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23. September 2020 – Urteil gegen IS-Rückkehrerin

Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker e.V. (GfbV) - 2020-09-23 13:30

How will the new Supreme Court vacancy affect the Affordable Care Act’s future?

AEI - 2020-09-23 00:05
The Supreme Court is never going to toss out the entirety of the Affordable Care Act, and the possibility of a 4-4 tie on an upcoming ruling means the judiciary may continue to deliberate on the ACA for years to come. The post How will the new Supreme Cou ...

Faster wage growth? A lighter debt burden? Is there anything faster productivity growth can’t accomplish?

AEI - 2020-09-23 00:05
Fast productivity growth — much faster than what we’ve seen over the past decade — would be a big help in generating fast wage growth and dealing with the growing federal debt in the post-pandemic economy. The post Faster wage growth? A lighter debt burde ...

HDP investigates the helicopter torture in Van

ANF - 2020-09-22 20:15
The HDP is investigating the case of the two villagers who were arrested ten days ago and are reported to have been thrown from a military helicopter. One of the victims suffers from amnesia, the other is in danger of his life. ...

Opinion: Is peace finally at hand in the Middle East? | The Sumter Item

Theitem - 2020-09-22 18:42

AI: Twitter needs to do more to stop abuse against women

ANF - 2020-09-22 18:27
Twitter is not doing enough to protect women from online violence, according to Amnesty International. ...

HDP politicians hold online meeting with Petra Bayr

ANF - 2020-09-22 15:33
HDP politicians Ayşe Acar Başaran, Feleknas Uca and Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit exchanged views with Petra Bayr in a video conference. Bayr is chairperson of the PACE subcommittee for gender equality. ...

Robert Jarowoy, a longtime friend of the Kurds, passes away

ANF - 2020-09-22 14:02
Robert Jarowoy passed away in Hamburg on Monday evening. His death is a great loss for the Kurdish liberation movement, in which he was active for decades. ...

Is it possible to resettle Armenians from Syria and Lebanon to occupied Karabakh territories? | Vestnik Kavkaza

Vestnikkavkaza - 2020-09-22 13:38

IHD: Don't call isolation in prison a precaution against Covid

ANF - 2020-09-22 13:13
IHD executive Nuray Çevirmen said that the coronavirus pandemic reached serious levels in prisons, but no proper information was given about it. She added that it is not right to isolate prisoners and deprive them of their rights as a precaution. ...

Former VP says he is worried Americans are at risk of becoming numb to the coronavirus death toll | Sports Grind Entertainment

Sportsgrindentertainment - 2020-09-22 13:00

22/09/2020 Zarif says Iran is ready to swap all prisoners with U.S.

ESTA - 2020-09-22 12:30

Iraq's Kurdish region is source of possible smuggling, non-compliance with OPEC+ cuts: deputy PM | S&P Global Platts

Spglobal - 2020-09-22 11:51

Who is Hanna Jaff Henry Roper-Curzon’s fiancée | Tatler

Tatler - 2020-09-22 10:59

Video of the day: Baseload energy vs. intermittent energy

AEI - 2020-09-22 07:24
Another great video (above) from the Clean Energy Alliance on an important form of energy that is absolutely essential to everything in our lives. But most people have never heard of this form of electricity that is critical to our survival — it’s called ...

President Ilham Aliyev: Armenia country where Islamophobia is state policy | MENAFN.COM

Menafn - 2020-09-22 06:37

The Mediterranean Sea Is One Dangerous Place | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2020-09-22 01:46

Big Tech’s presumptuous monopoly on truth

AEI - 2020-09-22 00:05
Social media companies claim they censor content because it’s dangerous or untrue. But the very point of free speech and the larger open society is that truth is hard to pin down and new truths are always unconventional. The post Big Tech’s presumptuous m ...

