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Turkey says to be responsible for Islamic State prisoners within 'safe zone'

Reuters - 6 days ago

Turkey will only be responsible for Islamic State prisoners that are located within the safe zone it aims to form in Syria after its military incursion, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday. ...

Turkey's Erdogan lambasts critics of Syrian assault in fiery speech

Reuters - 6 days ago

President Tayyip Erdogan delivered a fiery defense of Turkey's military incursion into northeast Syria on Thursday, dismissing a chorus of global criticism and threatening to send more than 3 million Syrian refugees into Europe. ...

Turkey invades Syria: Why is Turkey fighting the Kurds in Syria? | World | News | Express.co.uk

Express - 6 days ago

‘The border is on fire’: Turkey battles Syria’s Kurds near Tal Abyad after ground invasion

The Defense Post - 6 days ago

Ground forces backed by Turkey entered northeast Syria to fight against the Syrian Democratic Forces as scores of civilians fled The post ‘The border is on fire’: Turkey battles Syria’s Kurds near Tal Abyad after ground invasion appeared first on The Def ...

Trump to Hit Turkey "Financially" if It Doesn't Play by Rules

BAS News - 6 days ago

He is in contact with Turkey and the Kurdish forces ERBIL - US President Donald Trump threatened once again on Thursday to "hit Turkey financially" with sanctions if Ankara does not play by rules, as the Turkish army has already moved into northeastern S ...

Mothers for Peace: No to Turkey's invasion of northern Syria

ANF - 6 days ago

It is not terrorism that worries Erdogan, but that the success of the democratic nation spreads the longing for freedom to the Kurdish-Turkish people, said Mothers for Peace Europe. ...

SDF's Bali: Turkey is bombing civilians

ANF - 6 days ago

SDF spokesperson Mustafa Bali said the Turkish state is bombing without making any distinction in targes. He added Turkey tried to enter via land buy was repelled. ...

Fake News Runs Wild on WhatsApp as India Elections Loom - WSJ

WSJ - 6 days ago

What we know so far about the Sri Lanka attack victims - CNN

CNN - 6 days ago

Federal election 2019: 'Death taxes' scare campaign continues to be promoted, but Labor says it's fake news - Politics - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

ABC - 6 days ago

Filipinos cast votes in midterm elections crucial to Duterte - Los Angeles Times

Latimes - 6 days ago

Philippine mid-terms: Duterte consolidates grip on power - BBC News

BBC - 6 days ago

NPP’s maiden win in Arunachal Pradesh overshadowed by MLA death - The Hindu

Thehindu - 6 days ago

No, Joni Ernst, Iowans Don’t Need the Electoral College

Nymag - 6 days ago

Robert Mugabe, who once said 'only God' could ever remove him, dies at 95 - CNN

CNN - 6 days ago

Germany shooting: How live streamed murder videos became propaganda tools and how tech firms are resisting | The Independent

Independent - 6 days ago

Green light, go - Turkey launches an attack on northern Syria | Middle East and Africa | The Economist

Economist - 6 days ago

The NBA Shamelessly Panders to China | National Review

Nationalreview - 6 days ago

Turkey presses Syrian assault as thousands flee the fighting

Washington Post - 6 days ago

Turkey’s Defense Ministry says Turkish ground troops continuing advance against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria ...

New IMF director warns global economy in 'synchronized slowdown'

Gulan Media - 6 days ago

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