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Erbil Christian travels cross country to meet Pope

Rûdaw - 9 hours ago

Pope, top Shiite cleric plead for 'peace' in historic Iraq encounter

Yahoo - 9 hours ago

Iraqi Kurdistan registers 198 new coronavirus cases, 3 deaths: ministry

E-Kurd - 9 hours ago
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Kurdistan Regional Government KRG’s Health Ministry announced in a statement on Saturday that 198 new cases of coronavirus recorded across Iraqi Kurdistan region in the past 24 hours. According to the ministry 94 ne ...

Demonstrations in Armenian Capital Amid Calls for Snap Election

Yahoo - 10 hours ago

US court jails American for smuggling Glock pistols and parts into the UAE Randy Lew Williams, a former volunteer fighter in Iraq, was trying to direct weapons to Kurdish Peshmerga units fighting ISIS March 6, 2021

The National AE - 10 hours ago

Elderly man from Afrin abducted and tortured to death

ANF - 10 hours ago
After 14 days of abduction, an elderly man from Afrin was murdered at the hands of mercenary groups affiliated to the Turkish occupation forces. ...

A citizen was shot and wounded by iranian government forces

Kurdistan Human Rights Association - 10 hours ago
KMMK:On Friday, March 5, 2021, a citizen of Saqqez named “Qobad Nawkhasi” was shot and wounded directly by the Iranian The post A citizen was shot and wounded by iranian government forces appeared first on Kurdistan Human Rights Association. ...

SOHR: Turkish-backed factions seize olive fields of displaced people in Afrin

ANF - 11 hours ago
Turkish-backed factions seize nearly 60 olive fields belonging to displaced people in Shera district of Afrin. ...

Biden extends national emergency on Iran, citing continued ‘threat’

Rûdaw - 11 hours ago

Four dead in ‘missile’ strike on Syrian oil refinery: monitor

Rûdaw - 11 hours ago

Mosul prepares to welcome Pope Francis

Rûdaw - 11 hours ago

Locals remember Kurd awarded medal by Pope Pius XI for protecting Armenians fleeing genocide

Rûdaw - 11 hours ago

Verdict in Hrant Dink murder case adjourned

ANF - 11 hours ago
In the trial against those behind the murder of Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, an Istanbul court has postponed its decision. The reason given for the postponement was the inability of a judge to attend. ...

Yazidi women visit cemetery of martyrs: We are in Shengal thanks to martyrs

ANF - 12 hours ago
As part of the March 8 activities, Yazidi women visited the Şehîd Dilgeş and Şehîd Berxwedan Cemetery of Martyrs in Shengal. ...

Pope Francis, top Iraq Shiite cleric Sistani hold historic, symbolic meeting

E-Kurd - 12 hours ago
NAJAF, Iraq,— Pope Francis and Iraq’s top Shiite cleric delivered a powerful message of peaceful coexistence Saturday, urging Muslims in the war-weary Arab nation to embrace Iraq’s long-beleaguered Christian minority during an historic meeting in the holy ...

Syrian opposition accuses Kurdish forces of booby-trapping fuel trucks - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Al Monitor - 12 hours ago

COVID-19: Kurdistan Region’s Duhok province launches vaccination campaign

Kurdistan24 - 12 hours ago

One hundred days of hunger strike in prisons against isolation

ANF - 13 hours ago
For a hundred days, political prisoners in Turkey have been on hunger strike against isolation and rights violations. As repression has continued to intensify, prisoners are not released even after serving their sentences. ...

Biden says US air strike in Syria a warning to Iran - World - The Jakarta Post

Thejakartapost - 13 hours ago

KCK: Women's struggle will put an end to the AKP/MHP regime

ANF - 13 hours ago
Defining the women's struggle as resistance "for the liberation of humanity”, KCK said that women's struggle will surpass the worst fears of patriarchy. ...
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