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An explosion at Voice of Afghans office in Kabul

ANHA - 2017-12-28 11:27
NEWS DESK – 40 people were killed and dozens injured in an explosion at Voice of Afghans office in Kabul. An explosion occurred in an office of Voice of Afghans agency, west of the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday morning. According to the Afghan Interior ...

Turkish Refugee High Commissioner: 36,000 Asylum Seekers Waiting and Unclear

Kurdistan Human Rights Association - 2017-08-29 02:02
According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, quoted by the High Commissioner for Refugees, the largest human rights organization affiliated with the United Nations: 36,000 cases of Iranian refugees, Afghans, Syria, Somalia and other ...

Le camp de migrants de Grande-Synthe détruit par un incendie

Le Figaro - 2017-04-11 09:43
VIDÉO - Une rixe entre Afghans et Kurdes, qui a d'abord fait dans l'après-midi six blessés à l'arme blanche, est à l'origine du feu, a affirmé le préfet du Nord. Réduit à un «amas de cendres», le camp accueillait 1500 personnes. Il avait été le théâtre d' ...

Aid groups need $550 million to confront worsening Afghan crisis: U.N.

Waar Media - 2017-01-18 20:12
Waar, Duhok: International aid groups needs more than a half a billion dollars this year to help millions of Afghans struggling with increased violence and a bleak economy, as a humanitarian crisis worsens, a senior U.N. official told Reuters. The United ...

Austria police investigate Afghans over New Year's sexual assaults

Reuters - 2017-01-09 19:33
VIENNA (Reuters) - Austrian police are investigating six Afghan refugees over sexual attacks on 18 women during New Year's Eve celebrations in the western province of Tyrol, a police officer involved with the case said on Monday. ...

Ils fuient surtout les guerres civiles d'Afrique

Le Parisien - 2016-11-03 04:08
Somaliens, Erythréens, Soudanais et Afghans constituent la grande majorité des arrivants, bien loin devant les Syriens et les Irakiens, qui étaient en grand nombre il y a deux ans. Ces réfugiés... ...

Islamist Chechens and Afghans Attack Yazidis in Germany

BasNews - 2016-05-23 13:14
A group of Afghan and Chechen nationals attacked Yazidis in a refugee camp in Germany GERMANY — Several Yazidis were injured in a knife attack recently carried out by Afghans and Chechens against Yazidis in a refugee camp in Germany. Dilshad Simo Joqi, t ...

The empty slogan of Islam Has No Boundaries

Rojikurd - 2016-04-18 02:05
By Jawad Rahimi Translated by ARAM The concept of “boundless Islam” is a familiar slogan known to politicians, reporters and the people of Iran. But this slogan has a particular resonance with the Afghans who fled the war in their country and immigrated t ...

«Daech recule partout devant les Kurdes»

Rojbas - 2015-10-30 00:39
Entretien avec Patrice Franceschi. Aventurier et écrivain, Patrice Franceschi a vécu parmi de nombreuses populations dont il a pris la défense, tels les Pygmées et les Papous. Dans les années 1980, il rejoint les Afghans en guerre contre l’Armée rouge. Il ...

Afghans to Fleeing US Forces: Where's the Rent?

Peyamner - 2013-01-01 11:46
PNA - Afghans are crying foul over US forces that have fled their bases without paying rent or settling land disputes that could undermine the Afghan government, the Guardian reports. ...
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