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Footage from clashes in a village of Kobanê

ANF - 1 week ago

Turkish started a military incursion into northern Syria on Wednesday. ...

Arab League will hold emergency meeting on Saturday

ANF - 1 week ago

The Arab League will convene an emergency meeting on Saturday at the foreign ministerial level to look into the Turkish aggression in Syria. ...

YPS: We will turn every area into a battlefield!

ANF - 1 week ago

The YPS called on people to join the resistance and convert all cities and areas in battlefield. ...

Resistance against Turkish occupation - LIVE BLOG

ANF - 1 week ago

Resistance against Turkey occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria growing. ...

International Call: Rise Up, Defend Rojava!

ANF - 1 week ago

International campaign #RiseUp4Rojava calls for a worldwide mass mobilization and actions against a Turkish invasion in Northeast Syria. ...

PKK: Every house and street will be a battlefield

ANF - 1 week ago

PKK said: "A fight for survival has begun between the most tyrant and most righteous forces in history. “We cannot abstain from this. To us, it is the only way to exist and live freely as a people. Only resistance will lead to victory.” ...

Make Rojava Green Again calls for solidarity and resistance

ANF - 1 week ago

“Now more than ever, we will continue the fight for a free and green Rojava. Because the land must to be defended or there will be no place for the revolution.” ...

KON-MED called on people to join March in Germany on 12 October

ANF - 1 week ago

The Confederation of Kurdistan Communities in Germany (KON-MED) issued a statement called "It is time to stand up and defend Rojava". ...

US Senators Graham and Van Hollen asked to sanction Erdogan

ANF - 1 week ago

US senators propose freezing assets of Turkey's president and ministers of defence, foreign affairs, trade, finance and energy. ...

Former French President Hollande: Turkey must be sanctioned

ANF - 1 week ago

Former French President Francoise Hollande said Turkey must be sanctioned for attaking "our Kurdish allies." ...

Demos all over Europe protested Turkish attacks

ANF - 1 week ago

Demos against the Turkish state's invasion attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria continue. ...

NGOs, politicians, academics called on UN to act quickly

ANF - 1 week ago

International non-governmental organizations, politicians and academics called on the UN to take action against the invasion attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria warning that "the Turkish state could carry out an ethnic cleansing". ...

UK trade union leaders: Protect Kurds who protected us!

ANF - 1 week ago

The leaders of Labour-affiliated unions Unite, GMB, CWU, ASLEF, TSSA, USDAW, BFAWU, plus the unaffiliated PCS, NEU, RMT, Prospect, EIS and GFTU, all signed a letter addressed to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. ...

SDF Serêkaniyê Commander: We will defend our people!

ANF - 1 week ago

Baz Kerkûkî, one of the commanders of the SDF Serêkaniyê Front, said: "We have so far dealt heavy blows to the invaders." ...

Editor of BirGün daily taken into custody

ANF - 1 week ago

The wave of arrests of political opposition in Turkey is not sparing the press, which indeed is one of the first target. ...

General Assembly of the Swiss- Turkish Economic Council stopped

ANF - 1 week ago

On Wednesday a group of about 20 people interrupted the General Assembly of the Swiss- Turkish Economic Council (STBC) held in Sempach, Central Switzerland. ...

US to step aside for Turkish assault on Kurds in Syria

WOWT - 1 week ago

Turkey launches attack on Kurdish forces in Syria - KAVU

Crossroadstoday - 1 week ago

US Pres. Trump: Any unforced or unnecessary fighting by Turkey will be devastating to their economy and to their very fragile currency

Fxstreet - 1 week ago

Pompeo: US didn’t give Turkey a ‘green light’ to invade Syria – POLITICO

Politico - 1 week ago

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