is a news search engine with focus on Kurds, Middle East and Europe. RojnameBot is an application created to automatically perform simple and repetitive tasks like crawling webpages. Our spider crawls new content of Kurdish and international news websites and link to their pages via our website, apps and social media accounts. is existing more than 15 years. Use of our website is free.

User-Agent: RojnameBot (

Is RojnameBot useful? - Who uses

We know that worldwide many people ie. politicians, academicians and especially journalists are using and following

How RojnameBot crawls your website

RojnameBot crawls your website or rss feeds only for new content. Each news-url will be visited only once. RojnameBot creates minimal traffic and does not crawl your video, documents, css or javascript files.

Crawl Frequency - How often does RojnameBot crawls your website

RojnameBot crawls your website generally once a 6 hours. RojnameBot does not visit main-url more than a maximum of once a 10 minutes. Even if new content exists, RojnameBot should not request more than one page from your site within the same 60 seconds time period.

How to prevent RojnameBot from crawling your site

You should do changes in your "/robots.txt". RojnameBot will seek for similar lines in your "/robots.txt" file:
	User-agent: *
	Disallow: /private
	User-agent: RojnameBot
	Disallow: /AnyDirectory

Is RojnameBot safe?

RojnameBot is created to help people while respecting site owners. But every application can have bugs. If you discover any please contact us. We promise to make it better.

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