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Trump warns of 'severe punishment' if Saudis killed missing journalist -

Trump warns of 'severe punishment' if Saudis killed missing journalist -

UPI - 2019-02-10 21:30

Trump warns of \'severe punishment\' if Saudis killed missing journalist - - UPI

Trump Warns of Auto Tariffs if no EU Trade Deal

Waar Media - 2019-02-21 14:46
WAAR_DUHOK U.S. President Donald Trump issued a stern ultimatum to the European Union on Wednesday, warning that if a comprehensive trade pact is not brokered, Washington will tax European car imports. “We’re trying to make a deal. They’re very tough to ...

Iraq's Fakih Fayadh Warns of IS Return as a Different Organization

BAS News - 2019-02-17 18:53
ERBIL - The Islamic State (IS) is attempting to reorganize itself and return in a different shape, the Iraqi National Security Advisor Falih Fayadh said on Sunday. The Iraqi official made the comment to a German magazine on the sidelines of the Munich Se ...

Gorran Seeking Post of Vice President If PUK Receives Deputy PM Position: Official

BAS News - 2019-02-14 08:57
ERBIL - The Change Movement (Gorran) is seeking to receive the post of future vice president of Kurdistan Region if the position of the deputy primer minister goes to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), an official said on Thursday. "Although the pol ...

If Iran Attacks Israel, It Will be Tehran's Last 'Revolution Day': Netanyahu

BAS News - 2019-02-12 00:18
ERBIL - It would be Iran's last anniversary of the revolution if it attacks Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened on Monday in response to an Iranian commander. A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander (IRGC), during a speech on Mon ...

Trump OKs stiffer tariffs on Turkish metals as lira plummets -

UPI - 2019-02-10 09:04

Pompeo contradicts Trump and warns of Isis resurgence | World | The Times

Thetimes - 2019-02-08 02:05

Trump: End of Daesh territory to be announced next week

Waar Media - 2019-02-07 11:27
WAAR_DUHOK The formal end to Daesh’s territorial holdings in Iraq and Syria is likely to be announced as soon as next week, President Donald Trump said Wednesday as U.S. partners fight to rid the terror group from its final bastions in Syria. The preside ...

Iraqi leader says Donald Trump never asked about having U.S. troops 'watch' Iran -

UPI - 2019-02-05 08:04

Airbus warns of 3,700 jobs at risk - BBC News

BBC - 2019-02-04 20:37

Turkey detains US consulate worker's family, accuses Donald Trump administration of "unnecessary escalation" - CBS News

Cbsnews - 2019-02-04 15:41

Russia Says Syria Has Every Right to Launch Final Battle, but Germany Warns of ‘Catastrophe’

Newsweek - 2019-02-04 02:17

Jamal Khashoggi: Trump warns of 'severe punishment' if Saudis found responsible for journalist's death | The Independent

Independent - 2019-01-28 14:36

Donald Trump warns of ‘violence’ if Democrats win midterm elections | World News, The Indian Express

Indianexpress - 2019-01-21 13:49

Syria Idlib: Trump warns of 'grave humanitarian mistake' - BBC News

BBC - 2019-01-15 02:46

Donald Trump warns of Left-wing violence if Republicans lose control of Congress

Telegraph - 2019-01-14 22:56

Trump Senate ally warns on ties if Saudis killed journalist

Yahoo - 2019-01-14 22:07

Trump warns of violence around midterms

Yahoo - 2019-01-14 11:46

USA China trade war: China threatens to retaliate after Trump warns of fresh tariffs | World | News |

Express - 2019-01-14 11:39

Trump Warns Of 'Severe' Consequences If Saudis Killed Journalist

Rferl - 2019-01-14 02:12