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Former ambassadors to Egypt urge PM not to tap Likud minister as envoy | The Times of Israel

Timesofisrael - 4 days ago

Syrian Kurdish authorities to stop wheat going to govt territory - Reuters

Reuters - 4 days ago

Guerrilla Akdag’s body recovered after 14 months

ANF - 4 days ago

The body of Ferdi Akdag, who lost his life in the Amanos mountains, was handed over to his family after 14 months. ...

Erbil Security Forces Arrest Man in Possession of Over 4kg of Heroin

BAS News - 4 days ago

ERBIL — Kurdish security forces in Erbil announced the capture of a drug dealer who had more than 4.1 kilograms of heroin in possession at the time of the raid. In an official press release, Erbil Directorate of Security Affairs said the man was original ...

Japan’s PM Abe arrives in Tehran amid US-Iran tensions

Rûdaw - 4 days ago

"Japan wishes to do its best towards peace and stability in the region" ...

Shingal fires spark Yezidi evacuation, threaten mass grave sites

Rûdaw - 4 days ago

Hundred of Yezidis killed by ISIS are buries in mass graves around Kocho ...

Iraq PM rejects calls to resign over cabinet vacancies

Rûdaw - 4 days ago

Abdul-Mahdi defended his short record in office ...

Fate of foreign ISIS fighters is decision for courts: Iraqi PM

Rûdaw - 4 days ago

"It is not for the prime minister to decide" ...

Turkey comes close to last in 2019 Global Peace Index

ANF - 4 days ago

Turkey came in close to last in the 2019 Global Peace Index by the Institute for Economy and Peace (IEP). ...

Syrian Kurdish authorities to stop wheat going to government territory | Euronews

Euronews - 4 days ago

Nechirvan Barzani sworn into office as the President of Kurdistan Region and General Commander of Peshmerga Forces

Ministry of Peshmerga - 4 days ago

Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga On June 10, 2019, Nechirvan Idris Mustafa Barzani took oath of office and was sworn as the newly-elected President of the Kurdistan Region and General Commander of the Peshmerga Forces during a the periodic meeting of ...

Delegation fron Rojava visits Southern Kurdistan

ANF - 4 days ago

A delegation of Kurdish parties from Rojava visited Southern Kurdistan. ...

UK Envoy Calls for Greater Role of Women in Next KRG Cabinet

BAS News - 4 days ago

ERBIL — British Consul General Martyn Warr has called for larger presence of women in the upcoming cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Warr released a video message on Wednesday to praise the Kurdistan Region Parliament with 30% female lawmaker ...

Syrian Kurdish authorities to stop wheat going to government territory - Reuters

Reuters - 4 days ago

KNK: All of Kurdistan is under threat of Turkish invasion

ANF - 4 days ago

KNK said the Turkish state invaded a large area from Jarablus to Azaz and Afrin to keep Rojava landlocked, and added that they are employing a new strategy against Southern Kurdistan now. ...

Gayle King on CBS News Woes, Charlie Rose, R. Kelly and Staying at CBS | Hollywood Reporter

Hollywoodreporter - 4 days ago

Houthi Missile Attack on Saudi Airport Wounds Dozens

BAS News - 4 days ago

ERBIL — Yemeni militias of pro-Iranian Houthis carried out a missile attack on a civilian airport in southern Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, wounding at least 26 people. The Saudi-led Coalition soon blamed Iran for the attack, saying it proved Tehran’s invol ...

Public Gathering Calls for End of Turkish Bombardment of Kurdistan Border

Gulan Media - 4 days ago

Kirkuk council passes province’s controversial 2019 budget bill

Gulan Media - 4 days ago

Nobel Prize winner warns wildfires threaten Iraqi mass graves

Gulan Media - 4 days ago

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