Conservative Supreme Court majority? What it could mean on these issues

AEI - 2020-09-22 00:05
It is no exaggeration to say that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away on Friday at the age of 87, was one of the greatest lawyers of the last half-century. While no one could ever fill her liberal shoes, her replacement could launch constitutiona ...

H.R. McMaster Joins the Foreign Policy Research Institute Board of Trustees

Foreign Policy Research Institute - 2020-09-21 23:12
The Foreign Policy Research Institute is very pleased to announce that Lieutenant General (Ret.) H.R. McMaster has been named to […] ...

Trump says US is “out of Syria.” More US troops are heading there. - Vox

VOX - 2020-09-21 22:20

Independent Catholic News: Kurdistan: Christian villages hit by Turkish raids on PKK

Justice for Kurds - 2020-09-21 19:16
Fear is growing in Iraqi Kurdistan, along the border with Turkey, since the area was attacked by Ankara’s air force, targeting PKK members (Kurdish Workers’ Party) in the area. Fr Samir Youssef, parish priest of Enishke, in the diocese of Amadiya told Asi ...

RUDAW: US gives Peshmerga $250 million in military assistance

Justice for Kurds - 2020-09-21 19:16
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The United States is giving some $250 million in military equipment to the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga ministry, the ambassador to Iraq announced in Erbil on Tuesday. US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller toured Peshmerga wareho ...

IS bekennt sich zum Anschlag in London — RT Deutsch

RT - 2020-09-21 17:25

Women in Mardin join the TJA campaign

ANF - 2020-09-21 17:04
Women in Mardin have joined the TJA campaign "We defend ourselves", saying; "We will not miss any opportunity to fight the patriarchal mentality for which violence against women is perfectly normal.” ...

PKK calls on everyone to join the KCK 'Time for freedom' campaign

ANF - 2020-09-21 10:15
Calling for a strong participation in the campaign launched by the KCK, the PKK said: "It is time to win freedom by destroying the AKP-MHP fascism! Join the resistance and freedom campaign! You too, fight against fascism and win freedom!" ...

Taiwan president says drills show China is threat to whole region | Sports Grind Entertainment

Sportsgrindentertainment - 2020-09-21 00:37

Is peace at hand in the Middle East? – Sentinel and Enterprise

Sentinelandenterprise - 2020-09-20 15:06

Mining destroys Turkey's nature and people's life

ANF - 2020-09-20 12:33
In just 7 years, more than 77,000 hectares of forestland have been opened to mining, and 766 new mining tenders will be made. HDP Izmir MP Murat Çepni said the country is being destroyed by mining. ...

President Trump Is Guiding a Vast Paradigm Shift in the Middle East

Theepochtimes - 2020-09-20 11:45

Deutsche IS-Kämpfer, Putin-Rede, Missbrauch in Lügde: Ein Wochenrückblick auf den medialen Abgrund — RT Deutsch

RT - 2020-09-20 11:20

Can Dündar case is a new episode of Turkey's tradition of violating property rights | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-09-20 11:03

IS에 맞서는 쿠르드軍, 3분의 1은 女전사 - 조선일보

Chosun - 2020-09-20 04:02

In Azerbaijan, A Leader Of Aliyev's Old Guard Lashes Out. Is It Just His 'Last Role' For The Regime?

Rferl - 2020-09-20 00:29

Fintan O’Toole: It is June 24th, 2025 – and Brexit has worked

Irishtimes - 2020-09-20 00:28

Turkey invades Syria; 100+ dead protesters in Iraq; US escalates airstrikes in Afghanistan; WH lawyers obstruct impeachment inquiry; Secretive Russian group is destabilizing Europe; And a bit more. - Defense One

Defenseone - 2020-09-19 18:12

India is now a paranoid ‘Police State’ with conspirators lurking everywhere

Nationalheraldindia - 2020-09-19 18:12

Vorwürfe aus Washington und Damaskus: Türkische Invasionskräfte befreien IS-Terroristen — RT Deutsch

RT - 2020-09-19 17:24

KDP deploys heavy weapons on the Rojava border

ANF - 2020-09-19 14:35
The South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP is reinforcing its troops on the border to Rojava. Military positions are being established and heavy weapons are being stationed at the Sêmalka border crossing. ...

