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Opinion | Impeach President Donald Trump, and do it now | TheSpec.com

Thespec - 1 week ago

Baghouz: IS Attacks Its Members Who Surrender to SDF

BAS News - 1 week ago

ERBIL - The militants of the Islamic State (IS) targeted on Friday their own members and their families who were surrendering to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria's Baghuz, a spokesperson said. SDF spokesperson Mustafa Bali said in ...

Mueller Asks for 60-Day Postponement to File Gates Report

Yahoo - 1 week ago

Burqas and betrayals: Is U.S. selling out Afghans to the Taliban? | Trudy Rubin

Philly - 1 week ago

The Darkest Hours: Power Outages Raise the Temperature in Venezuela

International Crisis Group - 1 week ago

The crippling blackouts across Venezuela are a grim portent of things to come as U.S. oil sanctions kick in and the country’s crisis deepens. All concerned to end Venezuelans’ suffering should vigorously pursue a negotiated transition leading to a power- ...

The outcome of the clashes in the “battle to defeat terrorism” within the past 24 hours

SDF Press - 1 week ago

The operations of our forces continue against ISIS terrorist in Al-Bagouz town, yesterday almost 1300 terrorists and their families surrendered to our forces (SDF). Our fighters also launched an attack on the terrorist organization’s sites and gatherings, ...

Iko Media Group re-launches Kurdsat TV

Broadbandtvnews - 1 week ago

A deadly spring for Syria and the world

Newagebd - 1 week ago

Trump poised to veto Congress' measure rebuking border order | WPBN

Upnorthlive - 1 week ago

America's Allies Refuse Trump's Request To 'Fill The Gap' In Syria

Outsidethebeltway - 1 week ago

Rescue efforts underway for children trapped in collapsed school building in Nigeria [Video]

Yahoo - 1 week ago

Long Beach man was among victims of Ethiopia plane crash [Video]

Yahoo - 1 week ago

Turkey's 'Traitors' Speak Out - The Atlantic

Theatlantic - 1 week ago

Jeffrey has no good news over safe zone for Turkey | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 1 week ago

City in Ruins, Attempts to Start Over: How Iraq’s Mosul Lives After Liberation - Sputnik International

Sputnik - 1 week ago

May will bring Brexit deal back if circumstances right - spokesman

Yahoo - 1 week ago

France repatriates five orphaned children of jihadists from Syria | World news | The Guardian

The Guardian - 1 week ago

Ralph Nader’s Grandniece Died in Ethiopian Plane Crash; Now He Is Urging Boycott of Boeing Jet | Democracy Now!

Democracynow - 1 week ago

Netanyahu: Turkey's Erdoğan a dictator who commits genocide - Israel Hayom

Israelhayom - 1 week ago

Coalition cooks up plan to bring Syrian refugee families to Salmon Arm – Sicamous Eagle Valley News

Eaglevalleynews - 1 week ago

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