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Quote by Maria Laura Canineu, director of the Brazil office at Human Rights Watch | Human Rights Watch

Quote by Maria Laura Canineu, director of the Brazil office at Human Rights Watch | Human Rights Watch

HRW - 2019-04-18 06:21

Quote by Maria Laura Canineu, director of the Brazil office at Human Rights Watch | Human Rights Watch - HRW

Sit-in for hunger strikes in front of the UN office in Geneva

ANF - 2019-05-17 12:14
Demonstrations in solidarity with the massive hunger strike protest of the Kurdish people continue around the globe. ...

Completion of the 3rd Class at Ministry of Peshmerga’s Qalachwalan Military College

Ministry of Peshmerga - 2019-05-05 19:07
Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga On May 2, 2019, the graduation ceremony for the 3rd class at Qalachawalan Military College was held. The ceremony was attended by Sheikh Jaafar Mustafa (Commander of the 70th unit), Lieutenant General Jabbar Yawar (Pes ...

Body of the Missing Kolbars Found After Three Months

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-03 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): The dead body of a Kolbar was found by the local people after three months at the frontier hights of the village of Bruishkhani of Baneh. “Two shepherds from the village of Brushkhani of Baneh at the border of Hojra ...

Tracking the fallout, reactions and details of the NYT antisemitic cartoon scandal

Seth Frantzman - 2019-04-28 06:00
By SETH J. FRANTZMAN On April 27 media around the world began to react to an antisemitic cartoon that appeared in the April 25 edition, page 16, of the International […] ...

The role of the agricultural nurseries in preserving the environment

SDF Press - 2019-04-23 01:02
Tabqa- the agricultural nurseries continue to play an important role in the preservation of the environment by providing a large number of plants for various types of fruit trees and forestry as well as roses and ornamental plants. The residents planted a ...

The control committee makes daily tours in the market in order to control the prices of the goods

SDF Press - 2019-04-22 02:37
Hasaka – The control committee of the municipality of the people in​​ Tal-Tamr region makes daily tours in the markets of Tal-Tamr in order to control the prices of goods and materials. Adnan Hassan, the co-chair of the control committee in the municipali ...

Flood and ignorance exacerbate the suffering of the refugees

ANF - 2019-04-19 11:30
Refugees at the Erīş camp in northeastern Syria are suffering heavily from the consequences of the flooding and ignorance of aid organizations. ...

The relations office of Syrian Democratic Forces reconciles with Sharabiyan clan

SDF Press - 2019-04-18 20:51
Hasaka – In cooperation with the Senate council the relations office of Syrian Democratic Forces managed to resolve the issue of the death of the child Saadoun al-Bader a member of the Sharabiyan clan. The child was killed by a stray bullet about a year a ...

Two years of the Civil Council of Raqqa

ANF - 2019-04-18 17:46
Two years have passed since the founding of the Civil Council of Raqqa. Despite limited possibilities, the Civil Council has been able to implement important projects. ...

Lack of support weakens the capacity of the clinic in Hol township.

SDF Press - 2019-04-17 00:52
The clinic of Hol township offers many services to the residents of the town and the surrounding villages. The clinic receives emergency cases, as well as provides medicines for free to those who are suffering from bad diseases that need a continuous trea ...

Lionel Messi news: Barcelona captain has the most Man of the Match awards this season

Waar Media - 2019-04-15 13:31
WAAR_DUHOK Barcelona captain Lionel Messi boasts to be the player with the most Man Of The Match awards in Europe’s top five leagues this season. The statistic hardly comes as a surprise as the 31-year-old is enjoying one of his best seasons, with a tota ...

“Farhad Salehi”director general and “Salam Paveh” secretary of the analytical press center was summoned to the Paveh County Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Roji Kurd - 2019-04-15 00:01
“Salam Paveh” the secretary of the intelligence news agency has been informed by telephone that he needs to introduce some details to the Paveh prosecutor’s office. Due to the summons of the director of the analytical news portal “Salam Paveh” no precise ...

A lot of works and efforts made in order to increase the beauty of the city

SDF Press - 2019-04-14 21:00
Raqqa – in coordination with the department of environment and Gardens in Raqqa the cleaning department clean the sidewalks, the roads and the western entrance of the city in order to restore the beauty and cultural splendor of the city by removing the di ...

Summoning the Managing Editor of the analytical news agency "Salam Paveh" to the Pave's Prosecutor

Kurdpa - 2019-04-14 13:59
Kurdpa Agency: The director and management of the analytical news agency "Salam Paveh" were summoned to the Pave Public Prosecutor's Office. ...

U.S. Consulate in Erbil congratulates Peshmerga Director of Communication & Cooperation

Ministry of Peshmerga - 2019-03-25 01:11
Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga On March 20, 2019, the United States Consulate shared on their official page, “CG Steven Fagin welcomes Lieutenant General Hazhar Omar, Director of Communication & Cooperation, back to Kurdistan after completing a spec ...