ECHR head Spano's doctorate acceptance from Turkey is a 'sensitive issue' - AEAJ president | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-09-19 14:33

IS-Opfer dürfen auf professionelle Hilfe hoffen

Tagblatt - 2020-09-19 11:03

Hosni Mubarak Is Dead. The Factors That Prompted His Downfall Remain.

Foreignpolicy - 2020-09-19 09:32

Is it time for Turks to bid farewell to YouTube, Twitter, Netflix?

Al Monitor - 2020-09-19 08:33

Quotation of the day on the ‘1619 Project’ and ‘critical race theory’….

AEI - 2020-09-19 06:28
… is from Donald J. Trump’s remarks at the White House History Conference on September 17, 2020: The radicals burning American flags want to burn down the principles enshrined in our founding documents, including the bedrock principle of equal justice und ...

The Kurdish Human Rights Situation Report in August 2020

Kurdistan Human Rights Association - 2020-09-19 06:01
KMMK This is KMMK’s monthly report, August 2020, on the human rights situation in eastern Kurdistan. This report summarizes key The post The Kurdish Human Rights Situation Report in August 2020 appeared first on Kurdistan Human Rights Association. ...

Quotation of the day on the ‘1619 project’ and ‘critical race theory’……

AEI - 2020-09-19 03:13
….. is from Donald J. Trump’s remarks at the White House History Conference on September 17, 2020: The radicals burning American flags want to burn down the principles enshrined in our founding documents, including the bedrock principle of equal justice u ...

News roundup: ISIS leader Al-Mawla betrays fellow jihadists

The Global Coalition - 2020-09-19 02:03
“Al Mawla was a rat who gave up a lot of information on others in IS. What does that tell you about him?” -Daniel Milton, Combating Terrorism Centre Declassified documents released by the Combating Terrorism Centre (CTC) suggest while in custody in 2008, ...

Congress must solve one military installation problem at a time

AEI - 2020-09-19 00:04
Congress must acknowledge the Pentagon's delayed facilities maintenance and modernization bill, particularly if the Defense Department is asked to expand military installation risk assessments to consider the impacts of climate change. The post Congress m ...

The Russian Way of War: Threat Perception and Approaches to Counterterrorism

Foreign Policy Research Institute - 2020-09-18 22:00
This report is a part of FPRI’s edited volume Russia’s War in Syria: Assessing Russian Military Capabilities and Lessons Learned. […] ...

MHP leader demands closure of Turkish medical association

ANF - 2020-09-18 18:55
The chairman of the extreme right-wing MHP demands the closure of the Turkish Medical Association, claiming that the association is "as dangerous as Coronavirus” and its protests against the government's normalization plans are a "treacherous act". ...

IS 잔당, 시리아 동부서 쿠르드족 검문소 공격 | 연합뉴스

YNA - 2020-09-18 17:39

Why UAE’s landmark deal with Israel is bad for Turkey

Al Monitor - 2020-09-18 15:15

Fascist Erdogan’s real aim is Egypt - Blitz

Weeklyblitz - 2020-09-18 14:53

Be It Trump Or Biden, Iraq is Doomed -

Counterpunch - 2020-09-18 13:57

Is peace at hand in the Middle East? | Columnists |

Swoknews - 2020-09-18 09:32

Syria Kurds Transfer Some IS-Linked Foreign Families from Camp — Naharnet

Naharnet - 2020-09-18 08:00

Villagers in intensive care have been thrown from army helicopter

ANF - 2020-09-18 07:52
Osman Şiban is one of the two people who were detained and thrown from helicopters during a military operation in Van. ...

