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Turkey's military operation in Syria: Biggest winners and losers | Turkey News | Al Jazeera

Aljazeera - 3 days ago

Ongoing impact for Kurds after U.S. withdraws from Syria

CBS News - 3 days ago

The United States has strongly condemned recent Syrian and Russian airstrikes that killed civilians in Northwest Syria. Syrian and Russian forces have moved into the north of the country, following the partial withdrawal there by the U.S. last month and t ...

29 members of HDP Youth Council arrested in Turkey

ANF - 3 days ago

The Turkish regime’s political genocide operations against the HDP has escalated since the launch of Turkey’s genocidal military campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria. ...

Turkey Announces Start of Military Operation against Syrian Kurds, Explosion Heard in Border Town - News18

News18 - 3 days ago

Political genocide: 36 people detained in Amed and Istanbul

ANF - 3 days ago

Dozens of people are taken into custody across Turkey on daily basis amid a growing wave of mass detentions. ...

Turkish Daily Editor: UAE, KSA Crown Princes Are Terror Barons | MEMRI

Memri - 3 days ago

Ongoing impact for Kurds after U.S. withdraws from Syria - WCBI TV | Your News Leader

WCBI - 3 days ago

Two Syrian officers injured in a village of Zirgan, Serekaniye

ANF - 3 days ago

Attacks of the Turkish state and mercenaries left two officers of the Syrian army injured. ...

Turkey detains 3 pro-Kurdish party mayors over 'terror' links - Saudi Gazette

Saudigazette - 3 days ago

3 Syrian soldiers killed, 12 others injured in Turkish attacks

ANF - 3 days ago

In attacks by the Turkish army and Islamist proxies with armed drones and heavy weapons, three soldiers of the Syrian army were killed and another 12 injured in the vicinity of Til Temir. ...

Iraq Says Rocket Launchpad Destroyed after Friday’s Fire at Qayyara Base

BAS News - 3 days ago

ERBIL — Iraqi security forces discovered and destroyed a rocket launchpad from where multiple Katyusha rockets were fired at Qayyara military base in Nineveh province, said commander of joint operations command, Nawman Zubai’ee. Late on Friday, the secur ...

PM Barzani Calls for Int’l. Support as Cold Season Challenges Refugees in Kurdistan

BAS News - 3 days ago

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani renewed a call on the international community and aid organizations to support the Kurdistan Region in the humanitarian response to the refugees and IDPs it hosts. PM Barzani made the remark during ...

Anti-government protests in Iraq continue

ANF - 3 days ago

People continued to take to the streets in southern Iraq against the government. At least 23 people lost their lives during the demonstrations this week. ...

Turks' support for Erdogan jumps after Syria operation, poll shows - Cyprus Mail

Cyprus Mail - 3 days ago

Kurdish leader calls on Europe to get tough with Turkey - Reuters | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 3 days ago

PM Masrour Barzani visits Syrian refugee camp in Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan24 - 3 days ago

Poland in solidarity with Rojava

ANF - 3 days ago

Protests against Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria continue worldwide. ...

UNAMI Launches Dedicated Reporting E-mail for Human Rights Violations

BAS News - 3 days ago

BAGHDAD, (UNAMI) — To further strengthen and expand its fact-finding efforts on human rights violations and abuses, particularly in relation to the ongoing protests, UNAMI has set up a dedicated e-mail address: humanrightsiraq@un.org. The Special Represe ...

Identities of 9 SDF martyrs of Honor of Resistance

ANF - 3 days ago

SDF Press Center announced the identity of 9 fighters who fell martyr in the Honor Resistance. ...

Secretary for Relations with States of Holy See visits Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex | ARMENPRESS Armenian News Agency

Armenpress - 3 days ago

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