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Amid the Brexit fog, foreign buyers are snapping up British firms on the cheap

Amid the Brexit fog, foreign buyers are snapping up British firms on the cheap

Telegraph - 2019-08-22 14:01

Amid the Brexit fog, foreign buyers are snapping up British firms on the cheap - Telegraph

PKK’s Karayılan: Nobody is abducted to join the guerrilla

ANF - 2019-09-14 13:31
Murat Karayılan of the PKK commented on the staged protests in front of the HDP headquarters in Amed, stressing that; "We are an ideological movement based on voluntary participation. We do not hold anyone against his will." ...

Iran’s Actions “Negative But Not Definitive”: French FM

BAS News - 2019-09-08 15:46
ERBIL — The decision by the Islamic Republic of Iran to further reduce its commitment to the 2015’s Nuclear Deal is “negative”, but Paris will continue the talks over the issue, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian said on Sunday. “The actions they ...

Troubled Partners: What Russia and Turkey are Dividing Up in Syria - Modern Diplomacy

Moderndiplomacy - 2019-09-03 07:16

Dozens arrested in South Africa as looting rocks Johannesburg

BBC - 2019-09-03 02:10
Police fire tear gas as shops, many reportedly foreign-owned, are targeted by looters in Johannesburg. ...

FARC Party: We are committed to Peace

ANF - 2019-08-30 10:24
The FARC party has responded to the video by Ivan Marquez and his group announcing that they are taking up arms again by reiterating their commitment to peace. ...

New French Consul General assumes office in Kurdistan Region

KRG-Spain - 2019-08-30 00:01
Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ( – Minister Safeen Dizayee received Mr Olivier Decottignies, new Consul General of the Republic of France to the Kurdistan Region who visited KRG Department of Foreign Relations for taking up his new duties in Er ...

Fire started by the Turkish army in Mardin countryside grows

ANF - 2019-08-24 16:03
Soldiers are not allowing an intervention to extinguish the fire. ...

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign wrote to UK Foreign Minister

ANF - 2019-08-24 08:19
Peace in Kurdistan Campaign has written to UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab about the dismissal of the co-mayors of Diyarbakir, Van and Mardin by the Turkish Ministry of Interior on 19 August 2019. ...

PYD executives: The people are no longer afraid of the AKP regime

ANF - 2019-08-23 14:35
PYD Western Region members Eli Omar and Faris Hallo, talked to ANF about the seizure by the AKP regime of the HDP-run municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin. ...

Third day of protest in Cologne against the AKP

ANF - 2019-08-22 09:33
For the third consecutive day protests are continuing in Cologne against the AKP-MHP decision to name trustees in the HDP-run municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin. ...

Ireland faces its biggest challenge as Brexit becomes reality

ANF - 2019-08-20 08:04
The Sunday Times revealed details of leaked Cabinet office documents declaring that the British government believes there will be a hard border on the island of Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit. ...

From Amed to the AKP: You are preparing your own end!

ANF - 2019-08-19 16:02
HDP members protested the decision by the AKP regime to appoint trustees. ...

Mızraklı refuses to sign the instruction on his removal from post

ANF - 2019-08-19 13:23
Amed Co-mayor Selçuk Mızraklı has refused to sign the instruction on his removal from post, calling it “dishonor”. He said; “We are all going through a test of conscience and morality”. ...

Rehabilitation of the first church in Al-Raqqa

SDF Press - 2019-08-17 23:45
Al-Raqqa—the ancient churches and mosques are a symbolic image of the city and its people. Building of churches was to equate Muslims and Christians, who are an integral part of the fabric of the city of Al-Raqqa. (The two Martyrs’ Churches, known for the ...

Cizire Region Clans: We are ready for both peace and resistance

ANF - 2019-08-17 13:53
The Cizire Region Tribes and Clans Workshop in Qamishlo stressed that Turkish invasion will not be allowed and gave the message; “We are on the side of peace but we will resist if attacked”. ...

When people's demands are not listened to, violence increases

ANF - 2019-08-17 12:41
Talking about the negative effects of war and violence on society, Social Service Worker Mustafa Altintop said: "When the demands of the society are not accepted, domestic violence escalates." ...

ISIS, Assad, and Turkey Are Waging a Shadow War on America’s Kurdish Allies in Syria

Thedailybeast - 2019-08-08 11:13

Investing in people: how brands are stepping up to the refugee crisis | Ethical Corporation

Ethicalcorp - 2019-08-08 07:31

Foreign Terrorist Fighters: Patrick Stevens

The Global Coalition - 2019-07-29 19:02
"On The Line" Podcast Series, Episode 4, Foreign Terrorist Fighters: Patrick Stevens Article Foreign Terrorist Fighters: Patrick Stevens Appeared first on The Global Coalition Against Daesh. ...

Beekeeping in rural of Raqqa

SDF Press - 2019-07-23 15:11
Raqqa – Beekeeping has taken an important role in the life of the people of Raqqa rural after the revival of agricultural activity amid the efforts of the Directorate of Agriculture in Raqqa to form a group of beekeepers to organize their work and provide ...