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Syria conflict: Trump's withdrawal plan shocks allies - BBC News

Syria conflict: Trump's withdrawal plan shocks allies - BBC News

BBC - 2019-01-20 14:00

Syria conflict: Trump\'s withdrawal plan shocks allies - BBC News - BBC

US increases military presence in Syria despite Trump's withdrawal announcement

Almasdarnews - 2019-02-05 22:06

Rex Tillerson fired: Social media on Trump's 'reality TV White House' - BBC News

BBC - 2019-02-03 14:03

South Africa rejects Donald Trump's tweet on farmer killings - BBC News

BBC - 2019-01-29 19:17

Syria conflict: WFP suspends refugee food aid scheme - BBC News

BBC - 2019-01-27 22:46

Op-Ed: What Are the Implications of Trump’s Withdrawal from Syria? - JOL

Jerusalemonline - 2019-01-24 20:31

House Speaker blocks Trump’s State of Union address

Waar Media - 2019-01-24 09:30
House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday blocked U.S. President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address, firing back at his promise to continue with the speech. Pelosi said the House “will not consider a concurrent resolution authoriz ...

Trump vs. Trotsky: The Many Consequences of a U.S. Withdrawal From Syria

Foreign Policy Research Institute - 2019-01-23 18:01
Once again, in 280 characters or less, Donald Trump upended U.S. policy that many thought was settled. Trump’s series of tweets last month announcing the defeat of ISIS and the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria stunned his own national security team, t ...

Syria war: Trump says missiles 'will be coming' - BBC News

BBC - 2019-01-23 13:36

Ex-envoy in Syria Says Trump's Withdrawal Harms U.S. - The Atlantic

Theatlantic - 2019-01-22 06:56

Donald Trump gives May's Brexit plan both barrels - BBC News

BBC - 2019-01-21 16:02

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Trump's Withdrawal From Syria Is a 'Disaster, Shame and Moral Crime' | Jewish & Israel News

Algemeiner - 2019-01-20 06:58

Donald Trump's withdrawal from Syria has Manbij fearing Turkey's offensive - Washington Times

Washingtontimes - 2019-01-18 13:53

Deaths of US troops in Syria can be seen as underscoring or undercutting Trump’s withdrawal decision

Washingtonexaminer - 2019-01-17 16:41

Syria Idlib: Trump warns of 'grave humanitarian mistake' - BBC News

BBC - 2019-01-15 02:46

Syria conflict: 'Russians killed' in US air strikes - BBC News

BBC - 2018-12-23 04:00

Syrian Army's elite division heads to east Syria after Trump's withdrawal announcement

Almasdarnews - 2018-12-22 00:24