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PMF prevent Mosul deputy governor from returning home during checkpoint incident

PMF prevent Mosul deputy governor from returning home during checkpoint incident

Kurdistan24 - 2019-09-11 22:06

PMF prevent Mosul deputy governor from returning home during checkpoint incident - Kurdistan24

After expulsion from camps, Iraqis blocked from returning home by tribal leaders

Kurdistan24 - 2019-09-14 11:54

Solidarity to Amed, Van and Mardin mayors from Gävle municipality

ANF - 2019-09-08 12:35
Gin Akgül Hajo, deputy mayor of the Swedish city of Gävle condemned the AKP government seizure of the HDP-run municipalities of Amed, Mardin and Van. ...

A guerrilla fighter from Afrin in Dersim

ANF - 2019-09-08 09:25
PKK fighter Samiye Oso from Afrin fell a martyr in Dersim on 4 July 2007. ...

Two Iraqi Explosive Experts Killed While Defusing a Bomb in Mosul

BAS News - 2019-09-08 06:25
ERBIL - A couple of Iraqi explosive experts lost their lives on Saturday while they were attempting to defuse a bomb in a house in Mosul city. The incident reportedly took place in the district of Adnanya, southeastern Mosul, where a bomb had been plante ...

KRG denies claims it is preventing displaced Sunni Arabs from returning to areas outside Mosul

Kurdistan24 - 2019-09-07 15:28

KRG preventing thousands of Sunni Arabs from returning home: watchdog |

Rûdaw - 2019-09-06 23:08

Iraqi Kurdistan prevents Arabs from returning home, HRW says

E-Kurd - 2019-09-06 11:27
BEIRUT,— The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is preventing about 4,200 Sunni Arabs from returning home to 12 villages east of Mosul in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Human Rights Watch said on Friday. More than three years after the Hamdaniya district was ...

HDP deputy Farisoğulları: Reject the AKP provocation

ANF - 2019-09-06 11:05
HDP deputy Musa Farisoğulları called on families to not "fall into the provocation games played the AKP and its police." ...

Solidarity to HDP mayors from deputy mayor of Uppsala

ANF - 2019-09-06 09:25
Deputy mayor of Uppsala (Uppsala), Tobias Smedberg, condemned the Erdoğan regime appointment of trustees to three HDP-run municipalities. ...

Peace Mothers from Maxmur on 5th day of sit-in against embargo

ANF - 2019-09-05 11:11
Peace Mothers from Maxmur are on their 5th day of sit-in against the embargo imposed by the KDP on the camp. ...

Deputy Chief-of-Staff met with a number of Peshmerga Brigades and Directorates

Ministry of Peshmerga - 2019-09-04 12:48
Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga On September 4, 2019, Major-General Qaram Kamal (MOPE Deputy Chief-of-Staff) met with a number of high ranking officials and officers from a number of brigades and directorates under the Ministry of Peshmerga. During t ...

Mosul's deputy governor calls on Iraq to improve condition of hospitals for residents

Kurdistan24 - 2019-08-31 07:17

Global Day of Action for Hasankeyf on 14 September

ANF - 2019-08-30 08:50
The Hasankeyf Coordination, in an attempt to prevent the Ilisu dam from becoming operational and flood the 12,000-years old site, has organized an action day on September 14. ...

Deputy Minister of Peshmerga meets with high military delegation from the United States

Ministry of Peshmerga - 2019-08-27 17:05
Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga On August 26, 2019, Sarbast Lazgin (Deputy Minister of Peshmerga), in the attendance of Brigadier-General Hazhar Omar (Peshmerga Director of Cooperation & Relations), received a U.S. military delegation consisting of C ...

Governor of Şırnak banned actions for 15 days

ANF - 2019-08-27 11:00
In order to prevent protests against the seizure of the HDP-run municipalities, the Governor of Şırnak has banned activities and actions for 15 days. ...

Governor of Van dismisses municipal employees, seizes the council

ANF - 2019-08-21 11:40
Governor Mehmet Emin Bilmez, who has been appointed to Van Metropolitan Municipality seized by the AKP government, has removed all heads of departments and directors from post. Several municipal employees have been taken into custody. ...