Can we close the digital divide? Should we even be trying?

AEI - 2020-09-18 00:07
Because internet access is provided in one of the most technologically dynamic environments the world has ever seen, a more useful basis for defining (and ameliorating) digital divides would focus on specific applications rather than the technological cha ...

Senate report fails to clarify why USPS delivery performance dipped

AEI - 2020-09-18 00:07
The midsummer decline in on-time mail delivery by the US Postal Service is a subject worthy of congressional oversight. Unfortunately, the Senate report illuminates very little about what factors caused the decline. The post Senate report fails to clarify ...

IS attacks Kurdish checkpoint in E Syria - Xinhua |

Xinhuanet - 2020-09-18 00:00

Data | Is India undercounting its COVID-19 deaths? - The Hindu

Thehindu - 2020-09-17 23:21

In lockdown, I've been cooking Armenian food to stay connected with my community. The kitchen is too quiet.

Thecounter - 2020-09-17 19:48

IS attacks Kurdish checkpoint in E Syria -

China - 2020-09-17 19:42

Abdi: The UN report is just a small part of the war crimes

ANF - 2020-09-17 16:46
“The international community should hold the parties accountable for war crimes and take serious action to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes and bring them to justice,” said the SDF Commander-in-Chief. ...

"Bijî Serok Apo" - The story of a slogan

ANF - 2020-09-17 14:50
The slogan "Bijî Serok Apo" - "Long live Chairman Apo" can be heard at Newroz celebrations, demonstrations, guerrilla actions and funerals of the martyrs. What is the story behind this slogan? ...

The DHS is Trying to Tie US Activists to Foreign Movements — Here’s Why We Should be Skeptical -

Counterpunch - 2020-09-17 12:56

Erdogan Is Turning Turkey Into a Chinese Client State

Foreignpolicy - 2020-09-17 12:32

Migrants allege Greece is pushing them back to sea - CNN

CNN - 2020-09-17 12:31

Guerrilla Ferman: Protecting Kurdistan lands against the invaders

ANF - 2020-09-17 10:43
HPG guerrilla Ferman Memyan (Semih Kaplan) took part in the Heftanin resistance against the Turkish state's invasion attack. He is one of the guerrillas who joined the caravan of the immortals by inflicting heavy blows on the invaders. ...

It is high time the West took responsibility for its role in Syria - The National

Thenational - 2020-09-17 07:05

Animated chart of the day: America’s middle-class is disappearing…. but it’s because they’re moving up, NOT down!

AEI - 2020-09-17 06:56
The new animated “bar chart race” visualization above is a dynamic version of the second static chart, and both show the percent shares of US households by total money income for three income categories annually from 1967 to 2019: a) low-income households ...

Migrant crisis 2015: What happened to Nujeen Mustafa?

BBC - 2020-09-17 02:24
Nujeen fled war in Syria, and crossed Europe in her wheelchair in 2015, but where is she now? ...

California’s bid to impose net neutrality on wireless companies faces long odds

AEI - 2020-09-17 00:48
The issues of net neutrality and preemption are important reminders that good tech policy requires a nuanced understanding of sometimes complex statutory frameworks — a level of nuance that is often lost when we reduce issues to Twitter-sized sound bites. ...

Why has trust in experts declined?

AEI - 2020-09-17 00:48
Vaccine hesitancy — and other “anti-science” viewpoints like climate change skepticism — reflect a fundamental lack of trust in experts. A major culprit is the way science is communicated. The post Why has trust in experts declined? appeared first on Amer ...

How the US is doing more with less in Iraq | TheHill

Thehill - 2020-09-17 00:42

미군 철군… 쿠르드는 어제의 敵 시리아와 손잡고, IS는 대탈출 시작 - 조선일보

Chosun - 2020-09-16 23:26

Vater zieht für den IS in den Krieg: Oma kämpft für Rückkehr der Enkel

Schwaebische - 2020-09-16 21:27

What is the Magnitsky Act? | Euronews answers

Euronews - 2020-09-16 17:50

Guerrilla Warşin: "This is Heftanîn!"

