Kurdish News

Commander Of Syrian Democratic Forces Reacts To Trump Pulling Troops From Border | KCUR

KCUR - 1 week ago

Trump Shifts Tone on Turkey in Effort to Halt Syria Invasion - NBC Connecticut

Nbcconnecticut - 1 week ago

What happens the day after the Kurdish referendum? | American Enterprise Institute - AEI

AEI - 1 week ago

Turkey says Syria attack plans complete, Trump delivers threat

MSN - 1 week ago

Trump shifts tone on Turkey in effort to halt Syria invasion - Westport News

Westport News - 1 week ago

Cotton expresses concerns about U.S. withdrawal from Syria

Eldoradonews - 1 week ago

Local Kurds Say US Is Turning Its Back On Sacrifice Made In Fight Against Islamic State | KPBS

KPBS - 1 week ago

Netflix, Amazon May Be Forced to Make More Shows Down Under - WSJ

WSJ - 1 week ago

Trump says Syrian Kurds ‘didn’t help us in Normandy’, they are fighting for their land

E-Kurd - 1 week ago

WASHINGTON,— The Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan facing a Turkish military operation did not “help us in Normandy,” US President Donald Trump said Wednesday, defending his widely-criticized decision to clear the way for the assault. The Kurdish forces– which t ...

In Major Policy Shift, U.S. Will Stand Aside As Turkish Forces Extend Reach In Syria | WRKF

WRKF - 1 week ago

The Latest: Classified briefing on Syria set for Hill staff | Ap Region | herald-dispatch.com

Herald Dispatch - 1 week ago

Trump threatens Turkey with 'extremely decimated economy' ...

Trust - 1 week ago

Overnight Defense: Republicans urge Trump to reverse course on Syria | Dems subpoena Pentagon in impeachment probe | North Korea talks falter | TheHill

Thehill - 1 week ago

U.S. Allies Alarmed On First Day Of Turkish Offensive In Kurdish-Controlled Syria | KAWC

KAWC - 1 week ago

Dark on Netflix: This isn’t a show you watch. It’s a show you solve. - Vox

VOX - 1 week ago

US to step aside for Turkish assault on Kurds in Syria

Lex18 - 1 week ago

Turkey says it won't bow to Trump's threat over its Syria plans

Kfyrtv - 1 week ago

Report: Trump Asked Rex Tillerson to Help Scrap a Criminal Case Against Giuliani's Client | Vanity Fair

Vanityfair - 1 week ago

Trump Defends Abandoning the Kurds: They ‘Didn’t Help Us With Normandy’

Thedailybeast - 1 week ago

U.S. Allies Alarmed On First Day Of Turkish Offensive In Kurdish-Controlled Syria | WKMS

WKMS - 1 week ago

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