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A Kurdish Student’s Sentence Reduced by Orumiyeh Court of Appeals

Kurdistan Human Rights - 43 minutes ago

The sentence for Ibrahim Khalidi, the Kurdish student detained in Orumiyeh who was arrested during the recent protests rally and sentenced to five years imprisonment, was reduced to three years by the Orumiyeh Court of Appeals. A source close to the stude ...

Iran leader: Europe must protect trade with Tehran to save nuclear deal

Roji Kurd - 2 hours ago

Iran’s top leader set out a series of conditions on Wednesday for European powers if they want Tehran to stay in a nuclear deal after the U.S. exit, including steps to safeguard trade with Tehran and guarantee Iranian oil sales. Roji Kurd: “European banks ...

Three Killed During Roller Coaster Accident in Erbil

BAS News - 56 minutes ago

ERBIL — A deadly accident in an Erbil amusement park overnight Wednesday took lives of at least three people, hospital said. Around 23:00 Erbil time (GMT +3) a roller coaster derailed at the Majidi Land amusement park in Kurdistan Region’s capital, resul ...

Sadr's Aide Refutes Reports on US Contact with Sairoon Bloc

BAS News - 2 hours ago

ERBIL — A top aide to the Iraqi Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose political alliance has won the recent parliamentary election, has refuted media reports claiming that the US has contacted members of the bloc to influence the formation of next Baghda ...

Four Civilians Killed IS Attack near Khanaqin

BAS News - 2 hours ago

ERBIL — Islamic State (IS) militants overnight Wednesday attacked a village near Khanaqin district in Diyala province, reportedly killing four civilians. According to the official Facebook page of Kurdistan Region’s counter-terror, the assault was carrie ...

KDP, PUK Delegations Meet with Iraqi President in Baghdad

BAS News - 2 hours ago

ERBIL — High-level delegations from the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) on Wednesday met with Iraqi President Fuad Masum in Baghdad to discuss post-election moves. The Kurdish delegates reportedly exchanged ...

Trilateral North East Asia Summit Signals a Return to Cooperation

International Crisis Group - 3 hours ago

Facing uncertain times in U.S. policy and a pivot to diplomacy from North Korea, leaders of China, Japan and South Korea met in Tokyo on 9 May to downplay historical grievances and show their support for denuclearisation, trade and better relations. But ...