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Affidavit: Prison administrator strangled to death, sexually assaulted by escaped inmate | KRCG

Krcgtv - 6 days ago

Bahamas confirms deaths and 'devastating' damage | Reuters.com

Reuters - 6 days ago

White House will release whistleblower complaint to Congress: official

Yahoo - 6 days ago

Whistleblower did not disclose contact with intel committee to inspector general, source says [Video]

Yahoo - 6 days ago

HDP's Temelli: Speak out against the invasion!

ANF - 6 days ago

HDP co-chair Sezai Temelli spoke at a press conference in Ankara. ...

MSD's Ehmed at European Parliament: Turkey must be punished!

ANF - 6 days ago

Ilham Ehmed, chair of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), spoke at a meeting in the European Parliament. ...

Trump defends moving troops in Syria as Turkey's attack on Kurds escalates

CBS News - 6 days ago

At the White House Wednesday, President Trump answered questions about Syria and Turkey, and his decision to pull back U.S. troops. At least a dozen Republican senators have publicly criticized the president's decision. “Face the Nation” moderator Margare ...

Turkey ramps up fight against Kurds in Syria

CBS News - 6 days ago

The Turkish military is pushing deeper into northern Syria in its massive offensive against Kurdish allies of the U.S. Turkey accuses the Kurds of being terrorists. Charlie D’Agata reports from northern Syria. ...

Eye Opener: Turkey escalates assault on the Kurds

CBS News - 6 days ago

Advancing Turkish troops escalate their attacks on Kurdish fighters who helped the U.S. battle ISIS. Also, there’s backlash after growing wildfire concerns force sweeping power cuts for hundreds of thousands in northern California. All that and all that m ...

Rand Paul on Turkey's assault on Kurds, Trump impeachment inquiry, and "The Case Against Socialism"

CBS News - 6 days ago

Republican Sen. Rand Paul is backing President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria. The Kentucky lawmaker, who ran against Mr. Trump in the 2016 election, has become a supporter of his foreign policy. Paul joins “CBS This Morning” ...

US Expects Turkey To Protect Civilians, Prevent Humanitarian Crisis In Syria - Trump - UrduPoint

Urdupoint - 6 days ago

Bloodthirsty British ISIS fighters dubbed 'The Beatles' detained by US security forces | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Express - 6 days ago

Column: Trump clearly has no plans to stop his traitorous crime spree on the way to impeachment - Los Angeles Times

Latimes - 6 days ago

Aid Groups Warn of Humanitarian Crisis from Turkey’s Assault on Syria | Inter Press Service

Ipsnews - 6 days ago

Netanyahu condemns 'Turkish invasion of Kurdish areas' in Syria - Reuters

Reuters - 6 days ago

Portsmouth MP Penny Mordaunt fears Turkey's invasion of Syria will ignite fresh terror crisis in the Middle East - The News

Portsmouth - 6 days ago

Netanyahu condemns 'Turkish invasion of Kurdish areas' in Syria

Reuters - 6 days ago

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday condemned Turkey's military incursion against a Kurdish militia in northeast Syria and cautioned about the possibility of ethnic cleansing. ...

Britain calls for restraint after Turkish incursion into Syria

Reuters - 6 days ago

Britain called for restraint on Thursday after Turkey's military incursion into Syria, warning that the move risked humanitarian suffering and undermining the fight against militants. ...

Turkey says 109 militants killed in advance into northeast Syria

Reuters - 6 days ago

Turkish forces have killed more than 100 militants in an assault on Kurdish militia in northeast Syria, Turkey's president said on Thursday, as heavy shelling and air strikes against targets in the region continued. ...

UN Human Rights Council denounces New Zealand attacks – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 6 days ago

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