ANF - 2020-09-16 11:29
Warşin Avaşin stood up, shouldering the dreams of Zeryan Muş. The fight was going on. She fought by putting the anger of all her martyred comrades before her. ...

Iraqi, Peshmerga Forces to Step Up Anti-IS Joint Effort - New Delhi Times - India's Only International Newspaper

Newdelhitimes - 2020-09-16 10:25

Webinar: Is the expansionism policy Erdogan’s or Turkey’s?

Washington Kurdish Institute - 2020-09-16 03:19

Italian killer who fled jail for seventh time found in sheep pen

BBC - 2020-09-16 02:17
Convicted murderer "Johnny the Gypsy" is caught in Sardinia after escaping for the seventh time. ...

Boxing: Bad lad Chisora is saved by the bell | The Independent

Independent - 2020-09-16 00:59

Economic growth and technological progress: There is no alternative

AEI - 2020-09-16 00:24
Those who advocate for reversing or moderating economic growth for the sake of the environment ignore the need for technological innovation to combat known and unknown environmental challenges. The post Economic growth and technological progress: There is ...

Bannon tells Asia Times: US election is all about China - Asia Times

Asiatimes - 2020-09-15 19:22

Syria Kurds transfer some IS-linked foreign families from camp - Region - World - Ahram Online

Ahram - 2020-09-15 14:35

Exclusive: New Kurdish PM says priority is stronger Baghdad ties, rather than independence | Reuters

Reuters - 2020-09-15 13:47

Prozesse gegen IS-Terroristen in Planung | schwä

Schwaebische - 2020-09-15 08:42

Iraqi, Peshmerga Forces to Step Up Anti-IS Joint Effort | Voice of America - English

Voanews - 2020-09-15 03:52

Israel ties that bind: What is the US giving Gulf Arab states? | UAE News | Al Jazeera

Aljazeera - 2020-09-15 00:18

Villingen-Schwenningen: IS-Terror: Jan Ilhan Kizilhan untersucht im Irak Opfer - Villingen-Schwenningen - Schwarzwälder Bote

Schwarzwaelder Bote - 2020-09-14 20:28

Der Psychologe Jan Ilhan Kizilhan betreut IS-Opfer: „Wir müssen helfen“ - Baden-Württemberg - Stuttgarter Zeitung

Stuttgarter Zeitung - 2020-09-14 19:54

The President of the United Nations General Assembly is a Genocide-Denier • MassisPost

Massispost - 2020-09-14 18:25

Breaking international law: the UK is biting off its nose to spite its face - Dr Sean Molloy - UK Human Rights Blog

Ukhumanrightsblog - 2020-09-14 17:43

The President of the United Nations General Assembly Is a Genocide-Denier | archive , opinions , letter to the editor | The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2020-09-14 17:31

Villingen-Schwenningen: Kizilhan untersucht IS-Opfer - Villingen-Schwenningen - Schwarzwälder Bote

Schwarzwaelder Bote - 2020-09-14 16:29

US commander signals new advance against ′IS′ in Iraq′s Mosul | News | DW | 26.12.2016

DW - 2020-09-14 14:19

Genocide investigations against ISIS members in Germany

ANF - 2020-09-14 13:57
The Federal Public Prosecutor General's Office is investigating ISIS members in at least five cases of genocide against Yazidis. ...

Brexit dread is ripping through UK markets once again | Business – Gulf News

Gulfnews - 2020-09-14 12:46

Trustee in Ipekyolu demolishes historical Van houses

ANF - 2020-09-14 11:43
The trustee appointed to the HDP-run Ipekyolu Municipality is demolishing the historical Van Houses in Van saying they are "abandoned buildings". ...
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