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Isis emboldened by Trump withdrawing US troops from Syria, say western officials | The Independent

Independent - 4 days ago

Leaving Syria - a misstep continues to haunt America's allies

Limacharlienews - 4 days ago

Netflix communications chief out after "insensitive" remark - CBS News

Cbsnews - 4 days ago

Captured Teen IS Fighter Not US Citizen

Voanews - 4 days ago

Aftershocks of Trump Syria exit plan shake allies and region - CNNPolitics

CNN - 4 days ago

ÖGİ: Journalists in Turkey are forced to behave as soldiers

ANF - 4 days ago

ÖGİ reiterated its demand that imprisoned journalists be freed. ...

French Foreign Minister: We need to support the SDF

ANF - 4 days ago

Le Drian said that the SDF are “our most important ally in Syria. They are fighting against DAESH on the field. The US decision to withdraw from Syria is serious because it leaves the SDF in a very difficult position." ...

Bruce Springsteen's one-man show is coming to Netflix - CBS News

Cbsnews - 4 days ago

Kurds claim American teenager captured fighting for ISIS in Syria

Washingtonexaminer - 4 days ago

CARTOON: Erdogan snubs Bolton over U.S. plan to protect Kurds. | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Reviewjournal - 4 days ago

U.S. keeps up fight in Syria amid new threats from Turkey

CBS News - 4 days ago

The 2,000 U.S. forces in Syria are caught in the middle of mounting tension between the U.S. and its NATO ally Turkey ...

New Iraq president Barham Salih has his task cut out

Gulfnews - 4 days ago

Iraq’s Kurdistan region, autonomous since 1991

Gulfnews - 4 days ago

Fiat Chrysler to pay more than $700 million over U.S. diesel emissions claims: sources

Yahoo - 4 days ago

Journal | Small Wars Journal

Smallwarsjournal - 4 days ago

The Kurds, perpetual losers at the game of nations | Khattar Abou Diab | MEO

Middle East Online - 4 days ago

This Is Not the Time for an Independent Kurdistan – Foreign Policy

Foreignpolicy - 4 days ago

Refugees used as bogeymen as UK prepares to leave EU - Asia Times

Atimes - 4 days ago

Mrs. Obama says 'Access Hollywood' tape led her to speak out

Hawaiinewsnow - 4 days ago

Kurdish party: 162 inmates on hunger strike in Turkey - ABC News

GO - 4 days ago

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