.S. troops now serving in northeastern Syria. This is not totally unexpected. Trump ran for presiden ...

Barzani Rejects Reports Claiming He Is Aware of Missing Kuwaitis in Kurdistan

BAS News - 2018-12-19 19:30
ERBIL - Kurdish prominent leader and former president of the Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, has rejected the reports claiming that he is aware of missing Kuwaitis or prisoners in the region. The Kurdish influential leader also asserted that he would i ...

Mountain Cinema, filming the fight for freedom

ANF - 2018-12-19 11:40
"Nothing is an obstacle to the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle and its guerrilla. Humanity is recording these days and I believe that the greatest gain for the later periods of history will be the resistance of these times. ...

Russia, Turkey, Iran Agree on Syrian Constitutional Committee

BAS News - 2018-12-18 18:20
ERBIL — Brokered by the United Nations, an agreement was reached on Tuesday between Turkey, Russia, and Iran to form a committee for writing a new constitution for Syria. The committee is set to hold its first meeting by the beginning of 2019. The foreig ...

Erdoğan: Bir daha çözüm süreci falan beklemeyin, geçti o iş

BAS News - 2018-12-17 13:29
BasNews- Türkiye Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, çözüm sürecine ilişkin yaptığı açıklamada “Bir daha çözüm süreci falan beklemeyin, geçti o iş” dedi. Konya’da toplu açılış töreninde konuşan Erdoğan, çözüm süreci, Gezi olayları ve Fırat’ın doğusuna il ...

How feasible is a no-fly zone for Rojava?

Rûdaw - 2018-12-16 03:57
Did the US-led defense of the Kurdistan Region in 1991 set a precedent? ...

How risky is dental tourism in MX? It's a matter of finding the right dentist

Mexiconewsdaily - 2018-12-15 17:25

Call Trump’s travel ban what it is: An Iran ban | The Sacramento Bee

Sacbee - 2018-12-14 06:12