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Trump says he may cancel Putin meeting, White House warns Xi |

Trump says he may cancel Putin meeting, White House warns Xi |

Philstar - 2019-01-20 19:31

Trump says he may cancel Putin meeting, White House warns Xi | - Philstar

Trump says he would return troops to Syria if needed

Waar Media - 2019-02-04 14:13
WAAR_DUHOK The U.S. would return its forces to Syria if Daesh makes a comeback in the war-torn country, President Donald Trump said Sunday. Asked about a possible resurgence of the terror group, Trump told CBS News “we’ll come back if we have to.” “We ha ...

Trump Says He Will Keep Forces in Iraq to Watch Iran

BAS News - 2019-02-03 18:02
ERBIL - US President Donald Trump has said that he wish to keep his country's forces in Iraq so as to watch Iran. Trump made the remarks during an interview with CBS on Sunday, where he pointed out that part of the troops, who are going to withdraw from ...

Trump says he 'gave up nothing' at Putin meeting | The Daily Star

Thedailystar - 2019-02-02 13:37

Trump says he warned Putin against election meddling at Helsinki summit

France24 - 2019-01-22 21:17

Pence: Trump feels optimistic about his next meeting with Kim Jong-un

Waar Media - 2019-01-21 14:56
“US President Donald Trump feels optimistic about his next meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and he expects real progress on denuclearization,” said US Vice President Michael Richard Pence on Sunday. “We will be laying out our expectation for ...

Trump may cancel Putin meeting at G20 over Ukraine

Thedailystar - 2019-01-19 13:47

Vladimir Putin Says Donald Trump Can 'Be My Guest' In Moscow, White House Welcomes Idea

NDTV - 2019-01-17 00:00

Trump says he would intervene in arrest of Chinese executive if it helps secure trade deal | The Japan Times

Japantimes - 2019-01-16 19:01

Trump says he has a short list for chief of staff position - CBS News

Cbsnews - 2019-01-16 09:20

Trump says he'll host fiancee of disappeared Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the White House

Washingtonexaminer - 2019-01-16 06:32

Trump says he's open to raising the corporate tax rate to pay for middle class tax cut

Washingtonexaminer - 2019-01-14 22:21

Trump says he 'essentially' fired Mattis (who actually resigned in protest) - CNNPolitics

CNN - 2019-01-14 15:44

Trump Says He Will “Severely Punish” Saudi Arabia Over Missing Journalist | Vanity Fair

Vanityfair - 2019-01-14 02:31

Turkey invites Trump, White House says nothing being planned

Rûdaw - 2018-12-26 10:09
The White House confirmed the invitation for Trump to visit next year ...

White House: Trump is Ready to Meet with Erdogan

Waar Media - 2018-12-25 18:50
“US President Donald Trump is ready to meet Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan; however, planning any specific activities not currently underway,” announced the White House. “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has invited U.S. President Donald Tru ...