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Turkey Forges Ahead on Defense Ambitions | Defense News: Aviation International News

Turkey Forges Ahead on Defense Ambitions | Defense News: Aviation International News

Ainonline - 2019-06-12 14:25

Turkey Forges Ahead on Defense Ambitions | Defense News: Aviation International News - Ainonline

Opening Space for Kurds in Turkey: From Banned Concerts to Films

BAS News - 2019-06-27 00:56
ERBIL - Although Turkey in the last century spared no efforts to eliminate the Kurdish language and culture, the Kurds have been successful in preserving their identity throughout history. Moreover, Ankara has even decided to lift the ban on a famous Kur ...

Turkey puts 16 on trial for trying to overthrow the government | News | Al Jazeera

Aljazeera - 2019-06-25 11:37

Masrour Barzani, Coalition Commanders Discuss Security Developments

BAS News - 2019-06-18 17:11
ERBIL — Chancellor of Kurdistan Region Security Council and the Prime Minister-designate of Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, received on Tuesday a delegation from the US-led Coalition to discuss the latest developments in the battle on terror. Barzani ...

Turkey referendum: Could Erdogan resume executions? | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 24.04.2017

DW - 2019-06-18 06:30

Russia and Turkey landgrab 'behind fresh Syria bombardment' | World news | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2019-06-17 03:26

Turkey pins hopes on Trump to avoid sanctions over Russia missile deal

Yahoo - 2019-06-15 14:18

US Seeking International Consensus after Tanker Attack in Gulf of Oman

BAS News - 2019-06-15 12:00
ERBIL — The United States is now working to build an international consensus over the attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, for which Washington blames Iran, according to US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. The secretary said on Friday that Whit ...

EU reiterates its support for the normalisation of Armenia-Turkey relations: joint statement - - Hot news from Armenia

Aysor - 2019-06-13 19:46

Macron’s Letter to President Barzani: France Committed to Supporting Kurdistan

BAS News - 2019-06-13 14:43
ERBIL — French President Emmanuel Macron has sent an official letter to Nechirvan Barzani to congratulate him on his presidency, reiterating France’s support for the Kurdistan Region. Macron’s letter was delivered to President Barzani on Thursday by Fren ...

Magnitude 4.1 Earthquake Hits Iranian Kurdistan

BAS News - 2019-06-13 10:26
ERBIL — An earthquake of 4.1 on richter scale struck the Iranian Kurdish province of Kurdistan on Thursday. Iranian Mehr news agency said it occurred at 03:52 (Tehran Time), with its center at Shwesha, some 28 kilometers far from Sanandaj. There have bee ...

Daily on Defense: HASC chairman lays down his mark, Republicans cry foul, US-Turkey alliance unwinds over F-35, United Technology and Raytheon join forces

Washingtonexaminer - 2019-06-10 17:53

FactCheck: Boris Johnson falsely claims he ‘didn’t say anything about Turkey’ in the referendum campaign – Channel 4 News

Channel4 - 2019-06-08 23:24

Turkey referendum: Erdogan hails 'clear' win in vote on new powers - BBC News

BBC - 2019-05-30 23:02

PM Modi, Amit Shah in talks ahead of NDA II oath-taking today, all eyes on new team | india news | Hindustan Times

Hindustantimes - 2019-05-30 13:41

Iran open to talks with Europe, but not on defense: Supreme Leader Khamenei

Rûdaw - 2019-05-30 01:44
Bolton: It's clear these tanker attacks were naval mines almost certainly from Iran ...

Erdogan meets Iraqi president as Turkey launches strikes on PKK

E-Kurd - 2019-05-29 13:46
ISTANBUL,— Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met his Iraqi counterpart Barham Salih on Tuesday while the Turkish military launched an operation against Kurdish militants in Iraqi Kurdistan. The two leaders held talks in Istanbul before attending a R ...

Biden raises $6.3 million; campaign video put Trump on defense

Yahoo - 2019-05-19 06:12

Persian Font in Official Document: Iraqis Concerned over Iran’s Hegemony

BAS News - 2019-05-14 13:06
ERBIL — An official letter signed by a head of Iraqi PM’s office has recently created a heated debate among Iraqis, especially the Sunni Arabs, for being signed with “Persian number”. The letter, directed to the Iraqi parliament, is signed on 6th May. Bu ...