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Rouhani Calls on Countries in Middle East to Unite Against US

Rouhani Calls on Countries in Middle East to Unite Against US

BAS News - 2019-04-18 23:20
ERBIL - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has urged the countries in the Middle East to come together against the US as the relations between Tehran and Washington have dramatically deteriorated after Trump administration's withdrawal from Iran Nuclear De ...
Rouhani Calls on Countries in Middle East to Unite Against US - BAS News

US Warns Commercial Flights about Gulf Airspace

BAS News - 2019-05-18 15:33
ERBIL — As tensions between Tehran and Washington continue to escalate, US Federal Aviation Administration warns airliners about flying over the Gulf. The administration issued the warning on Thursday, saying that the decision was at the result of height ...

Iran May Attack Israel as Tensions with US Escalate: Minister

BAS News - 2019-05-12 13:35
ERBIL — The Islamic Republic of Iran may attack Israel as tensions between Tehran and Washington further grow, said Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz. The minister noted in a statement on Sunday that Iran could attack Israel directly or use its prox ...

Iran Challenges Remaining Partners to Save Nuclear Deal

International Crisis Group - 2019-05-08 20:30
Responding to the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure”, Iran has announced it will no longer respect all the limits placed on its nuclear research activities by its 2015 deal with world powers. With Washington having renounced the deal, the remainin ...

Erbil… Nechirvan Barzani Meetsthe New Egyptian Consul

Waar Media - 2019-05-01 15:53
WAAR_DUHOK Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received the new Egyptian consul in Kurdistan, Mr. Ahmed Jihad Hares today in Erbil. Nechirvan Barzani and Ahmed Hares discussed the relations between Kurdistan and Cairo. The two sides also shed ligh ...

US Oil Sanctions Will Fail in Practice: Iranian President

BAS News - 2019-05-01 15:13
ERBIL — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Washington will fail in practice to continue the sanctions against Iranian energy sector. Washington announced last week that will not prolong a previous exemption to buyers of Iranian oil, ...

Iran’s Rouhani Signs Bill to Designate CENTCOM as “Terrorist”

BAS News - 2019-04-30 17:00
ERBIL — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday signed a bill that officially designates the US forces in the Middle East as “terrorist”. The bill was passed by Iranian parliament last week in a tit-for-tat move after Washington announced that it had ...

Nechirvan Barzani Meets Mevlut Cavusoglu Today

Waar Media - 2019-04-29 14:29
WAAR_DUHOK Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu met Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani; they discussed the relations between Kurdistan and Turkey. Mevlut Cavusoglu held several meeting with Kurdish leaders; he met PM Nechirvan Barzani and th ...

Metro center calls on Iraqi Kurdistan to re-investigate violations against journalists

E-Kurd - 2019-04-23 21:07
SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The Metro Center for Journalists’ Rights and Advocacy, urged Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to repeat investigations “in depth” on previously reported violations against journalists on the anniversary of Ku ...

140 villages in Bradost appeal to UN against Turkey

ANF - 2019-04-23 13:47
A letterwas sent to the international community, the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan regional government in the name of 140 villages in Southern Kurdistan’s Bradost region demanding the Turkish soldiers leave the region. ...

Turkish police arrest AKP members for mob attack on opposition leader | Middle East Eye

Middleeasteye - 2019-04-23 12:37

Political uncertainty is certain in Middle East - News for the Oil and Gas Sector

Energyvoice - 2019-04-22 07:21

Global steel demand to rise 1.3% in 2019: Forecast

Waar Media - 2019-04-17 12:45
WAAR_DUHOK The World Steel Association (Worldsteel) projected global steel demand will rise 1.3% in 2019, compared to the previous year in a report on Tuesday. “Worldsteel forecasts global steel demand will reach 1.73 billion tons in 2019,” said the grou ...

Kipping meets with PYD committee, calls on government

ANF - 2019-04-17 12:45
Die Linke Co-chair Katja Kipping met with a Rojava committee led by PYD Co-chair Ayse Hiso and called on the Merkel government to end Turkey’s occupation of Afrin. ...

Iranian Parliament Labels US Forces in Middle East as "Terrorists"

BAS News - 2019-04-17 02:00
ERBIL - Iranian Parliament overwhelmingly approved a bill on Tuesday to label the US troops in the Middle East as terrorists, only a day after Washington's decision of recognizing the Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) took effect. The bill was int ...

EXCLUSIVE: Campaigners against Uighur oppression blacklisted on terrorism database | Middle East Eye

Middleeasteye - 2019-04-16 15:38

Iraqi Airstrike Kills 20 IS Militants in Kirkuk

BAS News - 2019-04-16 15:18
ERBIL — Iraqi fighter jets carried multiple airstrikes in the disputed Kurdish province of Kirkuk on Tuesday, killing at least 20 members of the Islamic State (IS). “Iraqi jets, backed by the US-led Coalition, targeted an IS gathering in Daquq, east of K ...

Seven key figures accused of transferring millions of dollars to Daesh in a network across the Middle East, Europe and East Africa are targeted with sanctions by US Treasury

The Global Coalition - 2019-04-16 07:02
Washington – Today, the U.S. Treasury has “designated” seven individuals and one company as part of powers which target terrorists – and those providing support to terrorists. When a person becomes a “Specially Designated National”, their assets are bloc ...

Iran Ready to Expand Economic Ties with Iraq: Rouhani

BAS News - 2019-04-06 20:54
ERBIL - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Tehran is ready to expand its gas and electricity deals with neighboring Iraq, state media reported. Rouhani met with Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi who is in Iran for a two-day trip. "The plans t ...

Barzani Underlines “Historic” Ties Between Kurdistan and Russia

BAS News - 2019-03-28 14:51
ERBIL — Kurdish prominent leader and the president of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Masoud Barzani, said the relations between Russia and Kurdistan are historic with potential to further develop. Barzani received Consul General of the Russian Federat ...

The Ban Was Lifted on Flights Between Amed and Antab to Erbil

Waar Media - 2019-03-25 22:10
WAAR_DUHOK The post The Ban Was Lifted on Flights Between Amed and Antab to Erbil appeared first on WAARmedia. ...