Kurdish News

Trump's evolving foreign policy challenges top US diplomat - KTAR.com

KTAR - 5 days ago

Erdogan: Turkey can go it alone to establish Syria safe zone

1011now - 5 days ago

Cornered in Syria, ISIS lays groundwork for a new insurgency

Militarytimes - 5 days ago

What does all this bombing tell us about Trump? - BBC News

BBC - 5 days ago

Boy's devastating anti-bullying video goes viral as brave stance wins celebrity fans and wave of support | The Independent

Independent - 5 days ago

Donald Trump prefers unscripted Kim summit in Singapore to G7 ritual - BBC News

BBC - 5 days ago

Ahead of Brexit, foreign firms threaten to leave

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

China outlaws large underground Protestant church in Beijing

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

S Korean taxi driver sets self on fire to protest carpool app

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

We are really just beginning to understand AI

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

‘Of course’ Donald Trump knew hush payments to women were wrong: Michael Cohen | World News, The Indian Express

Indianexpress - 5 days ago

China and US avert Taiwan collision during Mattis visit

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Trade protectionism and its different forms

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Why N Korea’s Kim may be really serious about economic reforms

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Trump grants poultry pardons to turkeys Peas and Carrots

WLOX - 5 days ago

In Shenzhen tech world, speed is everything

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Ex-HK minister Patrick Ho convicted in US on corruption charges

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Ofo under pressure as millions of bike riders demand refunds

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Iowa caucuses 2020: Tulsi Gabbard talks foreign policy in first Iowa appearance

Desmoinesregister - 5 days ago

US-backed Syrian forces battle to capture last ISIL enclave | ISIS/ISIL News | Al Jazeera

Aljazeera - 5 days ago

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