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Iraq Exhumes Three Mass Graves of Kurdish Victims of “Anfal”

BAS News - 1 week ago

ERBIL — Authorities in Iraq’s southern province of Musanna announced on Sunday that they have begun unearthing three mass graves which contain remnants of several dozens of Kurdish victims killed by the Baath regime. Holding a skull and an earring recove ...

Iraqi National Security Advisor Discusses Cooperation with Syria’s Assad

BAS News - 1 week ago

ERBIL — Iraqi Security Advisor Falih Fayyadh visited Damascus on Sunday where he met with Syrian regime president Bashar al-Assad to discuss joint efforts in combatting terrorism and closer cooperation to encounter the ongoing challenges. Assad stressed ...

Sudan crisis: Military council arrests former government members

BBC - 1 week ago

The transitional military council says it will approve a prime minister of the opposition's choosing. ...

“Farhad Salehi”director general and “Salam Paveh” secretary of the analytical press center was summoned to the Paveh County Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Roji Kurd - 1 week ago

“Salam Paveh” the secretary of the intelligence news agency has been informed by telephone that he needs to introduce some details to the Paveh prosecutor’s office. Due to the summons of the director of the analytical news portal “Salam Paveh” no precise ...

Nepal plane crash: Three die at world's 'most dangerous' airport

BBC - 1 week ago

An aircraft veers off the runway at a remote airport near the Himalayas, killing three people. ...
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