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Kurds and allies in Paris "for justice, against impunity”

Kurds and allies in Paris "for justice, against impunity”

ANF - 2019-01-12 12:44
Thousands have gathered in Paris on the anniversary of the massacre that targeted three revolutionary Kurdish women. ...
Kurds and allies in Paris \

Maxmur women on day six of hunger strike in Hewler

ANF - 2019-02-04 14:36
The hunger strike by women from Maxmur continues in front of the United Nations’ office in Hewler on the sixth day. ...

Hunger strike in Strasburg on the 37th day

ANF - 2019-01-22 10:42
The hunger strike in France’s Strasburg city is on the 37th day; yesterday many individuals visited the hunger strikers. ...

Will meeting of Erdogan and Trump in Paris mend US-Turkish ties? | Middle East Eye

Middleeasteye - 2019-01-16 18:56

Donald Trump Has Betrayed the Kurds and Iraq Will Suffer For It

Newsweek - 2019-01-15 21:49

March for justice in Paris: We know the murderers

ANF - 2019-01-12 14:16
Kurds and allies gathered in Paris on the anniversary of the murder of 3 revolutionary Kurdish women 6 years ago and marched from Gare du Nord to the Republique Square. ...

Rally in Paris for Sakine, Fidan and Leyla

ANF - 2019-01-12 10:21
The European Democratic Kurdish Society Congress (KCDK-E) organised a march today in Paris. ...

U.S. Syria pullout spurs need for Kurds and Syrian government to talk, Russia says

E-Kurd - 2019-01-11 18:02
MOSCOW,— Russia said on Friday it was important for Syrian Kurds and the Syrian government to start talking to each other in light of U.S. plans to withdraw its forces from Syria. Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, t ...

French institutions call for participation in Paris rally

ANF - 2019-01-11 14:46
Several institutions in Paris have called for participation in a rally and meeting due to be held on January 12 in Paris. ...

Strasburg hunger strikers will be in Paris on January 12

ANF - 2019-01-09 15:08
Strasburg hunger strikers will join the January 12 march in Paris. ...

March in Wales for solidarity with hunger strikers

ANF - 2019-01-07 17:27
A march was held in Welsh capital Cardiff to protest the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan and to show solidarity for the hunger strikers. ...

March in Paris to demand justice for Sakine, Fidan and Leyla

ANF - 2019-01-07 10:01
The European Democratic Kurdish Society Congress (KCDK-E) made a statement to mark the anniversary, on 9 January 2013, of the massacre in Paris of three Kurdish women revolutionaries. ...

JFK Co-Founders: The Washington Post Op-Ed: It’s not too late for Trump to rethink a dangerous betrayal of U.S. allies in Syria

Justice for Kurds - 2019-01-05 14:31
“Our only friends are the mountains.” So goes the fatalistic Kurdish proverb, encapsulating the catalogue of duplicity and betrayal by allies that has punctuated and ultimately defined the history of this valiant people. The stateless ethnic group, number ...

Kongreya Star commemorates 3 Kurdish women murdered in Paris

ANF - 2019-01-05 08:41
Kongreya Star issued a written statement to commemorate the three revolutionary Kurdish women politicians murdered on 9 January 2013 in Paris. ...

Russian and Turkish ministers meet for Syria talks

FOX News - 2018-12-29 16:24
Russian and Turkish foreign and defense ministers met in Moscow on Saturday to discuss northern Syria as U.S. forces prepare to withdraw and Turkey threatens to launch a military operation against U.S.-backed Kurdish forces controlling nearly a third of t ...

U.S. Allies Left Behind Turn to Russia and Syria’s Assad for Help Against Turkey

Newsweek - 2018-12-28 06:16
Syrian Kurdish fighters left behind by a U.S. exit are looking "for clear mechanisms to protect the northern border" by appealing to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia. ...

Erdogan Says Turkey Will Delay Assault on Kurds and ISIS in Syria

New York Times - 2018-12-22 17:57
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that President Trump, who declared victory against the Islamic State, had asked him to finish off the group in Syria. ...

U.S. withdrawal from Syria may leave Kurdish allies in a lurch

Washington Times - 2018-12-20 10:32
An abrupt U.S. withdrawal from Syria will have major spillover effects on a number of players in the conflict, including Iran, but the biggest short-term impact is likely to be felt by Syria's Kurdish minority, who have provided critical help in the fight ...

UK visas for Kurds and justice for Yezidis firmly on the agenda

Rûdaw - 2018-12-18 11:24
My fear is that the goodwill in Kurdistan to the UK will be frittered away ...