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Kati Piri MEP visited Kurds to thank them for their support

Kati Piri MEP visited Kurds to thank them for their support

ANF - 2019-05-27 10:44
Dutch politician Kati Piri, who served as Turkey rapporteur in the European Parliament until the elections of 23 May, visited the DKTM in Den Haag to thank activists for their support. ...
Kati Piri MEP visited Kurds to thank them for their support - ANF

PKK Kills Former Guerrilla in Iranian Kurdistan

BAS News - 2019-06-23 11:12
ERBIL — Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) forces killed a man in Iranian Kurdistan who previously served as a fighter with the Kurdish guerrilla force. Saman Danishwar was reportedly dragged out of his home in Gweza Kwera village of Marivan, Kurdistan provi ...

Awareness Improves As Turkey Leads In the Possession of Cryptocurrency in Europe - BTCNN

BtCNN - 2019-06-15 10:15

Turkey’s Erdogan acts as witness at Mesut Ozil’s wedding

Waar Media - 2019-06-08 14:14
WAAR_DUHOK Turkish–German striker Mesut Ozil tied the knot with Amine Gulse on Friday in Istanbul. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and First Lady Emine Erdogan served as marriage witnesses at the football star’s wedding. Many statesmen and prominent figur ...

Prisoner who were on hunger strike in Van not medically treated

ANF - 2019-06-01 10:23
The families of prisoners who were on death fast in Van Prison denounced that they are not being properly treated. ...

Turkey: Four People Arrested for Alleged Ties to IS

BAS News - 2019-05-30 21:30
ERBIL - Turkish security forces arrested on Thursday four people for their alleged ties to the jihadist group of Islamic State (IS), security sources said. The four were arrested in the southern province of Adana after police squads raided the locations ...

Duhok: 81 Yezidi Families Return to Camps Again

BAS News - 2019-05-30 01:09
ERBIL - During last month only, a total of 81 Yezidi families returned to the IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region's Duhok province due to alleged instability in their places of origin, an official has confirmed. Salim Saeed, a spokesperson for the Board of ...

Intel: How Iraq’s Kurds are failing to come together over their new president

Al Monitor - 2019-05-28 23:10

Why I joined the Kurds to fight ISIS - spiked

Spiked Online - 2019-05-28 11:02

UK: Pro-EU parties lead in European Parliament vote

Waar Media - 2019-05-27 15:02
WAAR_DUHOK The idea of a second EU referendum might have been one of the reasons that ended the term in the top government office together with the Tory leadership for Theresa May last week, but the European Parliament election results in the U.K. sugges ...

Piri’den Kürtlere teşekkür ziyareti

Nûpel - 2019-05-27 09:47
Hollanda’da 23 Mayıs’ta yapılan Avrupa Parlamentosu seçimlerinde Kürtlerin desteklediği Kati Piri seçilmesinin ardından Den Haag DKTM’ye teşekkür ziyaretinde bulundu. 23 Haziran’da Hollanda’da yapılan Avrupa Parlamentosu (AP) seçimlerinde İşçi Partisi’nin ...

Piri ji bo spasiyê serdana NCDK'ê kir

ANF - 2019-05-27 08:38
Raportora Tirkiyeyê ya serdema beriya niha siyasetmedar Kati Piri, piştî ku careke din hate hilbijartin ji bo spasiyê serdana Navenda Civaka Demokratîk a Kurd (NCDK) a li Den Haagê kir. ...

Iraq Sentences Three French Men to Death

BAS News - 2019-05-26 16:29
ERBIL — An Iraqi court on Sunday sentenced three French nationals to death for their membership in the Islamic State (IS), Reuters cited court officials. “They were sentenced to execution after it was proven that they were members of the terrorist Islami ...

MEP Gerike called on CPT to investigate torture in Halfeti

ANF - 2019-05-26 08:57
European Parliament deputy, Arne Gericke, called on the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) to investigate the torture suffered by dozens of people in Halfeti. ...

Riots in Derry as polls closed in EU elections

ANF - 2019-05-24 12:50
Rioting took place in Derry on Thursday night as polls closed in the election to the European Parliament in the North of Ireland and the UK. ...

Iraqi Parliament Speaker to Visit Iran for Mediation Offer

BAS News - 2019-05-23 14:09
ERBIL — Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi is assigned by PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi to visit Tehran and offer Iraq’s mediation to de-escalate the tensions between Iran and US, a source said. Iraqi al-Hal news website cited an anonymous government of ...

Kurds to be key swing vote in Turkey’s local elections | National Post

Nationalpost - 2019-05-21 12:07

EP Rapporteur Piri visited Kurdish hunger strikers in the Hague

ANF - 2019-05-20 12:30
EP Turkey Rapporteur Kati Piri visited Huseyin Yildiz and Hasbi Cakici who have been on a hunger strike in the Hague, the Netherlands for 122 days. ...

KCDK-E called on Kurds to join Dersim Festival

ANF - 2019-05-14 08:48
KCDK-E called on all Kurds to join the Dersim Festival with the spirit of resistance against isolation. ...

Evento solidario con los huelguistas de hambre en Den Haag

ANF - 2019-05-06 07:39
Se organizó un evento de solidaridad en Den Haag al que asistieron huelguistas y Kati Piri, la Relatora de Turquía del Parlamento Europeo. ...

Event in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Den Haag

ANF - 2019-05-04 15:58
A solidarity event was organized in Den Haag and was joined by hunger strikers as well as Kati Piri, the European Parliament Turkey Rapporteur. ...