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Unidentified Gunmen Kill Civilian in Northern Baghdad

BAS News - 6 days ago

ERBIL - A group of unknown armed men opened fire at a civilian on Monday in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, killing him instantly. Iraqi media reports said that the incident took place on a main street in Husseina district where the assassins shot the civilia ...

Turkish election board disqualifies pro-Kurdish mayors in southeast

Al Monitor - 6 days ago

A seminar was given in Arisha town about the role of women during the previous stage.

SDF Press - 6 days ago

Hasaka – Under the name “The role of women in the previous stage” The Women’s office of Syrian Democratic Council organized a cultural seminar in Arisha town, which is located south of Hasaka province. They organized such a seminar in order to talk about ...

Kurdistan PM Expresses "Solidarity" with People of France on Notre Dame Fire

BAS News - 6 days ago

ERBIL - Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani has expressed solidarity with the people of France on the Notre Dame fire incident. "I express my solidarity with the people of Paris, and France in general, at this difficult time as the historic ...

Erbil Ready to Strengthen Ties with Moscow in Many Areas: PM Barzani

BAS News - 6 days ago

ERBIL - Kurdistan Region PM Nechirvan Barzani showed Erbil's readiness to further strengthen ties with Moscow in various areas, including trading, agriculture, electricity, and tourism. The Kurdish premier made the remarks during a meeting with Russia's ...

After ISIS war, Iraq seeks to reclaim status in Arab world

Rûdaw - 6 days ago

Iraqi politicians “need to put country before sect and act as statesmen” ...

Back to square one? KDP struggles to reconcile PUK, Gorran deman

Rûdaw - 6 days ago

U.S. pressing Syrian Kurds to accept Turkish troops - report | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 6 days ago

U.S. withdrawal from Syria | Milbank Monitor

Milbankmonitor - 6 days ago

World's tallest indoor waterfall unveiled

Kurdiu - 6 days ago

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested In London

Kurdiu - 6 days ago

Climate change protesters threaten to block central London roads

Kurdiu - 6 days ago

Czech Republic provides facilities for granting visas to citizens of Kurdistan

Kurdiu - 6 days ago

Cancer in the Kurdistan region is increasing year after year

Kurdiu - 6 days ago

Ebola death toll in DR Congo rises to 737

Kurdiu - 6 days ago

Three people injured in traffic accident

Kurdiu - 6 days ago

President Donald Trump, Tell Bibi; U.S. Wont' Start War With Iran.

Thyblackman - 6 days ago

Menendez Presses Turkey Ambassador Nominee on U.S. Armenian Genocide Policy | Asbarez.com

Asbarez - 6 days ago

Nineveh: IS Kidnaps Two Brothers

BAS News - 6 days ago

ERBIL - The Islamic State (IS) jihadists have kidnapped a two brothers from the Iraqi province of Nineveh, a security source confirmed on Monday. Talking to Baghdad Today, the source pointed out that the incident took place in the district of al-Ba'aj, N ...

Politicians are missing their chance to turn Shamima Begum into a poster girl for the strength of British values

Telegraph - 6 days ago

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