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Fleeing ISIS holdout, French women say foreigners still inside

Rûdaw - 5 days ago

The group's Iraqi leadership 'left a long time ago' ...

Iran’s Kurds urge unity against Islamic Republic at Warsaw conference

Rûdaw - 5 days ago

Iranian Kurdish parties have not been invited to the Warsaw conference ...

Hashd shuts down 5 more ‘fake’ branches

Rûdaw - 5 days ago

Kurdish translators aim to get Sorani dialect into Google Translate

Rûdaw - 5 days ago

دەتوانین وا لە گوگڵ بکەین لە سۆرانی تێ بگات؟ ...

Netflix Pulls Comedy Show Episode Critical of Saudi Arabia

Voanews - 5 days ago

Mitigating Risks for Syrian Refugee Youth in Turkey’s Şanlıurfa

International Crisis Group - 5 days ago

Turkey hosts 3.6 million Syrian refugees, half of whom are under eighteen. Despite European aid, tensions are rising as the country strains to accommodate the influx. The answer is smarter integration policies aimed particularly at meeting the needs of v ...

The Battle for Gender Equality in Hollywood

Voanews - 5 days ago

Why Rojava matters for Israel - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Jpost - 5 days ago

Trump Should Work With Putin to Develop a New Framework for Syria – Foreign Policy

Foreignpolicy - 5 days ago

Isil defeated in its last Syrian town as jihadists mount final stand

Telegraph - 5 days ago

Last battlefield: The future of Syria’s Idlib after HTS militant takeover

Thedefensepost - 5 days ago

German Migrant Rescue Ship Renamed in Honor of Alan Kurdi

BAS News - 5 days ago

ERBIL - A German migrant rescue ship which operates in the Mediterranean was renamed on Sunday after Alan Kurdi, a three-year-old Syrian Kurdish refugee whose tragic death sparked global outrage in 2015. Abdullah Kurdi, the father of the young victim dec ...

Airstrikes on Islamic State-held areas in Syria kill 16 civilians: monitor

E-Kurd - 5 days ago

BEIRUT,— US-led coalition air strikes on the last jihadist pocket in Syria on Monday killed 16 civilians, including at least seven children, a war monitor said. Eight women and one elderly man were also among the civilians killed while trying to flee tow ...

Repairing Al-Tabqa Fire station building

SDF Press - 5 days ago

Al-Tabqa_ People Municipality of Al-Tabqa started repairing Fire Station building at the second neighborhood of the city. Meanwhile, the maintenance process will continue for 11 months and it includes repairing the garage and most of the building’s rooms ...

Setting up free heath point in Durea neighborhood

SDF Press - 5 days ago

Raqqa_ “Mar Asia Al-Hakim” set up a heath point, in Durea neighborhood, in coordination with heath committee, affiliated to Raqqa Civil Council, because of the poverty in the region and the weakness of the heath sector. However, People walk a long distanc ...

Til Abyad…Peace Symbol and co-existence icon

SDF Press - 5 days ago

News Center_ Til Abyad is a Syrian city, located 100 KM away from Raqqa City, alongside the Turkish-Syrian border. The population number of this city was 15000 people in 2004, this number was doubled many times during Syrian war years that started in 2011 ...

Fierce battles near final IS foothold in eastern Syria

Washington Post - 5 days ago

Syrian activist group, Kurdish news agency say intense fighting underway over last remaining IS foothold ...

Kurdistan needs more and better building codes

Rûdaw - 5 days ago

Ronaldo Helps Juventus Win but Almost Knocks Teammate Out

Waar Media - 5 days ago

WAAR_DUHOK The incident occurred an hour into Juve’s 3-0 win at Sassuolo as Ronaldo kicked the ball straight into the face of teammate Sami Khedira, who instantly fell to the ground. Ronaldo had earlier helped Khedira score the opening goal, so the Germa ...

Police prevent pro-Kurdish protest in Istanbul

France24 - 5 days ago

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