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German migrant rescue ship renamed after symbol of refugee crisis, Alan Kurdi

Kurdistan24 - 5 days ago

Northam: 'I have learned from this' [Video]

Yahoo - 5 days ago

Putin overplays his hand

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

On the environment, China steps up while the US retreats

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Tencent chief, in new song, promises not to let you down

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

MBS war crimes probe: Argentine judge asks for information from Turkey, Yemen | Middle East Eye

Middleeasteye - 5 days ago

Drone activity forces closure of London’s Gatwick Airport

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Parliamentary free vote on Brexit could be way out for UK

Ejinsight - 5 days ago

Sarah Sanders: God 'wanted Donald Trump to become president'

Abc15 - 5 days ago

Police prevent pro-Kurdish protest in Istanbul - Channel NewsAsia

Channelnewsasia - 5 days ago

Kurdistan, Iran to Swap Prisoners

BAS News - 5 days ago

ERBIL - Kurdistan Region and Iran have decided to swap their prisoners who have been held on different charges, an official said on Monday. Talking to BasNews, Ahmed Najmadin, a senior official from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, said that the ...

The centre bringing hope to the children in Aleppo

The Global Coalition - 5 days ago

The Baitna Centre in Aleppo, Syria opened after the defeat of Daesh. The Centre supports autistic and disabled children to flourish into strong and more independent adults, helping many families in the process to deal with difficult situations Article Th ...

6 questions answered about the Coalition Ministerial Meeting and President Trump’s address

The Global Coalition - 5 days ago

The Coalition Ministerial Meetings are where ministers from the 79 partners of the Global Coalition meet to discuss and coordinate efforts to degrade and destroy Daesh Article 6 questions answered about the Coalition Ministerial Meeting and President Tru ...

Estonia’s Contribution Towards The Global Coalition Against Daesh

The Global Coalition - 5 days ago

The fight against terrorism and its root causes are essential for Estonia. Terrorism has never been a distant problem for us – attacks are likely everywhere and root causes must be tackled on a basis of solidarity while respecting human rights. We share ...

France’s contribution to post Daesh Iraq

The Global Coalition - 5 days ago

Article France’s contribution to post Daesh Iraq Appeared first on The Global Coalition Against Daesh. ...

Adana Governorship Bans Kurdish Theatre Days - Bircan Değirmenci - english

Bianet - 5 days ago

Turkey's Erdogan slams US over delays in Syria buffer zone

Newsok - 5 days ago

Turkish people are smashing iPhones and dumping Coca-Cola to protest Trump and boycott America | Daily Mail Online

Dailymail - 5 days ago

Two-day march against isolation in Frankfurt

ANF - 5 days ago

A two-day march has been launched in Frankfurt to protest the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan. ...

Turkish police prevent pro-Kurdish protest in Istanbul

E-Kurd - 5 days ago

ISTANBUL,— Dozens of Turkish police blocked a march by pro-Kurdish opposition lawmakers in Istanbul on Monday that was organised in solidarity with a hunger striking MP who was released from prison last month. Security officers carrying anti-riot shields ...
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